Jack Black gets his arm shot off

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the part in the jackal when jack black gets his arm shot off by a depleted uranium bullet


Mark JBN : This guy looks a lot like Jablinski from Jablinski Games

MCLAMilitaryPolice : Dude got his arm shot off by Johnny Bravo

Bear hands : I don’t remember this scene from School of Rock

610 Hobbies : Damn, Mythbusters got really hardcore all of a sudden.

Thedoc 88 : How Jumanji should have started.

Element of Kindness : When a guy says run, what moron runs down range into the open?

Candi Soda : Should have just ran behind the gun

GhanBuri666 : Thats why Jack Black never played again. He died. Thx mr Die Hard...

whatsgoingon07 : Die Hard and Nacho Libre shared universe

riff tipton : A farewell to arms.

starsiegeplayer : There are a lot of continuity problems with the scene. 1) The Jackal complains about it being off by millimeters. That's a problem with the sights, not the turret, and Lamont had nothing to do with the sights. 2) The pumpkin is missed by dozens of centimeters, not millimeters. 3) The first shot misses the pumpkin to the left. It misses the cigarette pack to the right.

Christopher Hammons : bruce looks weird with hair....

Alan Kyle : He kills him because he was shaking the jackal down for extra cash and annoying a professional hitman.Not a good idea.He lets the forger live because she did a job well done. In the original jackal movie,the armourer does a good job and the forger tried to shake him down.he was left in a canal boat from memory

Matthew Stewart : Now move over by the car Quick before you pass out 😂

Jose Puente : Why you gotta do nacho libre like that

markorevan : Well. He was warned. He asked for it. It's not a bright idea blackmail professional hitman.

TheEdgyEdShow : Is this how it feels like to chew five gum?

Ttg Ttg : Not Jablinski!

djjdantenucci : Jack Black never had the makings of a varsity athlete

Fintan Mac Bóchra : Jackal 2: Revenge of the Jablinski

Alex Prolapse : Skadoosh

Michael Akkerman : 3:11 I like how the ammo belt just falls out

Brotherhood SA : I dont get why he didnt just run to the guy when he said run😂 he wouldnt have been able to fire without hitting himself

NK Boss : I thought he was innocent... I feel bad....🤷‍♂️🙇‍♂️

MARK LAKRA : Po should've tried inner peace...

Vinny Berry : Jack Black’s rendition of the “Canadian” character cracks me up. Lol 🇨🇦

King Lurch : Don't know how i got here but alright!

Quei roz : Jesus christ.. I Just saw him other day teaching some children how to play music 😱 Such a resilient guy

Jim Porter : Wait wait wait wait wait. We really don't know because of the way the scene was cut. Do you suppose he's dead?

Shawn Darling : My favorite Jack Black movie

Larry Gorman : All I can say Jack, is that it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

John Zero Signal : I don't remember this scene in School of Rock.

Swapon IronMaiden : Bruce Willis.....is legendary actor ...great movie THE JACKEL

Danny Boi Does It All : Youtube recommendations are amazing 👌

Daniel Kelly : 5:23 When it's turns November 1st ;)

Calvin Cuaton : "TOLD YA IT WAS OFF"

brown.howl : Why do i have this in the recomended list?

pontiacGXPfan : Guess Bruce Willis wasn't a fan of kung fu panda

THEND : out by 3mm to the left, then out of 3mm to the right when hitting cigarettes, make up ur mind buddy

John-Paul Nagel : I Would Do Jack Black in a Second Loud Mouth

gt500 dox : nacho can now rest "LIBRE" in peace + this is the real tropic thunder opening guys

Adnan Ali : Thin Jack Black & Bruce Willis with Hairs hahaha...hilarious :'D

Alexius Nemo : The Jackal....1997....Bruce Willis is almost unrecognizable

JC50 As : Jack Black plays himself in all his movies

Javier L : you can run back to woods but hey lets run in front of this gun.

ivannthegreat1 : " Now Remember kids , Never Ever try to Smoke a Pack of Cigarettes or something like this will happen to you" .

Zaber Ansary : Aint that a Canon 200-400 F4L with 1.4x tele?

Recruit Legend : I wish I have this weapon to blow RADEC

medic6817 : Literally the 1st time I ever saw Jack Black 😐