Macau Grand Prix big crash

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Voice of Reason : I'm no expert on motor racing, but I think she was taking that corner a little too fast.

A M : She got off to a flying start

Juan Berjón : As horrific as it looks, could it be that crashing against the yellow car actually saved her life by sending her over the solid barriers into an apparently softer object with more gradual energy dissipation?

BandaiNamco 2005 : I screamed when I saw this. It also reminds me 2016 F1 Australia crash

Alex F1 : Now thus shows 2 things: There speed that these cars go at and the safety they also have.

Michael Beadle : she has since tweeted that she is Ok, but she has a fractured spine, unlikely she will compete again , a miracle no fatalities with a crash like that

Sachin Philip : If Macau is so unsafe why doesn’t it drop off the calendar? This is crazy

Jacob Williams : Panicked and slammed on the gas pedal or what? She was flying

BanDroid : This is horrorific

羅先生 : God Bless You, Sophia Flörsch🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Masterpiece GB : Beats Fernando Alonso big off in 2016 . This one is heading for the Havoc series

userwl2850 : Women and fast cars.... who'd guess something could go wrong 😉

Gear Baird : This is why they need to take away this circuit from de calendar, is ridiculous how risk and unsafe is the circuit

NICOREYDECOPAS : "RED BULL gives you wings"

Sean : That was a close shave for the camera crew and ground crew.

Mike Tomlin : Good thing there was a crash fence :P

lar har : Typical, woman driver 🙄

AceRay 24 : why they didnt show the replay?

Ronaldo Garrosu : Woman driver.

ToXc ETAN : Yeah I know dude

Henk Maassen : Eerlijk gezegd denk ik dat zij en alle omstanders geluk hebben gehad dat ze gelanceerd werd, als ze op maaiveld niveau in de vangrail was geklapt had het er schlechter uitgezien vrees ik...

Gari Deb : Gosh!

Michael ___ : Very scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew : First thing I thought of was the greg moore crash. Amazing that she is seemingly ok after this.

Nikesh Raj : Hope everybody is all right 🙏🙏

shillslayer : Women drivers...

bondmode : This has got to be hands down the most disturbing crash I have ever seen

Chen Luming : Wonder would halo help?

Chris Melton : Never lift

Setz84 : Apparently she had already lost 2 wheels and control by time she arrived at corner. Sickening accident, just hope everyone is ok.

Tramp ***** : woman behind the wheel💣🐒

Hi i am Pikachu : Should of stayed in the Kitchen?

shillslayer : Guy closest to podium is dead. Stood up at the wrong time

John theux : These car are made out of paper like all america houses xD

blunder15 : She seemed to be going into that corner a lot quicker than the other cars , possibly let it late to brake or a brake failure ? That was truly shocking

Kevin M : That had to be brake failure! Lets all just pray she's alright.

Awol991 : Is there any shots of the straight away where it started? All I can see is she is already backwards.

Mydoddy RC : Remove the clip and have some respect !

Peperbus brug : Al die ..... mobieltjes , zucht

namman03 : She caught air off the curb. The yellow are just helped give if a little more height.. She was flying(no pun). Glad she is and everyone is alive and well(for the most part).

M E : The car actually flew across backwards!!! 😲

Alex R : The car she flew over saved her life!!!

Andereas Tjoe : Typical Open Wheeler racing car, when tyre bump into tyre, the car in the back will be thrown in the air, and in this case, projectiled into the barrier. Very dangerous. Hope she survived

Colin Bassett : Brake Failure ?

DanRC ** : How the hell was she going backwards?

Prox躍馬 : Faster than the free kick...

joe jone : 17 歲的少女駕駛完下車後才是可愛 !

Kevin Potts : She was hurrying to get to the kitchen to make her man a sandwich.

Mark Nope : Another reason theres no female f1 drivers. They will either change the rukse and make it easier to drive the cars for longer. If not fatigue will set in and this will happen more. Racing is pushing from start to finish. When they make them manage tires and fuel and go slow it's not racing. It's rules adjustment to get lesser competitors involved and it sucks. Sadly we will see this amateur shit more and more. Lame.

senicegy : Cellphones ready and filming,disgusting.