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Andre L. Vaughn : Who else is HAPPY AF that the old format is back? 😂😂😂💯

MoBeauty BlantonBabe : FINALLY!!!!! They're back to just one video! Quality over quantity, y'all.

Samy : So glad u went back to the old system, i honestly stopped watching allot of it last season. great descision

Louella.y : This probably sounds stupid but honestly 4 vids a day was really overwhelming to me and I stopped watching, relying only on Ear Biscuits for my regular dose of mythicality. I'm not sure I'll watch everyday but I'm resubbing :)

MsNomzie : Thank you for going back to the old format, best choice ever.

B Bippy : You should have a cookbook on the "Yes" Will It winners.

60 Seconds of Change : Thank you for the format change! Re-subbing. Had been subbed for 10 years, but couldn’t do the new format.

Let's Dub Project (Tyranee) : Apparently Long Island nachos turn you in to Shaggy.

Sabrina Carroll : is anyone else really happy the old format is back because i am!!😂♥️

Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM : The expression on Rhett's face, eating them liquor infused nachos was hilarious.😂

FratinandMadrik : Thank you for bringing back the old format!

electronicsNmore : Pig's head nachos......Truly disgusting. LOL At least it wasn't served with the head hollowed out with the nachos inside.

PeterDaGreat _ : I'm so happy the old format is back.

djjazzyjeff123 : The name of that face Rhett would be the Jaden Smith face. It's a combination of mild confusing with a hint of looking into the sun.

Gaming Dolphin : “Today we will ask the age old question" will you go penguin sledding with me? 🤔🤔😂😂

Neon Sense : You guys seem to be back to your normal selves. No more half assed mutli videos.

Ur mom : If you say ‘Rhett and Link’ it sounds normal but if you say ‘Link and Rhett’ it sounds weird lol

Darrian Weathington : Rhett and link teaching kids how to get drunk on the down loooooooow

Roguelettuce : Who votes yes for a cook book with all the winners and call it will it cook book

I'm just ace : the old format is so much better than those 4 vids

Hybrid 14 : Back to the good old GMM we used to know

Elizabeth Widener : YAAAAY! Thank you for going back to the classic format. It just feels better. Love you guys! <3 So excited!


JoelCrafter43 : 7:57 Oh no Rhett and Link are drunk.

Aida Denisa : Honestly i couldn't care less about the format. All you people are so happy they changed it back. I don't know why is it such a big deal for some of you. I just like their content, however it's presented...


Deaf .Sound : Wow after all their pretentious bullcrap they realized what the fans want matters. Way to go guys.. that loss of views obviously shook your heads. "We aren't trying to be tv" lmao, so glad that didn't work the way they wanted. Don't get me wrong I love rhett and link but that was just a stupid idea..glad to have gmm back and that stupid tv segmented stuff gone.

LPs_ Tibble_Productions : *am I the only one that wants one of those board pointers*

Chris Campbell : What about will it soda

Humphrey Teoh : #TheRhettlongislandface LOLOLOL😂😂


MrBubblesDaFirst : Now Rhett & Links Mythical Mushrooms at Mythical.store

jimbo111589 : Remember last season when we were like "new format is a no from me dawg." and Rhett was like "MuH ChaNgEs r GoOd" I member.

Sherrina Ting : Kia ora from New Zealand my name is Sherrina and I’ve been watching you guys for so long and nachos are my favourite food and it’s my birthday today and this video just came out yesterday and iv been saving it all day for my birthday to watch it bed LOVE YOU all the way from New Zealand sending so much love n support!!

wolfiethebumpireslyr : Guacamole infused with vodka should’ve been guakda. Missed opportunity.

COOKIE WOKE : Welcome back!!! This has been missing from my mornings

Charlotte Johnson : If only you could see my face when Link said, "Presenting Charlotte's Nachos" 😂😂😂. Oh, what a great time it is to be named Charlotte. 😂😂😂. This Totally Made My Day! Thank You!! #CharlottesWeb #TeamKeepinStuffDown

Movie_Star_Planet_Tiger _Tiger : I was watching will it candy and I realized they never did will it slim Jim! Like 💙 if they should do will it slim jim

Precipice66 : Yes! Nice one guys. Back to the classic format.

KngRetro : "We must merge them with the most popular dish of today" TIDEPODS

Heather Burke : Glad you went back to the old format but not so glad of all the hate u got

Jamshi the Bandit : Will it soft drink

Bodvar kun : Don’t touch it that is nacho pancakes........please kill me

Darrian Weathington : I like the old format, but I would still like longer videos... nothing to crazy, just like... .. . A hour long video a day! 😀

RK Slither : i dont like nacho cheese just nacho libre xD had to be done.

Nintendrew : "Season fourt-frickin'-teen, man!" 😎

Emoni Draws : Well I’m from LongIsland and we only make that face when 1: we see something that you think is something else 2: when the suns in are face 😂😂😅🤣😹👍

A-Zone : Haha I TOLD y'all the new format would be back

marvel obsession : Will it french fry?

Sarah Hoke : 13:44 is me trying to get through the week and 13:50 is me making it to Friday