"Too Darn Hot" - Kiss Me Kate | Ann Miller (HD Print)
Too Darn Hot Kiss Me Kate Ann Miller

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"Too Darn Hot" Film: Kiss Me Kate, 1953 Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter Sung by Ann Miller Starring: Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, Ann Miller, Keenan Wynn, Bobby Van, Tommy Rall, James Whitmore, Bob Fosse, Ron Randell


HRHPaula Lewis : I think unless you have taken tap lessons, its difficult to imagine the amount of crazy talent here!

Cole McLeod : Her spinning and navigation of the small space cluttered with furniture to knock over, the coffee table and narrow ledge and arm of the couch she balances and hot-foots across -puts to shame any modern-day 'star' performer who can still find a way to wipe out, step off the ledge of a vast wide stage space - or trip on stairs - this puts 'em all to shame. The talent of this golden era makes ours look pathetic.

R. Scougal : This film - "Kiss Me, Kate" - is terrific fun from start to finish, but this is my favorite part. If you haven't seen it, you should! Really a great classic musical comedy.

jasminne mcdonald : Ann Miller is one hot dancer. Call the firefighters.

Jim DeCamp : This was actually filmed in 3D. Not that cheesy red-green 3D like Bwana-Devil, but polarization separation, like in the film "Gravity". You cannot get that on (most) TVs. The bit where Ann is dancing on the coffee table in front of three mirrors has to be seen in 3D to be appreciated. Also, where she throws a garter directly at the camera. The whole film is full of bits, like fire breathers and jugglers, that need to be seen in 3D to be appreciated. Because it was filmed using polarization separation, either reel, left or right, makes a perfectly good 2D reel.

katwil89 : In addition to how smoking hot Ann Miller is, the icing on the cake are those stunning, hot, pink tap shoes!

Robert Lee, Countertenor : Possibly the best dance number in all movie musical history!

Louise Bayer : I can't believe they cut away form her feet.

TokyoSpike : I love how this scene starts off with Lili and Cole thinking she's just some chorus girl with minimal / no talent and then she blows them away. Even Lili admits she's great.

Stephen Adams : Ann Miller was too darn hot!! Dieyam!

George Chulig : I saw this in 3-d about 30 years ago.  You had to duck when Ann Miller threw things at the screen.  The best part was when she was dancing I front of the triple mirror.

Acgogo Acgogo : Now imagine this on a big screen in 3D ! Ann is 30 feet tall and appears to jump out of the screen at you as she dances around on the furniture. The 3D prints are hard to find (most in bad shape) and there are very few old movie theaters that show revivals unless you are lucky enough to live in a big city. And Ann was at her absolute best (was she ever really bad?) .

alworkedup : I love the smelling onions look on Kathryn Grayson's face  :)  :)

richardm239 : sizziling this woman is just not given enough respect

skivvy9yo : Ann Miller at her absolute finest; all throughout the move.

Magnificent Failure : God damn! That's a woman!

alworkedup : Damn.  Just damn.  All I can say  :)  :)  :)

Jeff Barry : Don't make em like that anymore

althecatify : Ann was so "HOT" for sure. Talented, beautiful, & oh, what legs!

apiltree : Admiration - I have no other words.

Jenn M : Lovey dovey, not lovey doggie

B MasterB : ANN MILLER = only one word is appropriate here.... and its "WOW" She is too darn hot!!!

Bunky C : damn she sexy!!

alworkedup : This is Ann at her absolute best but her dancing was always so carefree  :)

Katelyn McCorkle : This is too darn amazing

SweetDreams84 : Awesome, mind blowing, absolutely amazing i wanted to dance like that when i was 6 years old!

juicysparkles : Utterly spellbinding <3

McGravity1 : She had the temperament to play Kate, instead of the wishy-washy Katharine Grayson.

Jourwalis - : Sexy! A but surprising, though, from an american film from this time!

Henry Jurkiewicz : Who needs Gene Kelly when Ann Miller around, brilliant !!

vlad nabokov : Omg, Ann Miller was too darn hot...

drtmuir : It's "Much prefers her lovey-dovey to court" not "lovely doggie."

lewisner : Her costume must have been the limit of how little women could wear in a movie at the time ? Not that I'm complaining !

Joe Spinoza : I saw this movie in its original 3-D format and this number made great use of the medium. Brava Ann Miller and her machine-gun taps!!  

alworkedup : My glasses are melting  :)  :)  :)

RatBatSpiderCrab : Ann Miller just made me melt my key board!

Eleonora Clark : Try THAT in your living room! WOW!!!

drummerlovermakeup : One of my favorite performances of all time! I Love this movie so much I watch it every year at least twice.

Robert Price : Sizzling. A wonderful performer indeed.

Rachel S : Ann Miller's best number of her whole career IMO!

Luigi Lamorte : Great gams!

Heru- deshet : She was incredibly hot. Sadly, I remember seeing her and Mickey Rooney in an academy award show when I was a kid. She (who was much older by then) and Rooney seemed to be clueless about what was going on and really screwed up a presentation where they had to cut to commercials immediately.

LivingMindfully1975 : TRUE LEGEND!!!!

Diana Michaela Midday : and this is why I love Ann Miller a true talent I love that color

Keith Hoffmaster : Word correction: "Much prefers her lovely doggie to court," Should be " Much prefers her lovely dovey to court." As for Ann Miller's tap dancing prowess...it's literally one of the main reasons I want to learn tap sometime in my life time. The speed and grace she executes her ability....talk about one of my life goals.

OKHomoRose : Nobody could tap dance like Ann Miller!

thebulbous : It's "Lovery dovey" not "Lovely doggie..." Just saying! Thanks for uploading this!

Aries Snake : This is simply super hot. Bravo!!!

SATpersonal : It's interesting to know that when she was 13 she became a showgirl at a jazz bar due to the fact she looked older than her age (she said she was 18). She's so tantalising to watch, you can see her experience and talent shine through. One hot momma indeed.