Remember when this was the weirdest shit on the internet

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Experiments in ovine geometry. Music available here: Software used: adobe after effects.


Tushige : Me: Mum, I can't sleep. Mum: Sweetie, just try counting sheep. Me:

FBI : We are currently investigating this, please wait for further notice

NerdyHipster : Sheep owner: what would you like my sheep to do in the video? Cyriak: *yes*

SuperSupermario24 : I think my favorite part is just its brief returns to normalcy before everything goes to shit again.

Fabiostar : "So what kind of videos do you watch?" "it's complicated"

Silk0 Gaming : I only have 3 words to say.. *W H A T T H E F U *K*

Krox Drox : How much Acid did you take? Cyriak: Yes!

Omq_Saturn •The•Awesome• : Friend: What are your hobbies? Me: It’s complicated...

G N : Я: Сегодня лягу спать пораньше Тоже я,только в 3 часа ночи:

Black Juice : Teacher: you have 60 minutes to solve the test Meanwhile, my brain:

Squids United : Awww.... its a cute lil' sheep runnin! go get em boi! Edit: OH MY GOD

Veridicule : 1950: we will have flying cars in the future 2011:

Random Potat : Lemme take a look at my sheepノ(・ω・)ノ OK nvm

Khyla Cunha : Mom: why are you not doing your homework! What I’m watching: Mom: Oh I see

Squirrel Savage : Me: doing absolutely nothing YouTube recommendations: WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE A MAGIC TRICK

NETO ._. : Plants vs zombies 2 Version: Crazy Sheep World 0:00 Seed Select 0:15 Wave 0 0:34 Wave 1 0:53 Final Wave 1:16 Winning Theme

クソザコゴレイヌ先輩 : どういう精神状態ならこんな動画作れるんや... と言いつつ、なんでおれは最後まで観てんだ...?

Den Miller : My mom: "What are you usually watching?" Me: "Umm, it's kinda hard to explain" My mind:

Dawn Audet : Me: *cant sleep My mom: count sheep Me:*counts sheep in the video

PRxTUL x : Back when the hard effort mp4s were actually made with efforts🤐😪

Cheese Nose : Nobody: The 0.01% of cancer not killed in Chemotherapy:

Dj Lonestar : I heard others say that thid channel was unique and trippy.... I was not disappointed.

Tim Knobben : <----- Literally my face when watching this video xd

Squids United : Awww.... its a cute lil' sheep runnin! go get em boi!

Stacey Middleton : Me:mom,there’s a monster in my room in the closet! My mom:I’ll see(looks) OMG The monster: 0:36

Clarence Pagtalunan : Jeez I saw this on a "Creepy Shit" Playlist but nothing creepy at all 😂. I loved this video I'll rate it 30/10 lol

•David RZF : There's peoples who watching creepy things sometimes 😂😂

monkeh : I remember seeing this when I was 7 and having nightmares, lol.

Filipe Duarte : 0:00 Oh, that's cute 0:15 That's a little weird 0:30 What am i watching?

Nikolaj Pedersen : My parents walked in on me, I quickly switched to porn, it was easier to explain

GiantFire Kraken : Girlfriend: I bet he is thinking about other girls Me:

Himanshu Sharma : And from now I hate sheep thanks

Warrior and Harper : I fear no man but this thing it scares me

非公開さんID : うぇっ 寒気がした…

Toby Grif : Prahaps this one is normal I WAS WRONG I WAS VERY WRONG

Lori : No one: zombies at raccoon city: Not even Ada Wong: Resident evil bosses: 0:44

xXQizzyXx : 2019: why is millenial humor soo weird? 2011:

xDnL : 2 Bored Guys✌🏻

Color Friends : I don't see nothing weird in this video. It's completly legit....

Jhon kyle Barretto : I searched weird typography video... This is what i got

Ratigan2 : It started out cute... then it just went baaa-nanas!

Gabriel Barsch : who needs drugs to get high when you have this vídeo?

Shawn Teske : Teacher: What is 100x 10? Me: uhhhhh My brain:

Kamikaze Brando : Scp *B.a.a* is an Autonomous Agricultural Entity Its appearance is like the human world entity called “Sheep” Scp *B.a.a* at stage 1 acts exactly like the “sheep” But upon gathering enough Life Energy It starts to evolve At stage 2 , its cells start to *[REDACTED]* Much like a Rasengan At stage 3 it starts to separate body from body Reproducing “clones” At stage 4 , it would be classified a Thaumiel At stage 5 , the effects are similar to that of an Impact from Evangelion This classifies it a God

Bad Girl : My friend: Do you hear me?! I: Have this video in my brain

Rika Shinestar : Its cute but at the same time VERY WEIRD

pajureno : i've got one question... What is wrong with it's tail?

Toto Totasio : Me:How much drugs did You take cyriak? cyriak:sheep

Muffinzgallor21 Plays : 0:14 l o n g b o i 0:33 long boi 2 : Electric Boogaloo