Stefan Holm Hurdles Training

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i24kilzz : Hes using the GTA Jump cheat.

looks-like-kristoff : physics .exe not found

Yassin : He jumps like it's nothing!

Pablo Cid : After watching that CrossFit hurdles fail video... Look, this is how you were supposed to jump high hurdles...

Tjocksnorris äventyr : They are 170cm high according to himself, he is 181cm tall and he claimed that he have trained on higher :) No shit he can do that, the guy have a Olympic gold and several world championship golds on his list.

Nicklas B : I can do that... Here, hold my beer.

soundwaveandfriends : а это вообще законно?

1822138 : He's like some kind of beautiful gazelle person.

Jerry Mouse : i pretend i can jump that high and that everybody from my group of people can jump that high in order to make myself feel better about my lacking in reality when I'm posting anonymously on the internet

epsleon : Is hear wearing moonboots?

TropicalDolphin : gravity.exe has stopped

ZACKBLACK : no shit there are white men that can jump. but there are a hell of a lot more who cant.

Gary Scarano : Photo shop

Le Reff : I wonder if Stefan Holm can fly. Oh. (asdf movie reference)

David Grocke : How black is this guy?

Howudoin : oh btw i found out the hurdles are between the heights of 169-173 cm. DATS FOOHKIN JOOcY :D 

Hugh James-Berry : _“free your mind, neo”_

Howudoin : white people can't jump, :PPpp

AFLBabbleonFacebook : What an idiot! He could have just walked underneath them. 

MarcusAurelius : WTF?

MrRiggyRiggs : Thats easy, I can do it higher!

EddiesGun91 : thats amazing!

Nouveau1 : He'd be badass at saving princess peach

is da vog : Nigga got hops.

Trent Leith : hacker

mattie2710 : Hey :) i know that i was just pointing out because someone said black men cant jump

mattie2710 : isnt the world record holder for hj black???? :D

Olof medin : Diffuculty level: swedish*

Shadow Viking : Press spacebar + ctrl to do a jump-crouch.

Samuel Dickenson : Theres a video of him scissor kicking 2.10m

Markov Sembel : What?! That's a pull up bar!

Hirvibongari2 : "central, we lost him" :D :D:D

Scurck : Sotomayor was doped... Swedes and Russians currently dominate the high jump.

Magellan Max : От ментов убегать...

Kris : lol

Henry Lees : thats a fukin joke!!! holy shizz

Thomas Utriainen : damn that looks sick! that is really high for just jumping hurdles! off course he can jump higher in high-jumping but they use another style then.

Teddie120 : he makes it look as if its nothing!

KiRin Studios : Relevant: watch?v=AEu3Bvdf8uU

Eric Vergo : this is very real, he is currently the world best high jumper and extremely close to the world record (only about 3 cm off)

Joe Eigo : great jumping power :D

DerrenBrown100 : White men can jump.

Dennis Barnhoorn : Haha, i always post this video when i see that reaction.

lily-liver : holy shit

Brandon Waters : jesus!

George Ou : @tterrajsirhc Oh dear, please look up the term sarcasm, then re-read my comment.

Loren Darcy : I can do that, here hold by bees. Oh god the bees!!!

Norlink : Stefan Holm is a very good atleat. He's not very tall like many of his rivals, but he has incredible legs. Thumps up for him!

viLi : for everyone asking the height of the bars is at 160cm...63 inches

Russ Tanner : I wonder what his vertical jump is (inches).