North Korean cheerleaders caught off guard by fake Kim Jong Un

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문동주 : Support Howard X... He did not violate any of positive laws in South Korea. S. Korea is a state that guarantees freedom of expression. His cosplay is kind of lampoon and satire within the purview of the Constitution of S. Korea. As a S. Korean citizen, I and many friends of mine give round of applause for him over his wit and courage.

Hal Heywood : I bet the real Kim whenever the f is name is so pissed off at this guy . And really bummed his buddy Rodman's going to jail . LMAO

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Lmao he should've worn the hyperflesh mask to look exactly like Kim. But still funny 😂

C Alex : It seemed the secret service of DPRK tried to attack a foreigner in a foreign country.

bright cougar : Not even the Olympics are safe😂

J Boogie : LOL that one girl was cracking up...... she prob dead now

Asome Prod : Does he want the cheerleaders to get executed?

PK PK : How to get assassinated by North Korea 101

joosunkmybattleship : Fuckin legend

Minion B : he protecc he attacc but most importantly... he makes cheerleaders smile bacc

Leo Arreguin : Fake Kim is more popular abroad than the real thing at home.

TheJMascis666 : Top quality look a like

Nicewolf : This act could have triggered World War 3!! 🙆

818 DaKupa : The fact that the girls sat down when he was walking infront of them, thats scary, i wonder how they felt

roguemeatball381 : Troll level: Legendary

Patrick Mosur : Bro don't go starting WWIII

bryant koh : Look like sniper infrared laser pointing at him 2:09

MrRationalize : He just won Olympic gold.

F'er MaGee : Hahaha, oh man, he should have streaked...would have been fuking hilarious lol

HuSia Cat : Bit cruel, but kind of funny.

Clauz : He's british OwO

LouiKey : Didn't know Kim jon un had a Australian accent

Bob Jones : The girls actually looked frightened when fake Kim Jong Un appeared. Perhaps because a few of them thought it was actually him, and a visit from him personally is usually very bad news.... And perhaps because they feared the backlash from the real Kim when he no doubt views their filmed reaction to this impersonator. They were totally unprepared for this. Keep in mind, members of the NK cheer squad are physically and mentally broken from the get go. They are always hand picked by the Great Leader himself, from their high school classrooms, where government head hunters select the prettiest girls in each school. Each girl must be a virgin. Kim then reserves the right to rape them as he pleases, which of course he does (just as his father Kim Jong Il was known to do). They are sex slaves of the state. This has been confirmed by defectors and journalists alike. Feel very sorry for these poor girls, they are just fuck dolls to their crackpot leader, probably terrified for themselves and their families

FIRZEN FIRE : This is wrong. He could very likely get these girls in serious trouble when they return to North Korea. These girls are innocent and it's not cool for this guy to put them in potential danger just because he's trying to be famous.

BCT : The cheerleaders didn't know how to react because they hadn't rehearsed it.

Stingy's Triagonal Sign : Actually it really was me

eldanitendera : Little Big "Lolly Bomb"

Jonas Öberg : Legend!!

Kim Jong-un : Their like, "FK this wasn't in the script!"

ExploringAndMe : They cheer out of fear haha

uio oiu : Pretty sad... when the cheer squad goes home they'll meet the firing squad.

silverss onyoutube : I wonder if the real Kim Jong un watched this video and said that looks good I'm gonna become peaceful.

TheBlackTitan : Mmmmm more like Fearleaders...

That Guy : Top ten anime betrayals

Ibrahim Zamil : 0:19 is that jaka parker

Wuera Forever : That man died 1 hour later.

mikakami93 : Did you know fake kim jong un is actually s. Korean spy so that n. Koreans can defect to the south by any chance

RageyRage 82 : These cheerleaders are very highly priveleged individuals within the North Korean regime. I really doubt they were reprimanded harshly, if at all. But they are nothing more than prized posessions for Kim Jong Un as well, and are brainwashed so well, they have no idea of what freedoms they are being denied.

Tony Soprano : I love it but I feel bad for the girls They looked scared

Finn Theuerkauf : What could have happened: You getting shot What did happen: The cheerleaders getting shot.

M.C Gramata : Those cheerleaders are probably in camps now. Being re-educated again.

RandomFinn : Can we get a Hitler impersonator in an European sports event?

Reubz NZ : That guy should move to North Korea and try his joke there!

benjamin whelan : the fact that they allow this to happen just trying to provoke people that have nothing to do with their leader being a phsycopath...

Katerina Faber : What dialect is he speaking? Is it a British dialect? I love the way it sounds.

Michael Kingman : Looks legit to me

granny's gone wild!! : Australian accent lol.

GrapeyQuacks : f*cking hilarious

Mr.Faust Faun Fable : All the ones standing got killed.

Justin : Would been even funnier if he went to his sister up there 😂