Hey YouTube - Seriously, WTF??!!!
Is YouTube no longer suggesting unmonetized videos

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Is it plain old naked discrimination for small channels, bias by the bots, or punishment for those still refusing to drink the google coolaid? No one outside of YouTube corporate headquarters can really know... but there's something happening here. Dave Jones (EEVBlog) reply video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqUT0sOJBWY Join Team FranLab!!!! Become a patron and help support my YouTube Channel on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/frantone - Music by Fran Blanche - Frantone on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/frantone/ Fran on Twitter - https://twitter.com/contourcorsets Fran's Science Blog - http://www.frantone.com/designwritings/design_writings.html FranArt Website - http://www.contourcorsets.com


Random Button Pusher : Funny that the first time I've heard of your channel is when this video showed up tonight in my "recommended" feed. It is a mystery.

JimsEquipmentShed : Pretty funny how when you call them out on it, the bots must collect that data as well. Because this is the first time I have ever seen your channel. Very informative by the way.

Cody'sLab : You know I haven't seen any of your videos in a while and I assumed you stopped posting, I know I subscribed, and yet I am currently staring at a big red subscribe button... so ether I didn't and thought I did or youtube has unsubscribed me.

J.R. Regenold : Big tech is a controlling, subversive, monster ... motivation is not providing a public forum, it's making money for Alphabet Inc. That's WTF

quotidianlight : count me in the auto unsubbed masses. I'm really beginning to hate youtube lately.

Katherine : Youtube seems to be primarily interested in social engineering these days.

Liquid Bacon : I discovered this video from my recommendations list. Whatever that means for you I dunno.

Drew Pickard : Haha this video showed up on my recommended videos. The really funny thing is your content is the type of stuff I watch

CIRCLE OF TONE. : Same thing happened to my channel. I went from getting HUNDREDS of subs a week to ten AFTER improving my vids. The trash they put in trending sums up that they only care about old media like late night TV or vapid ex viners. I invested so much and my channel is DOA. I sympathize because I know how disheartening it is.

Ben Kool : Welcome to the wonderful world called getting screwed over by YouTube Fran..

DesolationAngel101 : Taking the "you" out of YouTube since January 2018.

Bucyrus Erie12 : Hi Fran, I know you get many many comments and can't possibly reply to them all, but I wanted to know your opinion on this. I too was auto unsubbed from you, I did not realize until this video that it had happened... Then, your video from 6 yrs ago comes up on suggested videos... I watched it, not knowing about the TG topic and you, then read the comments.. Many were from people who didn't realize it was 6 yrs old and thought it was new.. Although there were many nice comments left, I was looking for a reply from you....And there weren't any. This bothered me.. I would have thought (never a good idea as I'm an idiot) that you would have replied to someone saying "thanks for the sympathy, but that was yrs ago" or something..anything.. Then I had a thought that upset me, I don't know how videos are set-up for suggested play, but I had watched hours and hours of your video's in the past, and that TG video never came up before..I would think because it's not about electronics. Is it possible that video is being suggested by YT for a negative effect? I know that's a horrible thought, however there are still people who don't understand Transgenders, and frankly never will.. and with all this other odd YT crap going on, who the heck knows? It is of course possible that you didn't reply because it's still painful emotionally... If that's the case, I am sorry I mentioned anything at all.. I love your video's, and all the stuff your into, and of course your oddly funny personality..Keep up the great work, Tom

Vivian Tries : Hi Fran, just wanted you to know that I found your video because YT suggested it. Hope things turn around for your channel.

Roger Bailey : I have been unsubbed from you and not my doing, I have now subbed to you once again - I also noticed my own channel views have been dropping too :(

Aleph Null : This one's trending for sure. You handled that very well, and I look forward to your future content. Subbed

Ahaa! : i wiil be subscriber for ever!! i love your content and you... 8)

Here Now : This vid popped up in the suggested vids here in the Uk today, 24/9/18 Maybe they think you might sue them ?

mlc rip : YouTube doing alpha testing on their users without telling them lmao πŸ˜‚ Lots of channels loosing lots of viewers ... is still ongoing issue. Some channels have off-platform email auto-notifiers for subscribers.

