Hook by Blues Traveler with lyrics

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daffodilZephyr : emma stone brought me here... but the hook brings me back ;)

Evan Rackle : wow you guys are all geniuses for understanding the meaning of this song that's literally stated in the lyrics. good job.

Alex Daluge : Blues Traveler brought me here, as it should have for everybody else.

Rabid Rabbit Rabbi : Thanks for captioning the harmonica solo.

Noland Smith III : The moral of the song, you are all sheep.

Who want’s flowers when you’re dead? Nobody. : I brought myself here. On that you can rely.

Guy Fawkes : That is a work of goddamned genius.

Distraught NeckBeards : I came here after watching the lip sync battle between Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon. I liked how it sounded =)

MisfitPunish3r : This song is fucking genius when you really think about it.

Donald Smith : Never knew the words to this song. Now I feel bad, the hook really did bring me back, and the words really didn't matter...

Zach Naegele : My favorite thing about this song is that he pretty much tells you straight up that he's talking about nonsense and it's just that catchy part of the song that will keep you listening. He's basically trolling us all and we love him for it.

Luis Franco : The irony is lost on some, the song is brilliant.

edwarddelbar : Pachelbel's Cannon in D. Exact chord progression. Which is why it's even more of a huge middle finger to the music industry.

Leigh Leigh : Old age brought me here lol still love this song

Jimmy Saint : I just gotta say, that is one of the best harmonica soloes I've ever heard!

Heart Notes : oh my gosh I did not know the words to this song and the part with Peter Pan was fucking brilliant

Mary McDonough : This song is 4 levels deep...1. Peter Pan guys... no matter how much he loved her (Wendy)... Capt. Hook brought him back and he didnt want to grow up but stayed with the lost boys...2. The formula of the hit song... 3. The fact that the hook brings you back in all marketing and cases 3. that the song was telling you about the industry...4. Emma Stone (who the hell is that? LOL) geeze

MsDenouement : Am I the only one who thought the chorus was "The Heart Brings You Back"? UGH I feel friggin' stupid lol

Payton Henning : Am I the only one that continues to repeat the song till they can sing it in tune with the song. :)

Calviny : I thank emma stone for reminding me of this great band.

Bobby hill : I don't care how everyone got here, i'm just glad we're here!

ed young : Genius message by a genius band

Jon E : I don't know why but at 1:27 I hear, "All Mexicans will liiiiiieeee."

okmwsx99 : The Hook brought me back

carson dsilva : emma stone brought you here !

belinskiMOM : Someone said this reminds them of Pachelbel's canon in D...that's because it IS the Canon in D.  D A B F# G D G A  !!  Listen while playing those 8 notes, kids.

dacypher22 : Wow, heard this song thousands of times when I was younger and never picked-up how cynical it was haha. 

kochos leavemealonegplus : the lyrics are quite shit but I guess that's the point since it's the hook that brings you back...and the fast bit is just great!

TheZomba1965 : "no matter how much Peter loved her..."

Corey Kinoshita : Still reminds me of Emma Stone every single time.

The ImpStrangler : Greatest Troll of all time

Bryce Yoder : This song is essentially the precursor to Bo Burnham's "Repeat Stuff"

Florida Man : aaahhhh, I miss the 90's

Nowhere Man : I'm here because this is a great song.

Benjamin Riggs : So lyric. Much meta. Wow. Also note the chord progression: Pachelbel's Canon in D Great article about the song here: http://www.avclub.com/article/why-hook-by-blues-traveler-is-actually-a-pretty-ge-83392

Ole Boy Blue : I went to a St. Louis Rams football game in the early 2000s, and to my surprise Blues Traveler was playing a free show in front of the stadium. I grew up listening to this song, and always thought it was catchy and good and whatnot without ever understanding what the song was saying. Also, John Popper is like the Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton of the harmonica.

Cody Rauscher : The hook brought me back. The harmonica solo kept me

Shy Guy : This song calls you an idiot for listening... but i still love it!

Jason Lee : Wow!  I just read the lyrics and realized that Blues Traveler was completely trolling the shit out of us back in the mid 90's, and I'm only figuring it out now about 20 years later.  It's almost the Seinfeld version of a song since they really aren't singing about anything, but he's fine "[s]o long as [he] sing[s] with inflection."  Touche.

Stephen Andersen : Pachelbel's Canon in D

Cutter Vlogs : The Hook brought me back...not Emma Stone

Van Khun : Emma stone brought me here 😊 I love this song

ThaBoss25 : I'm not going to lie but emma stone did bring me here but I wish I could have found out about this earlier cause this is good shit u know Grammy award winning shit to me.

Blake Bernard : The hook brought me back here

Sandra Binstok : Emma Stone brough me here

Kerr Henderson : Emma Stone brought me here, and I'm so happy she did!

realitybitesgirl : 90s had some great ass music.

Gina D. : Easily one of the best songs from the 90s.

Iris Sanchez : When Emma Stone killed this song 😎😎

Shane Delgado : If Emma Stone is the only reason you are here, what a sad life you must have lived before. This band has been amazing for 30 years.......makes me sad that the blues travelers didn't bring you here......