Hey YouTube - Seriously, WTF??!!!

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Fran Blanche : Soooo many comments! Let me condense the major threads you are posting: 1) A great many FranLab subscribers have not gotten notifications of my new videos for months. 2) Many subscribers have discovered they were automatically unsubbed by YouTube without their knowledge. 3) Mysteriously, THIS video is trending. 4) Channels that receive support from Patreon but not Google ads are being ghosted out of recommendations on YouTube. 5) My fellow content creators overwhelmingly suggest that monetization may now be a requirement for participation on the platform.

Random Button Pusher : Funny that the first time I've heard of your channel is when this video showed up tonight in my "recommended" feed. It is a mystery.

Cody'sLab : You know I haven't seen any of your videos in a while and I assumed you stopped posting, I know I subscribed, and yet I am currently staring at a big red subscribe button... so ether I didn't and thought I did or youtube has unsubscribed me.

JimsEquipmentShed : Pretty funny how when you call them out on it, the bots must collect that data as well. Because this is the first time I have ever seen your channel. Very informative by the way.

quotidianlight : count me in the auto unsubbed masses. I'm really beginning to hate youtube lately.

CIRCLE OF TONE. : Same thing happened to my channel. I went from getting HUNDREDS of subs a week to ten AFTER improving my vids. The trash they put in trending sums up that they only care about old media like late night TV or vapid ex viners. I invested so much and my channel is DOA. I sympathize because I know how disheartening it is.

MikesCarInfo : My channel is monetized and I had a massive drop in suggested views starting abruptly on June 1st. First half of the year was looking like the best year ever... last half seems to be the worst ever. It seems to be the same time that YouTube rolled out channel memberships and merchandising to content creators. They might be squeezing channels to get them to offset their income with the memberships and merchandise.

Drew Pickard : Haha this video showed up on my recommended videos. The really funny thing is your content is the type of stuff I watch

Secret Life of Vivian : Hi Fran, just wanted you to know that I found your video because YT suggested it. Hope things turn around for your channel.

Ancient Bastard : Youtube is now penalizing the small creators that they never really wanted to give voices to. They used any willing creator solely to gain a huge following in a short time period, in order to attract these bigger corporations that will place ads. They will create cookie cutter, uncreative content that won't offend anyone to ensure they get as many Ads as possible to make the most money possible. Creativity in content will suffer greatly, and discussion of any subject matter the communists/leftists do not agree with will be Terminated with extreme prejudice, and the creator Doxxed so their family and careers can be destroyed for Wrongthink.

Fracture : I think you nailed it. You're not taking ad revenue, so Google isn't making money off you. No soup for you! I wonder if Facebook "pay to be seen" tactics are on the way?

Big Chief Trucker : I have been unsubscribed from channels by you tube..so they are not only censoring and shadow banning..they are deciding who you can subscribe to. They need to be reeled in and regulated. I pay for internet every month....I am a consumer. I pay to watch videos..I should not be penalized by WHAT I watch. I remember when you tube was going to start charging...viewers..we got together and told them your already charging us internet is NOT free. The dropped it like a hot potato..they just found a covert way to double charge us. Pay for your internet..then monetize videos.They make a lot more off your vids than you do!!! You tube is NOT free! As they claimed.

J.R. Regenold : Big tech is a controlling, subversive, monster ... motivation is not providing a public forum, it's making money for Alphabet Inc. That's WTF

Tom : I discovered this video from my recommendations list. Whatever that means for you I dunno.

Bucyrus Erie12 : Hi Fran, I know you get many many comments and can't possibly reply to them all, but I wanted to know your opinion on this. I too was auto unsubbed from you, I did not realize until this video that it had happened... Then, your video from 6 yrs ago comes up on suggested videos... I watched it, not knowing about the TG topic and you, then read the comments.. Many were from people who didn't realize it was 6 yrs old and thought it was new.. Although there were many nice comments left, I was looking for a reply from you....And there weren't any. This bothered me.. I would have thought (never a good idea as I'm an idiot) that you would have replied to someone saying "thanks for the sympathy, but that was yrs ago" or something..anything.. Then I had a thought that upset me, I don't know how videos are set-up for suggested play, but I had watched hours and hours of your video's in the past, and that TG video never came up before..I would think because it's not about electronics. Is it possible that video is being suggested by YT for a negative effect? I know that's a horrible thought, however there are still people who don't understand Transgenders, and frankly never will.. and with all this other odd YT crap going on, who the heck knows? It is of course possible that you didn't reply because it's still painful emotionally... If that's the case, I am sorry I mentioned anything at all.. I love your video's, and all the stuff your into, and of course your oddly funny personality..Keep up the great work, Tom

EEVblog : That sucks. Something is not definitely not right. As long as you keep producing consistent content and your subs keep watching and engaging as usual, Youtube growth should be at least roughly linear. You were doing better than that in terms of existing subscriber engagement, so something is very wrong. The subscriber drop is almost certainly correlated with the lack of suggested video placement, and likely a drop in search result ranking too. Suggested videos is a huge thing now, accounts for about 40% of my daily views. My graph is here: https://imgur.com/DkFbHit

Mange 2 : Its all about adds. YouTube is not a free platform, its the same as any business and has to make money to operate. It only makes money by displaying adds on channels. If you don't have any adds, or your content is too niche, then you're asking youtube to host and promote your channel for nothing. What business would do that? Its a harsh reality. Business is business in this corporate world.

qrpnxz : 14:46 YouTube communicating with its lifeblood? Fat chance. But it does raise awareness. Thanks for making this video. Hadn't seen anything from you in a while, then suddenly I got suggested to me a few videos from you that I'd already watched a while back and finally this video. Hmm....