MikesCarInfo : My channel is monetized and I had a massive drop in suggested views starting abruptly on June 1st. First half of the year was looking like the best year ever... last half seems to be the worst ever. It seems to be the same time that YouTube rolled out channel memberships and merchandising to content creators. They might be squeezing channels to get them to offset their income with the memberships and merchandise.

qrpnxz : 14:46 YouTube communicating with its lifeblood? Fat chance. But it does raise awareness. Thanks for making this video. Hadn't seen anything from you in a while, then suddenly I got suggested to me a few videos from you that I'd already watched a while back and finally this video. Hmm....

meatlazer : Smart and smokin' πŸ‘ ultimate combo

Karen Luuk : I'm subbed now! Thank you for sticking up for us small creators x

Mr. VOID-OUT : Sorry I don't know you beyond being shoe-horned into my feed. Here's my view, good luck with your channel.

Karie Kavka : Back again with a question... Is there any other platform like YouTube?

EEVblog : That sucks. Something is not definitely not right. As long as you keep producing consistent content and your subs keep watching and engaging as usual, Youtube growth should be at least roughly linear. You were doing better than that in terms of existing subscriber engagement, so something is very wrong. The subscriber drop is almost certainly correlated with the lack of suggested video placement, and likely a drop in search result ranking too. Suggested videos is a huge thing now, accounts for about 40% of my daily views. My graph is here: https://imgur.com/DkFbHit

Motorbike Hamster : Hi Fran, This vid just showed up on my feed. I'll take a look at your other videos

James Calbert : Ok, well something worked 'cause this is the first I've seen ya! Thanks for sharing!

lisa darrah : you fixed it because you were in my suggested vids.....so glad I found your channel!

Rush Bayou : i find that when i do a search for something, they give me junk i dont want. i found u through a shout out from electroboom. although , i dont like what he represents on a personal lvl. although fun to watch, hes turned tech into a cat video and promotes UN agenda 21 .

Dan Thefan : I will always watch your videos I really appreciate the work you put in

Brad Smith : What I want to know is how do I get that shirt??? Also I was subbed and stopped getting notifications also.

pignonMZ6 : Hello Fran, I never heard of your channel and I'm not sure why this video was recommended to me but it popped in my recommendations so I think it's safe to assume you're good now. Cheers!

The Shootin' Dutchman : my understanding from many many other YouTube channel providers is that you can simply call you too and ask questions about what's going on with your Channel, I'm wondering why you haven't done that?

HiltonBenchley : YouTube is run by idiots who can't see that their idiot policies will ultimately destroy the platform.

Whitney Wells : Interesting analytical analysis! Good job - found you through this vid - now a new subscriber!

Patrick Rooney : You have a new subscriber and look forward to your future videos!!!!

Neil Vance : Bally Midways 'Gorf' was one of my favourite arcade games. Tranz all the way! love :)

Ryan Randall : I discovered you around January and subbed. I was unsubbed at some point without my knowledge. Glad to see you in my feed again.

Fracture : I think you nailed it. You're not taking ad revenue, so Google isn't making money off you. No soup for you! I wonder if Facebook "pay to be seen" tactics are on the way?

Cassandra Reed : Lol since you complained they suggested you lol I seen you

LockPickingLawyer : There’s some irony in this showing up in my recommended list. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Good luck working through it. πŸ‘

saemus hailstorm : this HAS been going on w/other channels as well -

Brian James Best : This video came up in my recommendations after watching eev video. Now subbed, hope it works itself out 😊

GHFear : Your videos also NEVER pop up on my YouTube homepage/recommended. Even tho I frequently watch. BUT I get a ton of recommendations for "Machine Gun Kelly", "Will Smith"" and Eminem" even tho I have NO interest in them and never even seen their videos.

Frank Firth : so just stumbled across your channel and subscribed hope your channel keeps going. I like the stuff I have seen you do (went back and watched a few) keep up the good work and thanks for the fun projects

Markus Zingg : Hey Fran, this is the first vidoe I saw from you, and I immediately subscribed! Keep up the good work. I am looking foreward to see your past and future videos! BR, Markus

L Twig : You just showed up in my recommendations and I don't know why. I watch very much unrelated content. I will check you out and see whats up!


Teddy Basterd : YouTube is in the process of committing suicide