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Andre L. Vaughn : Who else is HAPPY AF that the old format is back? 😂😂😂💯

Jethro Jacinto : TBH I've stopped watching for awhile because I couldn't handle the multiple episodes a day, but I am SO GLAD they're back with the old format. Don't fix what ain't broke! #GMM

Samy : So glad u went back to the old system, i honestly stopped watching allot of it last season. great descision

Ethan Stump : Rhett and link should switch seats for one episode and see the reaction

Louella.y : This probably sounds stupid but honestly 4 vids a day was really overwhelming to me and I stopped watching, relying only on Ear Biscuits for my regular dose of mythicality. I'm not sure I'll watch everyday but I'm resubbing :)

B Bippy : You should have a cookbook on the "Yes" Will It winners.

MsNomzie : Thank you for going back to the old format, best choice ever.

60 Seconds of Change : Thank you for the format change! Re-subbing. Had been subbed for 10 years, but couldn’t do the new format.

Roguelettuce : Who votes yes for a cook book with all the winners and call it will it cook book

RextheRebel : It makes sense the Cardi B of nachos is ramen. Both are bland, cheap and horrible.

Neon Sense : You guys seem to be back to your normal selves. No more half assed mutli videos.

Sabrina Carroll : is anyone else really happy the old format is back because i am!!😂♥️

Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM : The expression on Rhett's face, eating them liquor infused nachos was hilarious.😂

Gaming Dolphin : “Today we will ask the age old question" will you go penguin sledding with me? 🤔🤔😂😂

electronicsNmore : Pig's head nachos......Truly disgusting. LOL At least it wasn't served with the head hollowed out with the nachos inside.

Evan Tan : Back to the good old GMM we used to know

u n d e r s c o r e _ : I'm so happy the old format is back.

Appendicitis Dolan : I feel like the gmm crew asks themselves, *what species of animal have we not used the testicles from yet?* I feel like that’s pretty accurate..eh?

I'm just ace : the old format is so much better than those 4 vids

LPs_ Tibble_Productions : *am I the only one that wants one of those board pointers*


Ur mom : If you say ‘Rhett and Link’ it sounds normal but if you say ‘Link and Rhett’ it sounds weird lol

Darrian Weathington : Rhett and link teaching kids how to get drunk on the down loooooooow

undead890 : I have some ideas for more Will Its (There may possibly be some they already did) Food ones: Will it French Fry Will it Waffle Will it Gelato Will it Quesadilla Will it spaghetti Will it Panini Will it sandwich Will it Yogurt Will it Cheese Will it Frozen Dinner Will it Bread Will it Bagel Will it Tortilla Will it rice Will it Tamale Will it (insert restaurant, where you take foods from restaurants, like Taco Bell, and either add or replace something in the food to see if it still maintains the soul of that restaurant, like change the meat to pork, or snake. Or even change the sauce to a blood sauce, something like that) Will it Sports Drink Will it Soda Will it Juice Will it Milk Non-Food ones: Will it Couch Will it Table Will it Cup Will it Golf Club

Deaf .Sound : Wow after all their pretentious bullcrap they realized what the fans want matters. Way to go guys.. that loss of views obviously shook your heads. "We aren't trying to be tv" lmao, so glad that didn't work the way they wanted. Don't get me wrong I love rhett and link but that was just a stupid idea..glad to have gmm back and that stupid tv segmented stuff gone.

FratinandMadrik : Thank you for bringing back the old format!

March Baby : Better pun: I'm nacho I'm feeling so well.

Cullen Boyer : They started talking about swallowing and the crew is just dying in the background

TheNewLeaves : Like many others, I'm very glad to see the new old format! I stopped watching last season. Not because it was complicated, but because the content wasn't as in-depth and interesting in those shortened segments. I like the longer episodes for more fun and longer-standing conversation opportunities. Good choice, Rhett and Link. WE NOW RETURN TO OUR REGULAR SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING!

Anthony Travis : Thank you Rhett and Link for always being there to make me laugh even when I'm going through a terrible situation you always make me feel better


Lindsay Fisher : YES! Back to Mythicality! I'm so sorry guys. I stayed subscribed because I seriously love the show, but I did not watch most of the last season. Now that everything is back to the amazing, original, organic material... I'm ready to watch it all again! hooray!!!!!!

jimbo111589 : Remember last season when we were like "new format is a no from me dawg." and Rhett was like "MuH ChaNgEs r GoOd" I member.

Chris Campbell : What about will it soda

MrBubblesDaFirst : Now Rhett & Links Mythical Mushrooms at Mythical.store

Heather Burke : Glad you went back to the old format but not so glad of all the hate u got

Humphrey Teoh : #TheRhettlongislandface LOLOLOL😂😂

wolfiethebumpireslyr : Guacamole infused with vodka should’ve been guakda. Missed opportunity.

Movie_Star_Planet_Tiger _Tiger : I was watching will it candy and I realized they never did will it slim Jim! Like 💙 if they should do will it slim jim

Popping Chips : Do Will It Oatmeal or Will It Salad?

COOKIE WOKE : Welcome back!!! This has been missing from my mornings

Floating Brik Animations : Eh, it's nacho fault.

KngRetro : "We must merge them with the most popular dish of today" TIDEPODS

projektaquarius : I was with the pig head til they said head cheese.

Junior Studios : The Dark Ages are Over my Friends

Donut Dragon : Thank you for bringing the old routine back! Love this show!!

Taylor Kerwin : I liked the multi episodes but it must have been hard to pump those out constantly.

Charly : WOOH! SO happy the old format is back. I stopped watching entirely because the separate episodes were so difficult to find if you're watching on a TV. My TV won't let me select the next episodes in the chain, sometimes I have to watch even more ads and if I'm watching an older episode from the season from 'recommendation' I won't be able to find the following one unless I spend 10 minutes scrolling down the entire video timeline. And the autoplay usually doesn't play the correct 'next episode'. Totally resubscribed. :)

johntom : will it pasta

JustaBoy93 Heheh : Artificianal.. Fictional artificial? NOT Artificial?? Edit: also, I noticed a lot of these nasty food parts are Link struggling, Rhett cheering him on, Link giving up, then cheering Rhett on XD Always enjoy it tehe