Stefan Holm Hurdles Training

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i24kilzz : Hes using the GTA Jump cheat.

nurma nurma nurr : Oh that's bullshit I'm calling hacks.

looks-like-kristoff : physics .exe not found

Nicklas B : I can do that... Here, hold my beer.

Yassin : He jumps like it's nothing!

Pablo Cid : After watching that CrossFit hurdles fail video... Look, this is how you were supposed to jump high hurdles...

Blue Seiko : They are 170cm high according to himself, he is 181cm tall and he claimed that he have trained on higher :) No shit he can do that, the guy have a Olympic gold and several world championship golds on his list.

soundwaveandfriends : а это вообще законно?

Jerry Mouse : i pretend i can jump that high and that everybody from my group of people can jump that high in order to make myself feel better about my lacking in reality when I'm posting anonymously on the internet

1822138 : He's like some kind of beautiful gazelle person.

epsleon : Is hear wearing moonboots?

ZACKBLACK : no shit there are white men that can jump. but there are a hell of a lot more who cant.

TropicalDolphin : gravity.exe has stopped

Le Reff : I wonder if Stefan Holm can fly. Oh. (asdf movie reference)

David Grocke : How black is this guy?

Howudoin : oh btw i found out the hurdles are between the heights of 169-173 cm. DATS FOOHKIN JOOcY :D 

Howudoin : white people can't jump, :PPpp

Hugh James-Berry : _“free your mind, neo”_

Nyaruko : How high are they?

Loren Darcy : I can do that, here hold by bees. Oh god the bees!!!

ice irish : Hey guys, my buddy had some good results with theSoaringBaller programme (just google it). Was pretty cool seeing his results...

Johan Andersson : Kil ❤️

Dragomir Petkovic : Heya, my friend had some good gains with theSoaringBaller programme (just google it). Was pretty sweet seeing his results...

soldierblue68 : He having a laugh .....

Epic Bro : WTF

Gary Scarano : Photo shop

Venoza : Why?

Yaboi Jimbo : Pssshhhh I can do that.

Alematte Caunnabeau : Охренеть

Swana Mac Kin'Touch : Wtf!!!!!!!°_°

Iosif Kotaidis : Barney Stinson ?! Is that you...?

Darren Ball : lmao !

kendall2k : sv_gravity 100

tornike tsiklauri : gravitation 0

Jack Black : fuk dis guys got hops

Ondřej Garlík : It's actually shot on the moon, in front of a green screen...

Anthony Kenny : Imagine if he was on the moon

MsSlucyna : people who ANY sport are monsters( or wonders) to ordinary people. I personally used to jump 6 meters in the long jump:can hardly believe it now.

lewis matthev : for an amazing way to increase your vertical by 10 inches Go to JUMPHIGHERPROGRAM.COMUV.COM

fu liao : people who specialize in T&F are all monsters to ordinary people haha

EyBoyO : report for hax pls

Jerémiás Donát : ok

魔法のランプ : すげー!!

qs4lmercyleader : Damn thats high

KevinNx3 : This guys hacks

knginkarasu : realy?

MikkRoSe : Спустя 7 лет здесь должен быть хоть один русский комментарий

Christian David : Hurdles watch?v=y9piTrF_B9k

Nemanja K : where is gravity ?????????? :)

SimplyBri : if only more people knew how good they were the song i want to dance! BTW i use this to get it on your pod >