Toon Blast - PSA

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RasenRendan X : This man is a walking God

Elizabeth H. : Best Commercial to ever be made😂😂😂

Darkavenger_13 : Alright I’ll give it to ya. This is actually a funny commercial.

Ya boy Middy : Ryan Reynolds is an amazing actor 😂💀

Tschiby : The game looks shitty as hell but the ad is good

J M : this is the best campaign... BEST

Don Wimbrough : First ad I’ve watched all the way through AND tore me away from what I was gunna watch. Best. Ad. Ever.

Rijacki Ledum : Great commercial.

justin tyme : This is gold.

Sushi Nfood : The only time I've wanted to watch a commerical over and over

Aoi Yuki : Lol the only ad on YouTube im happy to watch XD

youraverageevilpoet : Bravo Toon Blast! One of the few commercials on YT that actually made me want to stop and watch the whole thing.

Ava henne : Keep putting him in commercials an I'm sure everyone will watch them🤣

Kemi : Ryan? Shh shhh shhh shh 😩😂😂😂😂

Weird Machine : I love Ryan Reynolds

Mae Walrod : This ad is in such bad taste tbh?? I'm really shocked because I love Ryan Reynolds but I wouldn't expect him to exploit addiction and mental health problems for money and I'm sickened (( sorry not sorry for getting tRiGgErEd))

TheMrpink000 : You realise that gaming addiction is an actual thing that has reverently been classified by the UN?

TheUKNutter : I swear, my dad plays this 24/7. He’s in the biggest clan in the world, and I don’t know how he got there.

macy sharp : Extremely inappropriate. considering what happened with Demi, it’s not funny to start the video as if it is someone struggling with addiction.

Mr. NAZOcomics : I won't get the game but i like the ad

ALEX WHITE : Do you think promoting negatively for this game this way will make people want to be an addict ....sick of this commercials.. and the other one where he swears and the his kid walked in 🙄..... i wish i can pay 💰 something for you tube so we dont have to see this add

C4Cez : This is the only ad I will happily watch 😂😂😂

HRJ3 : That “I don’t even have a sister” still kills me no matter how many times I hear it!😂🤣💀

MusleMan70 : It’s Deadpool

The Premier : I may hate ads, but I will watch this one for years. Also I can imagine how the gossip press will spin this ad to make it seem like he did drugs.

Brachy Slayer : Never gonna download the game but sure as hell is funny

Brandon Hardman : I'm curious as to why this only has like 2,200+ views, especially with it having Ryan Reynolds.

Russel Scott : Sorry to all the fanboys and fangirls... but I find this commercial moderately offensive. He’s acting a little to well... and he’s those who suffer from mocking addiction. Plenty of other ways to get the message over to the democratic

Charlie Tran : I really hate this ad tbh.

Syd Ann : Good ad terrible timing

Luniibun : The moment I saw this ad while trying to watch a Sebastian stan video, I was like “OMFG! ITS RYAN REYNOLDS!” Then fell off the bed...

Shaggy Rogers : Who else watched the whole ad on a different video lol?

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : I usually don't like ads or mobile phone games... ...But I might actually give this a try, and download Ryan Reynolds.

Riot228 : How'd they get Ryan?

Casual Mobile Gaming : Well done!

Rivalpack : iconic

Ant The Weeb : This is hilarious oh my god

Polish Filipino : 0:27

Polish Filipino : I don't normally go out looking for commercials but when I do I'm glad I did

Polish Filipino : Now this is how to make a commercial

Evelyn Dovale : This was gooooood 🤣🤣🤣🤣 gooooood🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Cheering Fiona : Is this the commercial that I saw this on Facebook?

mtbirchfieldCG : You guys should honestly just quit making games and become an advertiser! These are amazing! 😂

ibebrett : This was juuuuuuust amazing! Cannot stop laughing😂😂😂

Excuse my lag : You know its good when Ryan Reynolds is here

Galliard : Love this ad, it's the best ad, I ever seen, lol

Adilliosz : When this ad came up, I watched it all the way. The dude is hilarious😭

David James : Deadpool is a sellout.

Jacob Bollier : Nah. Just DeadPool.

Manaswi Jinadra : I saw this ad and downloaded the game. My life is ruined. Thank you.