Karie Kavka : Back again with a question... Is there any other platform like YouTube?

Paul Falcon : First time coming up in my recommendations for some time

EEVblog : I think you might have to re-monetise your channel to test this, as doubt Youtube are going to tell you, as they have almost zero track record on doing that.

The Shootin' Dutchman : my understanding from many many other YouTube channel providers is that you can simply call you too and ask questions about what's going on with your Channel, I'm wondering why you haven't done that?

tyler durden : The *only* reason I clicked on the Video because of the Title and the Thumbnail.. With the Innocent Look, and what looks to be a very humble and nice lady..combined with the anger and emotion of the title to the video.. Well.. I just thought this ought to be good 😂😂😂

Ben Kool : Welcome to the wonderful world called getting screwed over by YouTube Fran..

Richard Smith : The problem is this: Youtube feels more obligated to ensure the happiness of the advertisers than their employees. Period. Advertisers pay youtube, youtube pays youtubers, therefore their priority is to ensure advertisers get the best treatment even if that means negatively effecting youtubers. I think it is self destructive behavior, but due to youtube having a monopoly on this platform, they can get away with it. There is a lawsuit pending regarding this. I believe it was started by ZombieGoBoom.

GHFear : Your videos also NEVER pop up on my YouTube homepage/recommended. Even tho I frequently watch. BUT I get a ton of recommendations for "Machine Gun Kelly", "Will Smith"" and Eminem" even tho I have NO interest in them and never even seen their videos.

L Twig : You just showed up in my recommendations and I don't know why. I watch very much unrelated content. I will check you out and see whats up!

Patrick Rooney : You have a new subscriber and look forward to your future videos!!!!

saemus hailstorm : this HAS been going on w/other channels as well -

Roger Bailey : I have been unsubbed from you and not my doing, I have now subbed to you once again - I also noticed my own channel views have been dropping too :(

Mr. E : You came up in my recommendations. I think you solved your issue.

LockPickingLawyer : There’s some irony in this showing up in my recommended list. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Good luck working through it. 👍

Thish ish that Chrishhh : Sorry I don't know you beyond being shoe-horned into my feed. Here's my view, good luck with your channel.


xpusostomos : For what it's worth, this video was suggested to me and is the first video of yours I've seen. And I'm in Australia. There's probably nobody in YouTube who could answer your question like there is nobody who can answer how some old machine works. The algorithm has dozens of inputs and who knows what AI to process them. But if you stopped taking ad revenue, which you kinda suggest you have, that would be bad. That is after all how Google makes money.

Geoff Stockton : I miss the days when YouTube was a level playing field but it seems pretty obvious that Google is playing with a stacked deck and loaded dice these days. I'm probably going to delete my channel.

Axel1617 : I never heard of this channel till this video showed up in my recommended video list..........

Cassandra Reed : Lol since you complained they suggested you lol I seen you

Arnold's Design : Fran, I had the same thing happen to my channel starting first part of June. My graphs had been slowly and steadily increasing over time with each video I posted. Then in June my views and revenue dropped by about 50%. I'm fine with youtube tweaking their system, but if they're going to make changes that impact the lives of creators this drastically, at the very least, they shouldn't make rule changes retroactive. Let the old videos that were doing well be grandfathered in. If my videos were good enough six months ago to deserve the revenue they were getting, why are they not worthy now? It tells me their not overly concerned about the creators. I have come to learn that I can not depend on a platform with volatility like this, so I'm expanding into other streams of revenue on the internet to hopefully ensure it doesn't happen again. My channel is slowly starting to come back up to where it was before, but I'm still down about 40%. Makes it not worth busting your rump to come up with quality content anymore.

zg32e9 : bla bla bla bla bla bla... why is this in my recm?

Noble Nomad : Time to leave Youtube!!!

PhilsComputerLab : Hmm I had a quick look at your stats and see it differently. You had constant, small growth for a long time, then a huge growth. Likely some viral video. That's a double edged sword, as those subs won't stick around and eventually it will go back to the organic growth. This video also seems to have triggered growth, maybe someone shared it, hard to say.

