Little Person Climbs Up Pole

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Aaron L.S. : I guess he was short on his luck that night.

Jerry McCrary : lmao its always the same officer arresting him

Geckobro1312 : Lmao, I would have just let him climb the pole, see how high he could get 😀

[✪SkillZ✪] NightStyle : I Can break these CuffS!!!!!

Beware of The man With One Eye : Tyrone Lannister

Ryuzaki : He's like "We thank you for your cooperation" at the end Lol

Ty Thip : I can break these cuffs arghhhhhhhhhh

Datura Dreamer : The compelling story of a man who is from African descent and a Caucasian police officer who are interlocked between the historic battle of unimaginable proportions. The African man attempts to free himself from the iron cuffs of slavery while the officer informs him of the most likely outcome. Still, the ambitious man keeps struggling to free himself, yet all his efforts are in vain. Some say to this very day, he still struggles to "Break these cuffs!" We can only hope & pray that someday he may.

Barry Collars Show - Gaming News 3 : Is that Kevin Hart?

4o7KeV : I remember this episode. Instead of arresting him the cop actually found him a job at a casino or circus or something.

Megan S : Who else came here from ifunny

Lvl81Pikachu : Free Phantoml0rd. Kappa

Luciano Martinez : I've never laughed so hard that I think my dog got scared X,D 😂😂😂😂

no name : Oompa Loompa doopity Doo

Briscoe : Is this Reno 911 xD

Thotslayer : Cocaines a hell of a drug stay in school kids

scorpiocj : If I was that cop I would be laughing hard trying to do my job but just keep laughing

Charlie Turnbull : To be fair you've got to had it to him... Because he probably couldn't reach it

ray bautista : omg this cant be real

Michigan Rebel : "Black midgets matter"

Karson Bebow : Tiny person for a cop!And FAKE!

Jimbo morrison IV : I bet the suspect would be awesome to party with

Michael Amy's Fiancé : I can break this cuffs

Mjc : 0:35 I love how the cop is trying not to laugh. xD

Urme1975 : I can break these cuffs... Araaaarrgh!!

GraveHeartify : nice running little dude 

Ivette CBBizarre : LOL! So Funny!!!

Harry Potter Shit : Breh

David Brown : That cop was being really patient with him, he could have messed that midget up!

Annie Bauer : What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas lol

usairwayz : He thinks he's Tarzan: King Of Jungle climbing up that pole. LMAO

Bobbie Owenby : He did a back flip how funnh

Christina Richards : LMAOOOOOOOO I was cryiiinnnnnnnggggg laughing watching this video

dee w : best cops ever

smiley face : Now that was hilarious..I'm dyinglaughing 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂. .

Riley Unger : best videos EVER!!!!

Kyanna Menefee : climbing a damn pole😍😍😘😘😂😂

Cindy Akin : Is that Kevin hart lol

Mark Jacob : Damn it, it cut out to love to see him break them cuffs and make it to the top of the pole..

Pilinchi1 : Does anyone know what he is doing these days? I was wondering if he kept the job or if he is still climbing poles? :-)

Syndusias : is why I keep seeing "I can break these cuffs!" all over the internet? lol

Firstname Lastname : Does anyone know his name?:D

Tyler Adams : this needs to go more viral...

Chanu F : I remember this!

Angel Marquez : I can brack these cuffs you cant brack those cuffs ahhhh

Jesse Kademenos : Yay he caught the lepracon lmao

Mentally deficient skeleton : Dem dank legit freerunning tricks tho

Kyle Mayne : 0:32 - the moment he thinks he can get away

Sam Wau : Where was he going

TheJrainey : This is ignorance and awesomeness all in one.