Toon Blast | Ryan Reynolds - PSA

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blmartin500 : I remember when I first saw this, I was completely sucked in. I believed 100% that Ryan was seriously discussing something that was extremely important and very hard for him to deal with. He’s that good of an actor. Then the ending just blew me away. Pure genius. Probably the best commercial I’ve ever seen.

RasenRendan X : This man is a walking God

Tschiby : The game looks shitty as hell but the ad is good

Darkavenger_13 : Alright I’ll give it to ya. This is actually a funny commercial.

Don Wimbrough : First ad I’ve watched all the way through AND tore me away from what I was gunna watch. Best. Ad. Ever.

Shaggy Rogers : Who else watched the whole ad on a different video lol?

Elizabeth Jasmine Nino : 0:19 I didn't even recognize I had a problem until my sister Angela said something.. _what did she say?_ that's the crazy part... *_I don't even have a sister...._* *Top 5 most shocking Anime moments.*

HRJ3 : That “I don’t even have a sister” still kills me no matter how many times I hear it!😂🤣💀

Mr. NAZOcomics : I won't get the game but i like the ad

Ya boy Middy : Ryan Reynolds is an amazing actor 😂💀

youraverageevilpoet : Bravo Toon Blast! One of the few commercials on YT that actually made me want to stop and watch the whole thing.

Elizabeth H. : Best Commercial to ever be made😂😂😂

Sushi Nfood : The only time I've wanted to watch a commerical over and over

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : I usually don't like ads or mobile phone games... ...But I might actually give this a try, and download Ryan Reynolds.

Aoi Yuki : Lol the only ad on YouTube im happy to watch XD

Catch Me sLiPpInG : "That is the crazy part..... I dont even have a sister" SHOOK

Riot228 : How'd they get Ryan?

Ava henne : Keep putting him in commercials an I'm sure everyone will watch them🤣

justin tyme : This is gold.

Brachy Slayer : Never gonna download the game but sure as hell is funny

Rijacki Ledum : Great commercial.

Silentype Student Producer : Drug addiction is hilarious.

The Premier : I may hate ads, but I will watch this one for years. Also I can imagine how the gossip press will spin this ad to make it seem like he did drugs.

J M : this is the best campaign... BEST

TheUKNutter : I swear, my dad plays this 24/7. He’s in the biggest clan in the world, and I don’t know how he got there.

Kemi : Ryan? Shh shhh shhh shh 😩😂😂😂😂

Weird Machine : I love Ryan Reynolds

Lamo Wade : lol that's the crazy part I don't even have a sister😂😂😂

BullsNation : *I don't even have a sister*

Shelly Sierra : I just saw this add for a video and I just couldn’t stop laughing when he said that’s the crazy part I don’t even have a sister

C4Cez : This is the only ad I will happily watch 😂😂😂

Jayce Anthony : am i the only one who mad abt this feels like its tryna make fun of addiction

Shalon Hutchison : Wow. Way to take a serious topic and make people stop taking it seriously. Equating a game with actual addiction is... not really funny

misunderstatement : Okay, so someone was watching a random video and this ad pops up. He watches it for a few moments then pauses it because it was getting too real. He thought Mr. Reynolds was actually an addict and just never talked about it. This person was on the verge of crying like a manly man until he saw a gopher icon at the bottom of the ad. "What the hell?" He was confused at this point so he decided to push play. "I don't even have a sister," Ryan says with a grim look upon his face. "Wait... Wait," the confusion was rumbling deep inside him and setting in motion a hurricane of agonizing fury. "They bamboozled me!" He exclaims in anger so passionate it quaked the earth in a dramatic symphony of emotion. Once again, he did not pay attention to the ad sponsors, and was fooled by a commercial. Never do drugs. (Public Service Announcement from CADCA.)

Alina Alvarez : I literally burst out laughing when he said he didn't have a sister 😂😂

Marco Mendoza Mendoza : I love this ad, at first I thought it was about a drug addiction PSA. Then I realized its about a game. The funniest part about the ad is that when i screened out of the ad and I see a cartoon bear at the corner. With toon blast under it. Then I rewatched it and then it got me when he said," that's the thing, I don't even have a sister."

Brandon Hardman : I'm curious as to why this only has like 2,200+ views, especially with it having Ryan Reynolds.

Charlie Tran : I really hate this ad tbh.

Orlando Ben Alosious : This is the best advertisement of all the Toonblast commercials 🤣

Mae Walrod : This ad is in such bad taste tbh?? I'm really shocked because I love Ryan Reynolds but I wouldn't expect him to exploit addiction and mental health problems for money and I'm sickened (( sorry not sorry for getting tRiGgErEd))

Luniibun : The moment I saw this ad while trying to watch a Sebastian stan video, I was like “OMFG! ITS RYAN REYNOLDS!” Then fell off the bed...

Insert Name Here : Feel like he’s bob Ross

setabbocaj : Addiction is serious not a joke

Br4daform : I liked this ad more than the video I watched afterwards.

Victoria Snead : I am a simple woman... I see Ryan and I click on it.

Drew Sare : Making fun of addiction? Not cool. Addiction ruined my childhood. My parents beat me if I tried to take away their fix. This makes light of something that isn't taken serious enough as it is. You should have made a real PSA about the real issue, not make light of it. Just shame.

King Jose : Downloaded this game because of this commercial.

Night Sky : *I don't even have a sister*

Zero : deadpool with seriously expression

PreatigeMaster Faze run : Dude he only cares about toon blast 😕