Man Uses A Live African Cheetah As A Pillow - Measures Big Cats Heart Rate With His Head

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Edgar Allan Poe : Some count sheep to fall asleep others count the heartbeats of a big cat.

Lauttero : "She might bite me so I can't trust her" *proceeds to sleep using her as a pillow*

Finchbug Art : "Similar to a dog, a cheetah has to find the perfect spot before laying down." Cheetah: "Hello yes hi I will step on head and crush face."

pakiraju786 : So I’m assuming that everyone else was recently recommended this as well.

PointyTailofSatan : He should bring his wife into the bed as well, so he could cheetah on his wife.

Gibillan Atotputernicul : 2 year old video but the comments make it seem like it was uploaded today

What’s the Tae sis? : I wonder what cheetahs dream about

Marie is my waifu : How is this cheetah nicer than my cat?

THE•INTROVERTED• OWL : "Next morning" *_Oh cool, breakfast in bed!_*

Naama Loll : Youtube's recommendation system is the most random thing ever

Sandy Negron : I wish wild cats weren't capable of killing people. I'd love to hug and kiss them without getting my face ripped apart lol

Vincent Wood : I clicked on a video of a man using a cheetah as a pillow and got exactly that.

iron phoenix : There is something wrong with your dog

warset : Cheetah: Meh I’m too full and sleepy right now. I’ll save this white man for brunch tomorrow.

Sally Lemon : this is unfair. my cats use me for their pillow

Tazaur945 : At first I read this as "man uses live African pillow as cheetah" and was a bit confused.

Kevin : Imagine u using this as a pillow and U turn over and the cheetah balls just laying on your forehead

Arun K : Who needs a pistol under your pillow when you have *A CHEETAH*

ScratchNX : Weird flex but ok

Jaedon Mar : Cheeetah PILLOWS that can potentially kill you? I'll take 10

Eight : everyone at peta is scratching there heads wondering what to do

Spyros Tselios : this is from 2 years and youtube decided that would be great to put it in recommented now?

Funico : In Soviet Russia you use a cheetah instead of a pillow

Somebodyontheweb : Was just recommended this... Anyone else?

Triniyeet • : If cuddling with cheetahs is how I go, then that’s how I go

Yєᗩн Oк : See the pillow Feel the pillow *Be the pillow*

Mir5 : Do your balls leave a print on the floor behind you when you walk?

Skylar Henry : Guess we all got recommended this video at the same time

W h e e z e : This just shows how broken the YouTube Algorithm Is, Count How many people commented within the last week on this almost - 4 Year old video.

Proton Gaming : "My recommendation is not to use a live cheetah as a pillow" *Well thank you for your advice*

LPS KitKat : Cheetah? Oh.. I thought it was cheeto lol

TheDelethar : How is this a 3 year old video and all j see are hour long comments

lokki myyrä : It seems that youtube recommendations have brought us all together again.

Mori Memento : Wow Cheetah is friendlier than my cat

Räuber F0t2enR0t2 : I should sleep but im watching a cheetas licking a man.

DaBit : Thats how my cat always acts when its hungry

Ida : This is literally me with my cat😂😂😂

Vortrix : Everyone is getting this in their recommendations?

FREdmaN1o7 : Wierd flex but okay

jatin sahni : I Will Be Your pillow for Night, You Be My breakfast In Bed. 😁

Robbe : Okay today I’ll got to bed early. 5:42 *Me at 4am*

Miranda Finch : You know how much trust that animal must have for you to be able to SLEEP, it’s most VULNERABLE STATE, not only next to you, but with you touching her? Absolutely beautiful. I wish I was you 😂

Pvle Pajic : Ok so not only house cats are assholes

Enver Hoxha : This man has balls made of titanium

Shorty Drew : When your sleeping over at your friends house and doesn't give you a pillow

Usui Takumi : First time I see living cheetos, and they are not even orange.

Sin Synn : Sigh - to everyone freaking out about animal abuse an' whatnot in these comments - If you actually watched the video, you'd know that Faith, the Cheetah being featured, suffered an injury that left her with nerve damage. She's literally a 'special needs' Cheetah who likely would've died in the wild. She's also quite loving, and clearly not an abused or unhappy Cheetah. She'll also steal your pillow, and demand pettings until she falls asleep. There's no abuse here, and Faith is not only alive, but appears happy and healthy and quite...comfy. Lighten up, folks. Not every animal in captivity is being treated poorly and living a life of suffering. I've seen that - I worked at Madison Square Garden when the circus was there, and I've seen the horrible conditions and terrible treatment those animals dealt with, so I know what it looks like. I'll never attend a circus, like ever, that's for sure, but I can't say I see anything like that going on in this video. Faith seems quite content.

Thundachicken Animation's : Lmao if he ever applies for a new job he can put this on his resume 😂

exactly 9999 subs challenge : Who else is just now getting this recommended to them like if yes comment if no Btw pls don't hate on me because it's everyone's dream to 1 day get a lot of likes and feel special like big YouTubers who get a lot of likes

Tong tong : Why every comment is 4 hrs ago like the vid came out 3 yrs ago