Little Person Climbs Up Pole

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A little person tries to escape the law

Comments from Youtube

Jerry McCrary : lmao its always the same officer arresting him

Geckobro1312 : Lmao, I would have just let him climb the pole, see how high he could get 😀

[✪SkillZ✪] NightStyle : I Can break these CuffS!!!!!

Datura Dreamer : The compelling story of a man who is from African descent and a Caucasian police officer who are interlocked between the historic battle of unimaginable proportions. The African man attempts to free himself from the iron cuffs of slavery while the officer informs him of the most likely outcome. Still, the ambitious man keeps struggling to free himself, yet all his efforts are in vain. Some say to this very day, he still struggles to "Break these cuffs!" We can only hope & pray that someday he may.

Beware of The man With One Eye : Tyrone Lannister

Lvl81Pikachu : Free Phantoml0rd. Kappa

Ryuzaki : He's like "We thank you for your cooperation" at the end Lol

4o7KeV : I remember this episode. Instead of arresting him the cop actually found him a job at a casino or circus or something.

Ty Thip : I can break these cuffs arghhhhhhhhhh

no name : Oompa Loompa doopity Doo

Barry Collars Show - Gaming News 3 : Is that Kevin Hart?

Luciano Martinez : I've never laughed so hard that I think my dog got scared X,D 😂😂😂😂

Briscoe : Is this Reno 911 xD

ray bautista : omg this cant be real

Megan S : Who else came here from ifunny

scorpiocj : If I was that cop I would be laughing hard trying to do my job but just keep laughing

Charlie Turnbull : To be fair you've got to had it to him... Because he probably couldn't reach it

Mjc : 0:35 I love how the cop is trying not to laugh. xD

Jimbo morrison IV : I bet the suspect would be awesome to party with

Urme1975 : I can break these cuffs... Araaaarrgh!!

Trevor Lahey : "Black midgets matter"

Lovina Eicher : No he can't break the hand crazy... But it looked cute how he ran! Lol

zZzTheDude : hahahah love this half human dude :)

ktf112772 : Lmaooooooo I can't breathe !

SuperShmobagel : No this is from season 19 of COPS in Las Vegas

Black T.V. : Go little guy GO

xandertheseahorse : I CAN BREAK THESE CUFFS... *intense face, eyes full of immense power* RAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Jordan Polhill : That flip though...

Susana Rodriguez : es un niño o un hombre q jamas creció a partir de los 4 años? el cop hace el ridiculo persiguiendo a ese pequines

GRVeee2 : Reno 911?

Merccedes McGill : Good news is the cop didn't kill him.

Shawn M : kevin hart?

laken ezzell : I fucking lost it when ge I'd the back flip lol

Ethan Hamm : Super Sayian On Steroids.

alizarraga86 : Haha ya I just saw the flexing one

Will Trendle : This same cop is arresting the same guy right now on Spike and I thought it was this episode. I'm very upset it's not the "Break Your Cuffs" episode

Bryan Lopez : I've seen this same cop arrest this same guy on another episode

Carren Stephenson : If I remember correctly that cop brought him over to a circus show and got him a job! One of the few times I loved the cop doing the arresting. lol

Tyler Olexa : hahaha

Zerlono1 : He should leave that little guy alone, from what I remember from the episode all he was doing was some kind of acrobatic performance for a few people and they were giving a few bucks as a tip. He's a fucking homeless black midget, his life is hard enough already and he's not hurting anyone

snoozekitty : They even made it into a song o3o

cyclo : what ep of cops / season is this lol

dreavucak : im crying from laughter

ParadoxycOnline : Shit funny as hell

ICGvids : Omg he's adorable, like an angry little leprecaun

Josh fritz : Dat awesome backflip!

Josh fritz : I guess he's a gymnest

209NORTECALIFAS : Cant believe cop didnt shoot him!!!!

MrJoshuaSalway1990 : "I can climb this pole!" "You can't climb that pole!" *suspect loses grip and slides down quickly* "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!"