Toon Blast | Ryan Reynolds - PSA

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RasenRendan : This man is a walking God

Tschiby : The game looks shitty as hell but the ad is good

Darky : Alright I’ll give it to ya. This is actually a funny commercial.

HRJ3 : That “I don’t even have a sister” still kills me no matter how many times I hear it!😂🤣💀

Shaggy Rogers : Who else watched the whole ad on a different video lol?

Don Wimbrough : First ad I’ve watched all the way through AND tore me away from what I was gunna watch. Best. Ad. Ever.

Elizabeth Jasmine Nino : 0:19 I didn't even recognize I had a problem until my sister Angela said something.. _what did she say?_ that's the crazy part... *_I don't even have a sister...._* *Top 5 most shocking Anime moments.*

Mr. NAZOcomics : I won't get the game but i like the ad

Ya boy Middy : Ryan Reynolds is an amazing actor 😂💀

youraverageevilpoet : Bravo Toon Blast! One of the few commercials on YT that actually made me want to stop and watch the whole thing.

Elizabeth Hayes : Best Commercial to ever be made😂😂😂

Carolyn S. : The only time I've wanted to watch a commerical over and over

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : I usually don't like ads or mobile phone games... ...But I might actually give this a try, and download Ryan Reynolds.

Aoi Yuki : Lol the only ad on YouTube im happy to watch XD

Catch Me sLiPpInG WiTh ThAt MuLtIfAnDoM : "That is the crazy part..... I dont even have a sister" SHOOK

Ava henne : Keep putting him in commercials an I'm sure everyone will watch them🤣

Brachy Slayer : Never gonna download the game but sure as hell is funny

Silentype Student Producer : Drug addiction is hilarious.

justin tyme : This is gold.

Riot228 : How'd they get Ryan?

J M : this is the best campaign... BEST

BullsNation : *I don't even have a sister*

Rijacki Ledum : Great commercial.

The Premier : I may hate ads, but I will watch this one for years. Also I can imagine how the gossip press will spin this ad to make it seem like he did drugs.

TheUKNutter : I swear, my dad plays this 24/7. He’s in the biggest clan in the world, and I don’t know how he got there.

Lamo Wade : lol that's the crazy part I don't even have a sister😂😂😂

Victoria Snead : I am a simple woman... I see Ryan and I click on it.

Kemi : Ryan? Shh shhh shhh shh 😩😂😂😂😂

Shelly Sierra : I just saw this add for a video and I just couldn’t stop laughing when he said that’s the crazy part I don’t even have a sister

Alina Alvarez : I literally burst out laughing when he said he didn't have a sister 😂😂

Weird Machine : I love Ryan Reynolds

Shalon Hutchison : Wow. Way to take a serious topic and make people stop taking it seriously. Equating a game with actual addiction is... not really funny

C4Cez : This is the only ad I will happily watch 😂😂😂

Jayce Anthony : am i the only one who mad abt this feels like its tryna make fun of addiction

Orlando Ben Alosious : This is the best advertisement of all the Toonblast commercials 🤣

Brandon Hardman : I'm curious as to why this only has like 2,200+ views, especially with it having Ryan Reynolds.

Br4daform : I liked this ad more than the video I watched afterwards.

Charlie Tran : I really hate this ad tbh.

Marco Mendoza Mendoza : I love this ad, at first I thought it was about a drug addiction PSA. Then I realized its about a game. The funniest part about the ad is that when i screened out of the ad and I see a cartoon bear at the corner. With toon blast under it. Then I rewatched it and then it got me when he said," that's the thing, I don't even have a sister."

Mae Walrod : This ad is in such bad taste tbh?? I'm really shocked because I love Ryan Reynolds but I wouldn't expect him to exploit addiction and mental health problems for money and I'm sickened (( sorry not sorry for getting tRiGgErEd))

Nemuitea : The moment I saw this ad while trying to watch a Sebastian stan video, I was like “OMFG! ITS RYAN REYNOLDS!” Then fell off the bed...

setabbocaj : Addiction is serious not a joke

a youtuber with quality content : Feel like he’s bob Ross

Archie Spires : Well played, Toon Blast, I'm not downloading your game, but I will give a 'Like' And in the end... I think we both knew that how this relationship was going to end

John Gillan : Only Ryan could get this many views for a fecking ad like this 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Drew Sare : Making fun of addiction? Not cool. Addiction ruined my childhood. My parents beat me if I tried to take away their fix. This makes light of something that isn't taken serious enough as it is. You should have made a real PSA about the real issue, not make light of it. Just shame.

passionparker : *that's the crazy part* *I don't even have a sister*

King Jose : Downloaded this game because of this commercial.

Zero : deadpool with seriously expression

Trant Interwebz : Deadpool 3 confirmed?!