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iR3pSnapBacks : This woman is a national treasure that needs to be preserved and protected

Jay Matt : We finally found out what really happens during bingo night. 😂😂

BJ Prince : I bet she ripped that horn off a live animal. SAVAGE🔥🔥🔥

Milagro95 : I now only listen to this version of this song. No others.

mrsbren1 : She brought her homegirl in the back tiptoeing to the beat.😂😂❤❤

The Tasha Ragene Chronicles : I could be wrong but I have a feeling that this lady is going to end up performing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I am just saying LOL. Granny is lit she could come to any karaoke party I have I Love karaoke.

Gang4001 : She's invited to the cookout haha

D3X / DevolvR : She flows better than Bhad Bhabie, Migos, and Lil Pump.

Madison Pickering : I bet she seasons everything to perfection.

Jay May : I just wanna know what kind of party this is! Like is it all old people? Like what's going on over there XD

JoesGreatIdea : A few things... 1. Wicked cover 2. Her trumpet sound effects 3. Her nurse outfit is 🔥 4. How she teased us with the horn she never used 5. 1:20 omg


Hopelyss : I would let her bring the potato salad to the cookout after this 😂😂

Daphne Mitchell : I am still smiling, that is my jam. She rocked it!!! hahahahaha

Move On - JJ Brannon - NC Realtor : This must be her jam. She knew all the words and killed it. Do your thag sis. There is an older man out there somewhere looking for her phone number.

Mark Mancini : Too good. She has sang this song in her car so many times. Roll up to the stop light, look over to check the chick groovin to this, and it's her. Awesome. She got that one down! Go Mama! Yaaaaasss

No good deed : So when is she going on Ellen? Lol

Thomas Perkins : She made another hole in the ozone layer with that fire

Louis Zavala : OMG RTFO Missy's funky white sista at the cool cat karaoke 😭😭

dragonbunnies : I didn't know I needed this video until yesterday

D Bow : She brought it! Cant wait until I'm older and can get away with stuff like this. Its gonna be great!!!😎😘😂

Matt Large : Need a glass of WATA!

Black Girl Magic : This has me hollering 💀

Vanderson 9224 : The girl in the back ROLLING some WEED and bouncing to the BEATH 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ms. Chelle : Love this video!! It's nice to see how some music can bring different races and age groups together to just have some fun!!!

Suda Billinger : I love this video it made my day!!!!! Especially since I'm sick in bed :-( but what made me even happier was scrolling through the comments list. This is got to be the first time I have seen nothing but positive comments not one ugly negative comment and that that's fucking beautiful.💞

Michael Green : This made my day!😂😂😂😂😂

Kaitlyn Jacobs : This was glorious. Missy Elliot even tweeted this video!

Amber Loves BTS : She works at the nursery near my house! I just saw her and came back to this video.

kattrak 17 : Only In America

Momma Mo : At the very end “that’s what we need more of!” I second that!!

Marang ohdang : Omg at 1.25 speed lol

No Angle *TM : Missy Elliott's white funky sister

Niki Bones : Please be my grandma

Monica Sanders : Just made my WEEK 😂🤣😅

dosueke : This is incredible

IRosencrantz : That lady is about ten to fifteen years away from "old". Singing Missy kinda disqualifies her from that category.

Anastasiya Romanova : When is her albulm coming out???

knmunro : Yas kween

Melissa Zaun-Knudsen : Why does she even have the horn

Christopher Dorsey : She kinda nailed it didn't she??

VJB 1976 : Having a bad day, this lady will change that instantly! I love her beautiful soul😍 Keep on rocking girl, you sure made my day💕

Chastity B. : Gotta give her some props.

Slammed Gaming442 : Someone get there grandma 😂

Ethan McClure : There is no perfect Karaoke singe.....

NICOLE Dansby : Dawq i just had a flashback.... Im roling she killed it😂😂😂😂

Jasmine Johnston : 53 thumbs down plus don't WORK

Dian Rivers : If she made an album of covers, yes I would buy it.

Skye tea : My boyfriend and I have never laughed harder 😂😂😂😂😂😂

K Power : If this isn't me in 30 years I'm going to be very disappointed.