Spider Plant Man-Mr Bean FULL

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Emily Anderson : With great flower comes great responsibility

JackWProductions : Screw Spider-Man: Homecoming! I want to see Spider-Plant Man comeback!

LombaxJord : "Not, The Human Man?"

OxtailZombie : Much Better The Batman Vs Superman lol

Harry Rob Hextall : remember when peter andre was a thing

MrM : Wow, Blackadder and Baldrick reunite

Federico Valenzano : Best Mary Jane interpretation ever 

Nathanbmajor7 : Rachel Stevens is amazing:)

Aeiri Adzrie : I will miss Rowan Atkinson forever.

play skycade net : Not the human man?????

William Glover : Still better SFX than ASM2.

kaza12345678 : you can never have simon pegg without joe frost

Checco Aloisi : not mr. bean, rowan atkinson smh

kamran tahmid47 : I really love this film

powerist : Then Spider-Plant Man's dog got hit by a truck and ask the god (stan lee) to revive him. He traded his romance with Jane Mary and the god turned out to be Joe Quesada. For "One More Day", he and his dog lived happily ever after.

SOUL MAN Fan de Musique Soul & Funk . : Mieux que l'original merci !

KingB Fleury : The Itchy Skull & The Human Man 😂😂

DDSam : Oi ! We've gawd' a British BATman here!! Get to governor!!

Danna Lizbeth Corona Lopez : me gusta mucho y es muy gracioso

Danna Lizbeth Corona Lopez : me gusta mucho y es muy gracioso

Syed The Funny Guy : Well.. at least this movie have better plots than the other Spider Man's francise

guy man : native american headress with red white and blue feathers

Maka rio : Does anybody understand the words after 1:24 ? ...sir . Follw me ... please don't touch anything or ....??

Scout Ranger : holy moly where on earth I've been 7 years and I didn't found this until now

JASI♥ : Hahah British actor are so funnh :D

Delon Luu : still hilarious than Raimiman though lol Rachel Stevens was a much better MJ than Kirsten lol She should've been in the Raimi trilogy

ibrahim risyad : Screw Spider-Man: Homecoming! I want to see Spider-Plant Man comeback!

Jasi loves Nightcore : British version of Spiderman vs. Batman xD

Mamoon Rashid : Your funny

APS129 : Strange watching this almost ten years on and now the general public perception has completely changed from Batman churning out the smash hit box office movies and the future of the Spiderman franchise being uncertain and worrying at best

Stephan Berger : why put mr bean in the title? Seems irrelevant.

Tahir Susterac : Mr Bean's voice is different!!!

Dr. Brief : brasil alguem??

Princewill Chris : Hilarous

Kleeh1954 : Marvel Vs DC in a nutshell

simonster -909 : #fathersforjustice

faceman456 : Spider-Plant Man: Homecoming, confirmed!!! (2020) #wishingitwasreal #sorry #dontsendpolicetomyhouse #britianislife

Junior jackson : oh dudde who was plying batman's  he's a servant of batman in moviee xd lol   BEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xd

Lobster Telephone : i would buy the comic book


yusri ikhwan : I want tom holland watch this video

Amber Medellin : I must have heard Row's voice every month!

MsCurry85 : Okay, so other people said Simon Pegg already, but Nick Frost too!  Woot!  Woot!  For everyone, me so excited!

joh sure : hahahah! batman on a train to the crime scene!!!...lol

Some dumb spaghetti : They should make this a full fletched movie.

Ward McCreery : This man is a Genius!!

nfia cold : My friend told me about this

Snag Prophet : Damn this was funny. The bad effects like swinging through the city did work. Helped contextualise it.

nfia cold : Lol well this is funny

No name : I guess if it bites an experienced photographer then he/she became spider plant man/wamen