Beck - Colors

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Deviant Pictures Films : My applauds to the team behind the music video. The choreography, editing and cinematography are top notch and simply are amazing! I think I’ve just watched the best music video.

Peter Grafstrom : I translated the video, using the Becktionary of course. Beck is saying he liked his trip to Sweden.

Mike Oskar : Why can't this guy do a Superbowl halftime show? We're always stuck with Bruno Mars or Maroon 5 or Bruno Mars.

Booty Boots : Guess I'm the first to say Forza Horizon 4.


Thomas With An S : Who's here for Edgar Wright

Joel Maza : IKEAs theme song.

shanksfng : Came for Allison Brie, stayed for the song and video...and Allison Brie.

Carbono 12 : Annie's pretty young. We try not to sexualize her.

Julio Lopez : As a Peruvian, I approve of these pan flutes.

Vincecouk : Apparently Alison Brie rehearsed her parts over 10 hours for a couple days when another actress had to drop out. Crazy..

zimzimzalabim : Despite her stunts in G.L.O.W, I never would've guessed Alison Brie was such a great dancer. Thanks Edgar and Beck for giving her the spotlight in the video. She's gorgeous!

Carcosa : 1:31 - 1:33 I love her little dance.

Vanessa Klinger : Soooo Peter Gabriel... Well done, Beck!! Love it!!

NJASZN : This guy never ages I swear. Still sounds fresh ☀️

wahwah1013 : Never really been a Beck fan but this video is sick.

Earl Ward : I can't get over how good this is. Watched it like 5 times already.

CriticalmaK : Allison Brie was perfect for this. She's so damn charming.

Ultra Nerd : Dang, even in a short music video, this is clearly Edgar Wright's style. The smooth cuts, the visual effects, the long tracking shots, all of it. The dude is my all time favorite director.

PopoXReturnz : It is in my opinion that Beck is one of the greatest music artists of our time.

Wendy Diponio : I'm trying to grade papers. I can't stop clicking back to this link to watch the video while I listen.

MarloweGaming : Came here for Forza Horizon 4... and found my goddess, Alison <3. Best day of my life.

carlo wheaton : Just love this song. Beck is truly an amazing artist. Loving Alison Brie in this too. Soooooo good

Josh Koenig : What a strange Kraft Macaroni and Cheese commercial that was

Niki Dregant : I! Can't! Stop! Rewatching! It! Wtf?

Bahe Yaïch dit Lajmi : I just discovered this was made by Edgar Wright, lol! and that I wasn't wrong, THAT IS ALISON BREE! I just thought it was a look alike

Derek Pegritz : I've been waiting _years_ for Beck to put out another bomb-diggity funk/New Wave album like _Midnight Vultures,_ AND IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED! Glory be!

Sky Whales : Thanks a lot Forza Horizon 4, this one just became one of my all time favorite songs <3

notjux : I came here expecting to hate this and left more attracted to Allison Brie than ever. Thanks internet....

Moboka : This song is like " hey do you feel that humanity is just dark ? well you better think twice" Thanks for the human warmth!

Nightjar : Alison Brie's biceps are one of the greatest things in the world.

柳生Yagyū : Forza Horizon 4 !

Sir Moose-a-Lot : Allison Brie could be in a Nickelback music video and I'd watch it.

The Last Action Zero : Nice track. Wonderful video. Mesmerising Alison Brie :D

Y4123 : Here after the Grammy win!

Josh Westbrook : That changed my DNA.

Blake Burson : That was entirely too much fun

Nicholas Viespoli : Edgar Wright + Beck = Something truly special.

Hrach Ayunc : Grammy brought me here.

Aundrea Rose : Damn, now I have to go to IKEA!

ivanhoe calzadilla : Why Scott Pilgrim is now doing pretty pop songs?

Tracy McConell : "Colors" I'll find you and go right through walls we made I see you, I need you every day It's nothing, it's your life I don't know why, can't get what I want But I keep, I keep trying Found our way through the lost years Now the day brings it all here "All the colors, see the colors Feel the colors", she says See it in your eyes "All the colors, see the colors Feel the colors Tell me, do you feel alive?" I've got all the love you need I've got all the love you need Keep it with you I don't have the time to wait I don't have the time to way I need to see you Got it all under control Got it all under control You can't hear me Now it only hurts to know Now it would only hurt to know When you don't need me You don't need me Found our way Now the day brings it all here "All the colors, see the colors Feel the colors", she says "See it in your eyes All the colors, see the colors Feel the colors Tell me, do you feel alive?"

Jakepancakez 2K4 : Finally it’s on YouTube

Poppama : I've been obsessed with this song for weeks I love it so much Thanks Beck

Paul Harnden : Man Beck is still kicking butt and is so very underrated. I ask friends if they heard of his recent stuff and all I get is, "the guy who wrote 'Loser?'" Then I play stuff from Odelay, Guero, and The Information and suddenly they're like, "oooh right, he wrote this?!?" I was pleasantly surprised to see Alison Brie in this as I am a big fan of hers when she was on Community, she can really dance!

youtuber16 gamer : FORZA HORIZON 4

Javier Pécora : However superficial this sounds, I still can not get over Beck's hairstyle..I mean, why?

Andrew Greene : He's still killing it after all these years. Alison Brie is the cherry on top.

Frank Vega : Beck is a genius

A Chameleon's Kaleidoscope Eyes : Beck & Marissa have just filed for divorce, so one assumes this entire album is about their relationship falling apart. Which is interesting considering how alive/happy it all sounds.