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It's the team up you've all been waiting for! Dry and sarcastic meets dry and sarcastic! Two dull, unfunny, elderly men talk about an old, dull, dry film. WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THAT KIDS?!?!?!? Seriously though, Mike and Jim love Star Trek The Motion Picture. It's mainly because they are dry, dull, and elderly.


John Smith : I hope Jim and Mike ReView every Star Trek movie. This was legitimately great.

UndeadSon : _"whoever wrote this movie"_ You expect us to believe Mike doesn't know exactly who wrote a Star Trek movie? He probably knows where they live and the name of their cat too.

bloody_albatross : "For some reason the Enterprise is the only ship able to reach it" – the plot of every Star Trek movie

Subvisual Haze : Please encourage the Emmy nominated Canadian to talk more about matte paintings! I felt like he was cutting his comments short for fear that the audience would be bored, but I absolutely love when people talk at length about an obscure topic that they're passionate and knowledgeable about.

Commander_Ninja : I hate when I talk to a pretty girl at the bar and she says "My vow of celibacy is on file."

Damian Bartolacci : I love how every once in a while you can hear Rich laughing off camera

Weaponsandstuff93 : I remember the transporter scene traumatising me when I was younger.

ibd1977 : Please Re-View Dune (1984) movie by David Lynch.

Mar Mai : This film freaked me out as a kid. It felt so grown up, like the problems they were facing were tremendous, horrifying and yet really intriguing. I used to hide behind the couch when Spock attempted to mind meld with Vger. Compared to films of today where it's always one large villain out to take over/destroy the world, which is a concept that isn't so much frightening as it is routine, there's no mystery anymore. I'm not worried about the world being destroyed I'm just kind of enjoying the trip to defeat the baddie. I wish they made more films like this, where we don't understand the problem we're facing, where the "villains" motive doesn't make sense... that's what makes it horrifying and alien. How can we defeat a problem we don't understand? The mystery makes it something you want to watch.

Olexi Petrov : First Mike talks about ghosts for 10 minutes and now we get 40 minutes of trek talk, have I died and gone to Red Letter Media Heaven?! (which is incidentally next to regular hell)

Ray B : "Mister Spock, you're a vampire?!?" had me chuckling

Paul Dueffert : Love it, but still laugh at “Star Trek: The Motionless Picture.”

John O'Connell : First an entire video of Mike talking about ghosts, now an entire video of Mike talking about Star Trek. This is RLM fan service

maxxgraber : You didn't mention Issac Asimov was the science consultant. :( He's listed in the the credits.

Jake Ranney : Dang, I didn't know Mike liked Star Trek

Mr. Plow : If you listen closely, you can hear Rich Evans furiously screaming about being left out of a Star Trek discussion.

The Post Apocalyptic Inventor : I never understood why many people don't like The Motion Picture, I always thought it was a very atmospheric science fiction movie with a great soundtrack. I often listen to it when working on a project in my workshop.

kebsis : Damn first Muculay Culkan, now James Hetfield. RLM is really getting big with the celebrity cameos

Red Daikini : In the woke 23rd century, "Black Holes" are known as Holes of Color.

Gac : Is Mike dying? Is that why you're doing all of this for him?

RicAdbur : I could listen to you guys talk about Star Trek all day. Do more.

plastickhero : I can't believe they made it through the whole thing without Decker=Pedophile jokes.

ShoRyuBarbie : Why is Jim always ripping on other people's looks, when he looks like the world's most homeless man?

Jericho Mortlock : Mike talking for 40 minutes about Star Trek? It's surprising because he never mentioned he liked it before. Really comes out of nowhere.

fernieferniehaus : This review oozes sexuality

Aldo Parziale : Ohh......So it's a Clit on her neck 🤔 I get it now

mokthemagicman : Another great RLM episode. I am surprised that they didn't touch on things like how the Warp effects were updated for the film or how interesting it is to see what happens when technology fails and the repercussions of using a transporter that is on the fritz. Getting turned inside-out while "forming" is truly back to the Star Trek "Horror" roots as they put it. That scene is really horrifying to think about being put back together in a wadded mess. Those screams haunted me for years as a child on HBO re-watches.

lkrnpk : 32:11 ''Ilea is the key to all this. If we get Ilea working, as she's a sexier character than we've ever had in Star Trek' before'

Dimension 9 : Bones-“I was at a disco...and they beamed me up”....ha ha ha...

karma bad : This is the happiest Mike will ever be.. it's all downhill from here.

Alex Frania : That kind of reminds of that Star Trek episode where Mike was reminded of a Star Trek episode

dreamtransmissions : I can't agree with Mike's insistence on Shatner's greatness enough. It's something I've been realizing myself, that regardless of any silliness or over-acting, he's always just right for the part, and downright inspiring in articulating / embodying Kirk's beliefs and those of Star Trek as a whole.