Revamped Outdoors : It seems like they are changing the algorithm or something, I've noticed it a bit as well. Oddly enough my videos perform better with about 4-5 days between posting. If I do daily I might get the views but I don't get any engagement (comments/subs/likes) I'm thinking it's because the video gets served to a different type of viewership. Maybe the videos end up in a different genre so I get the click, but the person couldn't care less about my kind of content. Not sure but the post everyday mentality doesn't get me anywhere so meh, just doing it for fun so whenever a project is done I post. Hopefully they start serving your videos more frequently! I heard about your channel through electroboom and then I saw this in suggested so I sub'd. Keep up the awesome content!

Thrift Shop Hustler : We will welcome you with open arms here at Dtube.

Peter Collin : Fran, You're not alone. I have made friends with some guys who make woodworking videos professionally. In the last year they have seen their engagement go way down, views per video, and so on. There is lots of chatter about the reasons why. It seems like the amount of available content grows exponentially, so you are competing with way more other videos, new and old, and it's only going to get worse. So things get better from the viewing end, but worse for the content providers.

Gnostic Ape : Same story here although we took a break from producing which could very well be the case. Enjoyed your analysis and subbed for your projects.

Noevilea : I`ve just found your channel in the list at the side of another video. I've subbed and enabled notifications and I`m from Australia. However don't count on it as I`ve recently been finding I have been getting unsubbed from a number of channels. Why ? I have no idea . Something is going on since the UN took control of the internet October 2016 and YT is cutting their own throat. Anyone that thinks it is a free internet has nothing but rocks in their head.

Cobra Ninety Six : Interesting video. It's purely manipulation based on $$. Unfortunately like any other kind of business arrangement, when an affiliate piggybacks on a larger entity that holds a much larger piece of the pie, it can control what takes place on its platform or stage. The same thing when eBay started; the independents were the driving force behind the success. But when eBay became a stunning success, it marginalized the the smaller community. Interesting concept that someone from YouTube would call you to discuss (would love to know if that happened) howerver, unfortunately in cyber space, you never get to see, speak to or meet the Wizard behind the curtain. So basically, they can do whatever they want. Pretty scary concept when you look at things beyond this particular issue. But your video was recommended, lol. Good stuff!

TheRodinaTV : This vid was suggested to me on my front page ;)

RemyRAD : You're trying to make sense, out of something that doesn't make any sense. It's not about anything you've done. You needn't worry about that. To keep people interested in producing content for YouTube. They are just randomly. Perhaps through computer algorithmic equations? And so likely, what they're doing at YouTube? They have selected at random. To share the wealth, limelight and prosperity, with others. You can't win the big lottery prize, every time ad infinitum. Ya know? And just like television ratings. When you're hot you're hot. When you're not? Ya get canceled after three seasons. No matter how brilliant the show may have been? Other idiots and today, computers who we once thought, were our friends? Now it's coming back to smash us. Ain't Artificial intelligence, Great? Congratulations! and lucky you. You just won the inverse lottery on YouTube. Carefully chosen by a mindless, algorithmic computer monster. The algorithmic equation. Who, through its mindless statistics and and lemming based, statistical analysis. Made the intellectual decision to pursue, even better drivel, than yours. So it's not you. You do wonderfully entertaining videos from an academic, knowledge-based Discovery and educational, source. And your rock 'n roll songs ain't bad either.Though you would do well with a lot of severe highs pass/low-cut, filtering. If a compressor/limiter set to, 20: 1 or even better still, 50:1. And be judiciously compressing the crap out of the vocal. Averaging between 10 & 30 DB, or even more? Of meter deflection, i.e., looking like your windshield wiper. In a, torrential downpour. You'll be absolutely amazed at your, vocal sound. This audio moment, Tip. Like yourself. Comes from a four time, Major Music Award Nominee. Former Network Television & Radio Network Audio Engineer and Hit Recording Studio, Staff Engineer. Then, owner. Of one of the most awesome recording facilities, in the world, today. Rest assured. I ain't giving you no, bullshit. I'm a fan and a follower. And if I played guitar? And one of my business associate, wasn't creating their own guitar effects pedals? I would have purchased a few of yours. Conversely. Since none of my buddies, pals, friends, business associates. Haven't provided me with any, evaluation units, to try out on my bevy of recording sessions with, fabulous rock bands. I mean what I have. What I do. And with the equipment I do it with. Can you say, Sound City? In a big fat, 25,000 pound, Mercedes-Benz, diesel, Box truck, recording studio on wheels. A venerable Audio FUCKING Oasis. Along with working in the, Pro Audio, legendary, audio equipment manufacturers, arena. By yeah. Those famous companies. And not just, fixing broken stuff. I mean, managerial, in charge of Quality Control. And other such Insignificant stunts. So, you go girl! You've got a nice following. You're doing a great job. You are helping to open people's minds. And the most precious thing of all. You're sharing yourself. Of yourself. From yourself. And you're about as delightful regarding technical blah blah. As I have ever seen or heard, before. Like a toned down version of, Dr. Michelle Thaller. Or Carolyn Porco. You know? Women that can think in 3-D. You know? Those lousy scientific, nerds. Like us.