Insane moment caught on 'Live PD': That's your baby!

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Ken : Notice when the officer asked, "Help me out", none of the bystanders helped at all!

Kayla Noller : Never let that man near a kid again

What Ever : Did he say just another black man going down. Ignorant don't even understand he just can't take any responsibility for his actions. I pray he doesn't get that child back. Risked her life than used her as a shield to get away and possibly hurt.

MattHeaven : First thing the officer asks about after getting the suspect under control.... "WHERE'S THE BABY!?!?!?"  Mad respect dude.

Angelluv5151 : He will never see that baby again.

Skrub Life : Uses his kid as a human shield... And then screams racism in says that the cops are just picking out a random guy. Says he cares about his kid but his willing to roll his vehicle and a high-speed Pursuit.

Atypical : notice the cop reached for his gun them immediately stopped when he saw the kid .. big props

guy mcclead : You can tell that cop wrestled in high school

jonnyclueless : After driving recklessly and flipping his car he is *suddenly* concerned about his baby?

jesman1985 : anybody else notice at 1:50 he reached into his pockets and ate the contents?

ItsKayTho : This is one episode that I'll never forget.

Alicia W : Poor girl, he was flinging her around like a rag doll smh. Some people don't need kids.

vitalia beatty : Poor baby, this makes me sadd

Shatto : Poor baby girl looked like a ragdoll ugh!

Colton Guadarrama : As a practioner of mma...this cop who met the suspect at the scene of the initial encounter, should be highly commended of the control of the situation. Superb, display of timing/execution of the take Down and ground control (cop kept his cool i might add)! Great work! 🤙

Johnald : This cop wrestled in high school.

lion cat : I'm black I'm sad that people fear black people. Could never understand why. Just like some Muslims are bad, there's also those good ones. Same things go for black people. I have lived my life with people being scared of me because of the color of my skin. I now why those other people would fear me, because my people to stupid shit like this.

Dayne Upperman : All the douchebags standing around dont want to help or at LEAST secure the child BUUUTTT they are really fast to snapchat a video of how racist and bad cops are........ smh

chuck malmsteen : that has to be one of the hardest situations to deal with as a cop.

Cheek1969 : And people say black men don't spend time with their children....stereotype busted.

Bethroe _310 : the cop is asking for help and no one comes like tf?

DMR DMR : 1:49 perp reaches in his pocket, thank God he didn't pull a gun or knife. Be safe L.E

Raiders Oakland : see black people ready to play the race card? all these fools don't want to be profiled but go to black communities and see why? not to mention looting, black people going to run the united states to the ground REMEMBER what i wrote

stevenparker518 : I like how that coward in the back refused to help

Nic Neufeld : It's amazing how comfortable the little girl looks in the officer's arms.

Cummins Tech : Once again a another useless women cop

Hendrick : Cop asks for help and public does nothing. Sad, sad community.

Daniel Varela : This video brought tears to my eyes. I have a daughter about the same age as that little girl. It kills me when I see kids going through trauma.

RIPLemmyKilmister : If the cameras weren't there the headlines would have likely read "innocent black man gets beaten to near death in front of his kid by white officer on his way to Church"

Pulido Leslie : The Cop asked for help I'm pretty sure.....Knowone helped him. 😢😢😢

msaleh93 : I can tell the cop has some kind of wrestling background

Kiendly : Wasn't worrying about the baby when he flipped the damn car

SARAH HANSON : And the criminal is playing the race card?? His kid could have been killed ...several issues ..the man fights with the baby in his arms ?? Recks out?? But he is a poor oppressed black man ..right??

broccoli Sneeze : at what point do you put down the camera and help out the cop

Pan Pan : Das yo baby! Das yo baby! Dats your baby! Das yo baby! Stop stop stop! Stop! Dats your baby!

MrKirky55 : Lmao every black person who deals with the cops always an act of racism from police ..... oh black America you'll never change

Arulon Howell : No he doesn’t need that child because he is doing that sweet child so wrong

Vincent2wice : Scariest part of this whole thing is that around @1:51 mark the suspect was reaching in his pockets over and over again. thank god it wasnt a weapon.

CaptinHoot51 : The deputy is awesome.

jason davis : Anyone see him eat the crack rock in his pocket

ceedaddy : He would have been a perfect candidate for a police shooting....

Dylan Peterson : Why was it 10x more annoying when the female arrived?

Andrew Bonnell : do't know if anybody noticed but starting at 5:45 he took something out of his pocket and got it to his mouth

Jesse Powers : As a college’re putting mastrianni in his natural habitat at over.

Kuno Buje Østergaard : Get that officer a medal, he was awsome!!!!!

Benjamin Moss : this cop has some wrestling experience.

Chris Kellison : Some real nice folks live in that hood, NOT. I hope one of them need help one day and everyone walks away like they did. Losers to the max.

CaptinHoot51 : The deputy is boss.

Jake H : Great takedown throw by the officer!!

BoRn Icey : Officer handed that very well. Thats a very tough situation where your nerves are racing and also your feeling bad knowing one wrong move that baby can be seriously hurt. Can’t think of a better way that officer could’ve handled it. That’s one of those things, not talked about In any training or anything like that. Pure instincts. Fuck that guy for picking up his baby like that... disgusting.