Ethan Forhetz reports on 'sketch' of suspected thief
Incredibly realistic wanted sketch used to catch a thief in Pennsylvania

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It was a memorable sketch, and a memorable report about a sketch by Ethan Forhetz on KY3 News in early Feb, 2018. Enjoy.


0SIPR : "Thanks to the sketch no doubt" what a fucking legend 😂

Zonatewalter7 : "Where is the pointy chin?" "I T'S U N C A N N Y L I S A"

Sean Dicitra : 0:56 the sketch is on the left if you can't tell the difference

Richard Oliver Espina : "Get a good look for yourself" when the sketck went fullscreen 😂😂😂😂

Emperor Reign : Anchorman: he’s got a nose and some hair... Criminal: Damn, they’re onto me...

NKWTI : The weird thing is that it does actually look like him lmfaoo

It's ATG : *He's got a nose and some hair* I'm sure it's not *Voldemort* then

Cheap Coffee : " where's the pointy chin? " " *IT'S UNCANNY, LISA!* "

pratherat : Where's our sketch artist? Out sick, sir. Well get Steve from parking. He's a good drawer.

riots : "He's got a nose.... and some hair" "Thanks we got him"

shippo : It's kinda odd how the drawing looks a bit just like that dude

WhenLifeGivesULemons : My teacher in art class trying not to laugh at my drawing.

faggot : Dude looks like his last name would be Dumpling

D : 1:02 "the guy on the left is being charged...." thank goodness he clarified, they look TOO similar

MistaBobobo : He’s trying so hard to be serious about it, what a champ lmao

ARAH : "He got a nose" Me: *LOOKS IN THE MIRROR* OH SHIT ITS ME "He got some hair" Me: *REEEEEEE*

AKartoon : Well looks like I can apply for a police sketch artist

Fernando Luna : 00:14 My parents when received me by the nurse after childbirth

Darth Dimmadome : I’m going to apply for a position as a police sketch artist. Looks like an easy job.....

SneakyyBraZy : He’s got a nose, and some hair Criminal: ight imma head out

Kay Vanderport : This reporter is the real MVP of the news crew. Way to punt, man

RED BLOOD : "Police caught this guy" "Thanks to the sketch, no doubt!" Omfg 😂😂😂😂

KD’s Burner Account : “He’s got a nose... and some hair..” Voldemort: 🕺🏻

birwin98 : "Thanks to the sketch no doubt." Is the funniest thing he said lmfao

Glitchy Jelly : “He’s got a nose and some hair” Criminal: *sweats* that’s exactly what I look like, they’re gonna get me for sure...

Cheetah1985 : It took a year for this to be in my recommended.... ... I wasn’t let down.

Shvd Blvck : The sketch actually looks like him besides the chin

Mr. Afifi : If I was black in America I would be terrified 24/7...after seeing that!!!

Xythar : "Where the hell is the sketch artist?" "You fired him yesterday, sir" "Oh, right. Get the janitor then and give him a paper"

Tri puji : I don't know why i'm laughing :)

that one lonely eagle : He's got a nose and some hair that goes like *tHaT!* I'm dead 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

JÆRRY Øfficial : *he's got a nose and a hat and hair that goes like that* Dude is literally describing the whole 7 billions people around the world.

MikeyG : This is what happens when you let your kids do your job for the day.

Random Commenter : "Hes got a nose and....some hair" *Ladies and gentlemen....we got em'*

David T : Police officer: We need a sketch of the criminal Sketch artist: Im about to end my whole career

Andreea Virginia : 0:13 - 0:23 it took him 10 seconds to decide if they were making fun of him or if it was serious 🤣

Maxwell Grimsley : This guy is really trying his hardest to take this seriously

123rockfan : The way the anchor acts made me think this was fake and he was doing a sketch. But he was acting so weird because he was trying his hardest not to laugh

camaro rider : Guess who just applied for a sketch artist position

Nathan Waltrip : HOLLY SHIT! I was done watching the onion and thought this was all satire XD Too good 👍

the dood : *that policeman must be retired anime artist* .......look at the whiskers and shit

New Player : Guys, i have a nose and hair, am panicking i didnt know i was a criminal, what should i do!!

Zachary Denny : 0:45 zooms in "there it is, get a good look for yourself" I DIED

Amanda L. : "He's got a nose and some hair" *Millions of Americans start shaking in their boots* xD

Gary S1998 : I was laughing at the drawing then the actual guy turned out to look exactly like him

Woken Artist : And here I was thinking myself as amateur artist

draconiusultamius : Tbh, the subject looks a bit sketchy. I'll be going now

jay4759 : I don't get what's so funny. All I see is just two pictures of the same guy.

IIIllII : 0:17 He bite his cheek so hard to stop himself from laughing