Man Uses A Live African Cheetah As A Pillow - Measures Big Cats Heart Rate With His Head

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Gibillan Atotputernicul : 2 year old video but the comments make it seem like it was uploaded today

IGot7 ExoL Armys who Reveluv Once Choice Blinks : Why is this being recommended to us all right now... sooo weird.

Private Michael J. Caboose : I know what pet I want now

Timothy Marland : That’s incredible

Maya Lackman : It's amazing how much trust he has in his cheetah. I once had a martial arts instructor who had a similar relationship with his pet mountain lion. Also, why is this video suddenly being recommended to everyone?

Sandy Negron : I wish wild cats weren't capable of killing people. I'd love to hug and kiss them without getting my face ripped apart lol

Jaime Salazar : It’s a pillow, it’s a pet, it’s a pillow pet

moumen88 : cheetah with a cheater

Master Giffster : It's a pillow. It's a pet IT'S A PILLOW PET

Exploring With Cam : Omg she’s beautiful 😱😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

RobbeBoy : Okay today I’ll got to bed early. 5:42 *Me at 4am*

Amy Gildersleeve : Aww so cute now I want to sleep with one

Glitch The Deer : I'd sleep with it

Fabian Rijksen : see the pillow touch the pillow be the pillow

DLDouble G : now I want a pet cheeta

Edgar Allan Poe : Some count sheep to fall asleep others count the heartbeats of a big cat.

BALLA : White folks always going too far.why would you do this?


sıqɐuuɐɔ : Cheetos

AlphaVee325 : It’s a pillow it’s a pet it’s a pillow pet... One that can actually kill you and get away with it

LeoValdez945 : At first I read this as "man uses live African pillow as cheetah" and was a bit confused.

fazy lucker : That mofo is dreaming of a deer running on the wild for lunch. 7:10

TheFlyingE : Made 2 years ago but YouTube recommends it now :/

Ben L : Are we not gonna talk about those sounds at the end there....?

ios4ever : Sleeping with my ex girlfriend after night arguments was more dangerous than this!

Robert Rogers : I dont see how you can't fall asleep

Icywolfe : Thats a weird looking dog.

The2ndThird : Friend: Hey is that a pillow? Me: No Its a Cheetah

Lauryn Nakitare : Thank God it was not hungry.

Candace George : It’s final, all felines like to sleep in a way least comfortable for everyone else

Carlos Ramirez : It sucks they only live 15 years for a bigcat.

Bonnie XD : 97% of comments *every comment is new wtf* 3% of comments *so cool I love animals*

Teh Flooper : Why am I watching a man use cheetahs as pillows at 730 AM

MY v-logs and random musings : That man has balls of vibranium.

Chris B : The title says he uses the cheetah as a pillow but it looks like the other way around. He is the pillow!! Haha

Syrian Sugar : That's one strange looking hamster.

Dresden Tulip : This man has balls the size of the planet

Batman Who Is Not Moody : Now Chuck Norris's met his match.

Cottonfluff Gacha : The cheetah will wake up and see her breakfast sleeping beside her

swampee2346 : Do it with a lion.

LoudBoi : Yoo is ur pillow vegan?

Benjamin Ng : Why is this in my recommended

Original Rae : This is so funny and cute😂😂😂

Sayaka Yoder : 5:41 me trying to sleep

LPS KitKat : Cheetah? Oh.. I thought it was cheeto lol

Lioncash : "Hey I mean you can come up for coffee and everything but... I can't promise I won't eat you"

Komodo Dragon 906 : 1:30 that's called a girlfriend

raven 鳥 : We all just got this recommended to us now 😂

Dean Mantyak : why are there so much people watching today when this was filmed three years ago.

Riddim Dubstep : Actually, I'd have slept like a baby with all that purring