Judge Morty: State of Georgia Vs. Rick Allen

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tiarawhy : Video just went from blocked to monetized for AS. This may be really awesome news that Turner reconsidered and chose to monetize and let this stay up. Still waiting for full confirmation but it is public!

meaganxrose : This never gets old

Doodalla : 11 minutes of a man talking to himself

Louie P. : That moment when you realize that every word its from an actual court case ! Guys You can google the full transcript of state of Georgia vs Denver Fenton Allen.

maxmoefoetwo : Wow, well done.

AttentionJunkie : I was astonished to learn this was a real court transcript.

Ayyy lmao : "I- Wh- Is this a murder?!" "At the county jail." I CAN'T BREATHE, OH MY GOOOOOD LMAO

142doddy : THIS. IS. K A N G E R O O C O U R T


Micah Philson : "You're just completely... completely have no idea of the english language." The irony is strong with this one.

windchester45 : Im gaining brain cells watching this

Crash Bandicoot : I like to think that the random Rick and Morty laughs are the times when Justin Roiland realizes the absurdity behind him arguing with himself inside the recording booth

nom prenom : The funniest thing is that it's the same person who's doing both voice ☺

K-leb : Why are there Futurama extras in the background?

TheBushdoctor68 : I like the part where they yell at each other.

Jacob Byrd : I have never watched a single minute of Rick and Morty. This is one of the funniest, most well put together things I've ever seen. Congrats to the animator. As an outsider, upon first watch I really thought this was an actual episode or special or something.

clavius : OK, to explain this situation to people who don't understand. The audio is Justin Roiland. The voice of Rick and Morty. He didn't do it for this animation. This animator then took the characters, not his property, and animated using the audio (not his property). Adult Swim left this up for ages. I doubt they suddenly decided to go specifically after this video, it likely got caught up in a mass takedown of illegal uploads. Adult Swim then allowed it back up, but didn't leave the animator the ability to profit from it. Which seems fair. Animator didn't ask to use all these copyrighted materials, and this isn't parody. So, it isn't fair use. But it's awesome, so Adult Swim didn't kill it and let it still be viewable. I have no problem with any of this.

Ole Kaarvaag : M: "No, no. Jack off." R: "This is kangaroo court." M: "Come on, jack off!" R: "This is, this is kangaroo court!" M: "Jack off right now!" I can't even imagine the shitshow the actual court must have been like. What's with the pixelated at Mr. Poopybuttholes place at 8:01?

Ken Le : 3:00 when did Mr.Poopy Butthole get there?

trashboat : "fan made", excuse me?! whoever made this needs to get hired to work for the actual show!!

Matthew Humenansky : This is a real court case!

Sid The sloth : Is that the guy from futurama... the brain slug?

Kari Solomon : So glad this is back. You worked so hard for it.

Fairy_Witch_Gøddess : 8:59 AAWWW RICKS LAUGH😂😍😍😍

Pikapetey Animations : GOOD JOB DUDE! so glad you got this out the door!

Joe Masters : I like how random Futurama characters are just chilling in the background :)

james koslik : The best part is when rick was talking about killing kids with a hammer and you could hear your laugh because it was so funny. @8:58

Beatrice : This is simply the most accurate representation of the USA legal system.

MariNate : The funniest bit is that this is actually a real court incident

Taco Lover :3 : i think rick is innocent 😂 good lord ricks laugh ;-;

Danny Westbrooks : *The state of Georgia will remember this*

quinten engelen : At 3:02 you see mr. Poopybutthole in the background

MegaCaptcha : There are 2 Futurama characters behind them hahaha

The Worst YouTube Channel EVER : WHAT THE HELL?! I was crying in laughter the whole time. My cheeks were hurting

Strelok Audio Design : I'm honored to have been part of this

Jared Middle : This really helped me ease the wait for season 4

Jeffrey Woods : 8:03 DID U SEE THAT CAT AWWW

simon jackson : Love there laughs! At 5:24 and 8:58.

Kevin Pray : This is kangaroo Court 😂

Nicknames are Pointless : *when a 12 year old and a 30 year old get into an argument on youtube*

Első Tuleltek : "I will kill your family!". So will he kill himself too?

Vibranium XX : This is literally like Garry’s mod Multiplayer... Admins vs Users

Nathaniel Smith : It's funny Because I live in Georgia LMFAO 🤣😂🤣😂

kattastic9999 : 7:45 is my absolute favorite line

mathlab22 : Justin Roiland just had an 10 min argument w/ himself. Dude is crazy.

Falco Burke : This was kangaroo court..😂😂

The Bubbliest Kitten : i gatta say ricks got a nice laugh

Gro ovy : I remember the concept art for this

Copper and Sticks : "Dad Gom"

Potato Patato : So this was based on a real court transcript? Jeez.