Insane moment caught on 'Live PD': That's your baby!

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jonnyclueless : After driving recklessly and flipping his car he is *suddenly* concerned about his baby?

SnazzyNanners : Acted like an animal, fuck

Tyrone Watermelon : HE DINDU NUFFINZ

Sttmberz : he ate something from his pocket 1:53

RichManSCTV0 : 1:49 had me freaking out

Maranda Nelson : Stop the race card look how stupid this ignorant bastard is.

Herpa Derpa : woman cops = worthleaa

Chuck Richard : Well that's my opinion if you can't handle it go to your safe space

Arcelia Carrasco : Do not let this stupid ass near this kid again. He does not deserve this child.

Adam Edwards : Fuck that was intense. That poor child.

broccoli Sneeze : at what point do you put down the camera and help out the cop

Leo Batfish : Young Black Lives DON'T Matter, to Blacks! You run from police roll your car and then you drag your child around like a ragdoll please God clean this gene pool

William Smith : Shaking Baby Syndrome is a real thing. It can severely screw up a child.

The Soto's Family : Fucking idiot thank god he in jail poor baby

jon pezlo : Fucking scum fuck group of dindus. Fuck all of them.

BimBam : because of marihuana???????? wtf?????? this is the only damage weed does! because its illegal.

Carlos Silva : Too bad he did not have stun gun set at high. Absolutely disgusting how the criminal used a baby to avoid being apprehended. Hats off to police officer not letting this POS escape. Yahoo South Carolina.

Elmer Adams : I'm never watching spero news, that's for sure. A bunch of retards running the place. Sure the dad deserves a beat down for running from the cops with kid in car, but that cop didn't give two craps for the child. He just wanted top be a big shot and throw a criminal to the ground.

Iknowthetruth : If that is what he thinks "love" is, it explains a lot.

CAT operator : What's sad is hell probably have a shot at getting at least visitation when he gets out... hopefully they show this video to the court

RyanMiller3039 : Fucking piece of shit gets into a high speed chase with his daughter in the car, crashes, and then uses her as a human shield. These fucken bystanders can all go fuck themselves. You have a civil servant requesting help to help protect the public and the public stood by and watched. If I was the cameraman I would have dropped the camera and kneed that fucken piece of shit in the face. The officers life was clearly at risk once the suspect resisted arrest. That stupid fucken piece of shit had the balls to say that the officer was racist. GTFO mother fucker. Rant over.

Frank Conrad : cop calls for help................. not even the cameraman, whom of which was with the cop THE WHOLE TIME, helped him out. I-FUCKING-HATE-PEOPLE!!!

KeystrokeCowboy : Kids are just property to some people.

Pepe Silvia : Was hoping cop would shoot something.

pyro6904 : Watching the suspect reach into his pockets was such a frightening sight. Thank goodness it was just weed.

cantfindausernamedam : I support the officer in this case. Of course the blackman played the race card, glad he got called out on that by the guys on the panel on the end!

Alejandro Ocampo : I despise that hood culture. None of those people would help the cop. Their attitude is, "I hate cops. I'm not going to help a cop arrest someone," or, " I can't be seen helping a cop."

TheRealKillerTomato : This has very little to do with him being black.

Shannon Walker : My goodness! That poor baby girl! What an awful, piece of crap of a man. Wtf. All because you wanted to hide weed... fucking pathetic. Then you have all those bystanders talking smack, recording police because they see a black man being pinned down by a cop. He was resisting, trying to fight for a good while! The cop was just too tired to fight himself...

Chris Alexander : There's so much wrong with this video... I feel physically sick!

Nathan Poore : Always good to know my county has a deputy like Masteriani on the streets.

Timothy Wise : Look at all the people out tryin to record. Fucking idiots

Jake H : Great takedown throw by the officer!!

Robb M : No dick, you don't love your daughter. No one who truly loves someone would risk their lives in a high speed pursuit like you just did. It also appears that you didn't even care enough to properly restrain your child in a car seat or with a seatbelt when you took her with you to buy drugs. Then you want to engage the deputy in a physical confrontation while holding your daughter. WTF is your problem guy? All this over a small bag of cannabis? I hope the child's mother beats you in the face with a brick for the danger you willfully placed your daughter in.

Mason Mckinster : Looks like he got something from his pocket and ate it after the cops holding him on the ground for a while

Nickhead87 : See, if a grown man has trouble bringing down another grown man, how can a woman be a cop? I'm sure it sounds sexist, but women just aren't physically strong enough to be cops. It's why most female cops just stand around with their arms crossed like they're important. Effectively useless.

Societies Byproduct : good job you tackled a defenseless man with a baby in his hands

L H : Well said at the end

twinstars milkyway : If it would not have been for the baby the swine would have pulled his pistol and shot a brotha down

Jason Strickland : Fucking animal !!! No animal will protect their young . These creature's are Soleless.. a fucking NNNNuisance ass waist of space. right along with the rest of them mother fuckers standing there not helping to subdue the situation for that innocent youngin

Robert Buckles : just like blacks to pull out phones n start recording to try n cry police brutality or some other racist shit!!!

Absaalookemensch : Those police officers are protecting the child as if she's their own. The driver owns his own failure. No one else could keep him down as well as he does to himself. Drugs don't hurt people....right. Drugs almost killed this child.

SgtBerryhill : "I'm so sorry, Daddy loves you, this is another black man going down, this is bullshit". Put this piece of shit away for life!!!

redmule02 : thats his baby now you fucking piece of shit......all those pieces of shit just looking and recording and its the police fault fuck all you assholes. black this black that fuck you people

Kiendly : Wasn't worrying about the baby when he flipped the damn car

Nick Mason : Props to the black cop at the end that called him out bout saying "just another black man going down"! 👍

Daniel Schultz : This dude tried to use his baby so he wouldn't get tackled that's fucked up and obviously didn't work. Or maybe I'm seeing it wrong and he was just trying to get out of there with the baby but either way it's fucked up

ed Phennah : Hey cunt, put the camera down and help me get the cuffs on this Savage

JH Fowler : "I love ya baby!" Yeah, nearly killed the little kid ALL TO PROTECT YOUR WEED! They shoulda shot you 4 times in the head!

Dave Perkins : Let me guess... racist white cop right? That poor innocent black man dindu nuffin right? The whole reason he was driving crazy is... uh.... slavery right? The evil white devils are to blame!!! Systemic racism right? #BLM (except the toddlers black life I guess)