Man Uses A Live African Cheetah As A Pillow - Measures Big Cats Heart Rate With His Head

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Gibillan Atotputernicul : 2 year old video but the comments make it seem like it was uploaded today

LeoValdez945 : At first I read this as "man uses live African pillow as cheetah" and was a bit confused.

Carlos Ramirez : It sucks they only live 15 years for a bigcat.

Riddim Dubstep : Actually, I'd have slept like a baby with all that purring

♥ Luz ASMR ♥ : I need this

Sandy Negron : I wish wild cats weren't capable of killing people. I'd love to hug and kiss them without getting my face ripped apart lol

Oceania Times : Now I know what envy feels like.

Girl Gamer : similar to a dog? no. *Similar to a cat*

Aylmao : That giraffe is cute

Dr Handsome : 8:30 what were those big cats doing?

Edgar Allan Poe : Some count sheep to fall asleep others count the heartbeats of a big cat.

Dr Handsome : Aww. She must trust you a lot to sleep that heavy

Cam Pimpy : When she purrs, my phone shakes 😅

Chocolate chip Cookie Chan : It's a pillow... It's a pet... IT'S A PILLOW PET! 🐆🐆🐆

MrGuvEuroman : Our ginger cat was raised by us from a tiny kitten, his love bites are far too rough and deep, I think it's because the mothers would normally keep them in check if they bite too hard.

Robert Rogers : I dont see how you can't fall asleep

Sky love fox and anime XD : you have a vary big cut

GAMER Chicks ROCK : What if she grabs his neck☺😀😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

QB Bunny : I watched this then I was sleepy

Snoot Snooterton : So, you don't recommend the live cheetah pillow? **cancels amazon order**

Brent Walker : He took “pillow pet” to a whole new level

Bassem Boustany : How do they smell? Is the smell overwhelming with your face right up to them? Would it keep you from sleeping for example?

Dayday : It's a pillow ... it's a pet, it's a pillow pet.

Manipur Brightway technical : wish i could pet cheetah...

Syrian Sugar : That's one strange looking hamster.

Tyler Durden : So they lay on your face step on you in the middle of the night... they are just verry big regular cats😁

Danielle and Mia : People are making such ignorant comments. He's been working with these cats since they were cubs! And cheetahs are very timid, they do not attack, they run. He's not in danger.

86Themadhatter : I was totally relaxed about this until you mentioned the love bites D:

PaperDragon : scientific study confirms cats are in fact cats

LPS KitKat : Cheetah? Oh.. I thought it was cheeto lol

Jake : Step 1. Get rich Step 2. Get a trained cheetah Step 3. Cuddle with the cheetah

DIESEL LONGJOHN : Where ever you may be let animals run Free ,If you want to live and thrive let the creatures run alive!

ProHo24 : Boy this is how some rapper is gonna die

Thassa Blu : when you pour all your EXP into beast mastery.

lyraface : “My recommendation is not using a live cheetah for a pillow” errr thanks, dude. I’ll bear that in mind. Useful info, v relevant to my life.

Ciaragabs : My cat is more agressive than these cheetahs.

Dr. K : Is that what that is? Love bites? My domestic cat bites when she's petted

D3D H3AD : You may be cool but you'll never be.... using a cheetah as a pillow cool.

DaBit : Thats how my cat always acts when its hungry

coolascats : F*ing awesome. I want a cheetah as a pillow!

Wertimmm : 8:30 wtf that sound!!

MrNick98 : Weird lookin fish

Jen Brown : Man: What side do you want girl? Cheetah: All of them

Read a Book : Imagine if the cheetah came in just to eat his neck.

Rabbit : The perfect spot for the animal to sleep is always your spot.

Bjørn Brynemo : this must be almost like having a girlfriend

OFFICIAL ROMEO : I don’t even let my girlfriend be that close to me when we sleep

Court Fool : Wow. Cheetahs are actually dogs.

DIOSpeedDemon : The Cheetas are nice little kitties= TILL THEY RIPP YOUR FACE OFF AT 65 M.P.H....!!!!

Naijja : is your cat sick ?