Man Uses A Live African Cheetah As A Pillow - Measures Big Cats Heart Rate With His Head

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Elestro Air-soft : "Social experiment" my ass. You just want to cuddle a Cheetah. I don't blame you. This is just a big cat. My cat displays the EXACT same behavior.

Edgar Allan Poe : Some count sheep to fall asleep others count the heartbeats of a big cat.

flossie Flossie : She's running and hunting in her dreams.My dog did this-and yelped as he romped . These are fascinating videos.Thank you so much for educating and entertaining us.I can see that you truly love these beautiful cats.

LeoValdez945 : At first I read this as "man uses live African pillow as cheetah" and was a bit confused.

Usui Takumi : First time I see living cheetos, and they are not even orange.

Gibillan Atotputernicul : 2 year old video but the comments make it seem like it was uploaded today

Girl Gamer : similar to a dog? no. *Similar to a cat*

She'Myia Malone : I wouldn't know how to feel.😭😭😭😭

12345 67890 : The cheetah is like a dog😂

Doofus Rick : Lmao imagine in the beginning when the cheetah came in and he was all like, "Come here! Good girl!" And instead of cuddling up with the man she just pissed on his bed then left.

Sandy Negron : I wish wild cats weren't capable of killing people. I'd love to hug and kiss them without getting my face ripped apart lol

ejchief97 : Literally behaves like a big ass house cat lol.

Henrikson Samuelson : Your are *LEGEND*

Kenzie Royjatmiko : Man...

Anon : 0:34 it came RUNNING! That would've been my cue to do the same 🏃

Yarnell Riley : This is basically me and my cat, but 1/3rd of the size haha. loves to cuddle and purr all night aswell. I would really love to cuddle with one of these big cats :)

Ndoro Kakung : oh so cute cat loves human

ky sputnik : Plot twist, cheetah actually using man as blanket

♥ Luz ASMR ♥ : I need this

Robert Rogers : I dont see how you can't fall asleep

Ndoro Kakung : I hope in the future many chetaah can be domesticated, they are so cuuuuuuuuute 😽😽

Tom Lawler : Can you still flip them over to the cold side?

Desperado : Taking pillow pets to a whole new level

logan : Guess you don't need to keep a gun under your pillow when your pillow is a cheetah.

LPS KitKat : Cheetah? Oh.. I thought it was cheeto lol

Jake : Step 1. Get rich Step 2. Get a trained cheetah Step 3. Cuddle with the cheetah

Chester Hayley Ambrose James : These cuties don't have any notion of respect of personal space

Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal : Woah they purr just like cats its literally like they are big cats

GAMER Chicks ROCK : What if she grabs his neck☺😀😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Read a Book : Imagine if the cheetah came in just to eat his neck.

Anak Hilang11 : 12/10 would buy that pillow

Justin Lavitte : He is just a homeless guy sleeping in the local zoo

Wertimmm : 8:30 wtf that sound!!

Simply Gaming : This is basically my cat except my cat is a little cat 🐱

SkieFlaike : Thats how my cat always acts when its hungry

D3D H3AD : You may be cool but you'll never be.... using a cheetah as a pillow cool.

Sketch The Art Tiger : I want to sleep with one

SquareDonut NL : Cheetah uses a live American man as a pillow

Zalama sama : I used my girlfriends booty as a pillow once.

Gangsta Dracula : Hey my cat does that too! Only difference is i dont have to worry about ending up without a head.

Naijja : is your cat sick ?

Jen Brown : Man: What side do you want girl? Cheetah: All of them

Cassandra : "is impossible to sleep with living cheetah pillow" thanks for the info we didn't know it

khoirom Milton : This man can fist fight a polar bear,ko a shark,tame a group of wild wolves.

Mr. Sky Shark : 7:08 I wonder what was the dream about!!

caspar turu : Who else wants a cheeta now

Cobra unit : Yeah, let's be bored with life and use a wild cheetah as an pillow, a cheetah that also has a nerve injury and can't control her biting strength....cuz u know YOLO

mspmsp4 : she licking his head so she can see how he taste so when she bite his head she Know what to expect

Nevada : So, did this just randomly pop up in everyone’s recommended?

private ca the great : Even wild animals want the same comfort we want.