THEremiXFACTOR : 25:24 It's interesting to look at what they did with the old characters from the TV show (the main trio, Kirk, Spock and Bones) and how they went about reuniting them on-board the Enterprise. And then compare that to how Abrams and Johnson dealt with the return of Luke, Han and Leia in Star Wars Ep 7 and 8. In Star Trek TMP, they didn't go all out and have a corny scene where the old guys have a group hug and laugh while talking about old times, but they still did something satisfying enough (IMO). Whereas Ep7 and 8 pretty much shit the bed when it came to giving the audience a satisfying reunion.

C s : How dare you just sliiiiiide an eraserhead clip in there man, I was eating chicken.

StrikeWarlock : Star Trek reference starts at 0:00

Synthia Vice : I can appreciate the sentiment you guys have for TMP but I still prefer Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country personally.

BackwardGalaxy : Thank you for giving Shatner his props. The dude actually is a brilliant actor and that gets lost in the shuffle because of how easy it is to impersonate some of his mannerisms and also because he's somewhat of an acquired taste irl.

MobiusBandwidth : how did you get Richard Branson to co-review a film? I'm impressed.

timefilm : I was the kid at school who always defended Star Trek the motion picture. Everyone else would always start from Trek 2. It's good to see Trek 1 getting some love.

T3t4nu5 : I want Jim to win an Emmy. And I want him to get on stage looking exactly as he does in this video, beer included, to accept it.

Josh Fredman : This is by far my favorite Star Trek film, and one of my favorite movies of all time. It's the only one to date that really captured what Star Trek means to me: voyages of discovery in a future where humanity has finally made it. It's also the only Star Trek movie that pushed the boundaries of what Star Trek can be on the big screen. There are more Enterprise visuals (interior and exterior) in this film than in the other five TOS films combined. The cinematography is gorgeous. The music and sound design are brilliant. The special effects are more beautiful than any Trek film since, including the reboot-era ones. The set design is beautiful and has a real sense of scale. And this movie establishes a great deal of Star Trek canon, as well as visual and thematic baselines. I've never seen a YouTube review of TMP that understands what a special film this is, until now. Even though your review doesn't actually dwell at length on any of this stuff, you point out a few things that few reviewers realize: For instance, the fact that the Enterprise only fires a weapon once in the film, and that isn't even in a combat situation--it's the only time other than Star Trek IV that the main conflict was resolved without violence and "might makes right." Or the fact that the chemistry between Kirk, Spock, and Bones can't just be flipped back on like a switch, and that the voyage itself is what glues them back together. Or the fact that this movie, with its sweeping sequences and slow, tension-filled sense of pace, can never be made again in the Star Trek universe, which has long since gone down the road of being a popcorn action franchise (at least on the big screen). This is one of those films overshadowed by its caricature. Most Trek fans today haven't even seen it. They just "know" from popular opinion that it's slow, boring, and has no chemistry. But when people watch it and post a review, every single time they say that the movie was much better than they were expecting. (They still don't usually rank it very highly among Trek films, but at least they recognize how much of a full meal it is.) To really enjoy this film, you need a few things: You need an imagination, which unlocks the many so-called boring sequences. You need patience, because this is not an action film and isn't trying to be. And you need to understand that this is the first and only utopian Star Trek film, and the only Trek film ever to be centered on exploration. There's no villain. There's no battle. The soul of the main conflict in this film lies in the questions Vejur asks: Is this all that I am? Is there nothing more? That is the closest Star Trek has ever come to explaining ~why~ we want to explore.

payableondeath7 : Scottie's accent could possibly be explained by being 200-300 years in the future; potentially the Scottish accent has mellowed/muddied by then through things like media exposure and globalization

Luciferkrist : 20:32 Is that Jay saying 'Penis"? Also the writer/Author Alan Dean Foster has done some other GREAT works. Notably the 'Founding of the Commonwealth' series, and 'Spellsinger' series. Both VERY unique takes on normal sci-fi tropes. I recommend them.

Melanie Englert : Jim's shirt is amazing. It's the controls for the sounds on the Fisher Price shuttle from the late 70s.

MaterialBlade : More stuff with Jim! he's great on re:View

Johan Wernquist : Loved that whole minute you talked about Jerry Goldsmith’s music.

VCR Time Machine : "They're not giving the audience what they want...and it's great." Kind of like The Last Jedi.

Rick Hoes : Great; great talk fellas. I absolutely agree, The Motion Picture is finest film in the franchise. I feel it comes the closest to what the idea of Star Trek is all about.

Toolsquatch : No shots of Jay staring blankly as these 2 nerds talk Star Trek for 43 minutes? For shame, RedLetterMedia.