Remember when this was the weirdest shit on the internet

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Experiments in ovine geometry. Music available here: Software used: adobe after effects.


FBI : We are currently investigating this, please wait for further notice

NerdyHipster : Sheep owner: what would you like my sheep to do in the video? Cyriak: *yes*

Silk0 : I only have 3 words to say.. *W H A T T H E F U *K*

The Cabbage : Meanwhile editing the video: Is it done? Looks at masterpiece. Yes.

Michael Jarrett : As a Sheep I can confirm this is 100% legit.

Khyla Cunha : Mom: why are you not doing your homework! What I’m watching: Mom: Oh I see

SuperSupermario24 : I think my favorite part is just its brief returns to normalcy before everything goes to shit again.

Captain Twh11 : 2011 memes: 2019 memes: *YoU sHouLd hAvE gonE fOr tHe Head*

Krox Drox : How much Acid did you take? Cyriak: Yes!

Warrior and Harper : I fear no man but this thing it scares me

Omq_Saturn •The•Awesome• : Friend: What are your hobbies? Me: It’s complicated...

Dj Lonestar : I heard others say that thid channel was unique and trippy.... I was not disappointed.

Sivert Hekkelstrand : I remember having nightmares for days after watching this.

Gacha_ OlitheWingedwolf_Games : I must’ve smoked something before watching this

Squirrel Savage : Me: doing absolutely nothing YouTube recommendations: WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE A MAGIC TRICK

Frederick : 0:00 upgrade 0:35 go back 1:10 I SAID GO BACKKKK

Just Senpaii : Welcome to a new Episode of „Whats in my Recommended?“ (^∇^)

Thulest : 1950: we will have flying cars in the future 2011:

pajureno : i've got one question... What is wrong with it's tail?

iam ahuman : Lemme take a look at my sheepノ(・ω・)ノ OK nvm

Лиза Руденкова : Я:Гугл,как сломать психику за 1:19 Гугл:Вот найденный результат

David RZF : There's peoples who watching creepy things sometimes 😂😂

Glitzy G : Nobody: Youtube: Lets recommend a video about a mutant goat.

Black Juice : Teacher: you have 60 minutes to solve the test Meanwhile, my brain:

joysblues : CYRIAK! I love your stuff. Do a really sick one on tRump.

Mr.Animatii : Business man: this bad boi can 100% penetrate through enemy's soul , teachers nightmares , your kid's nightmare, bosses nightmare and it can do anything Buyer: has a radio ? Business man: yes Buyer: has A/C ? Business man: yes Buyer: how much did it costs? Business man: just your family and hopes Buyer: ok...its a good price , I I'll take it !

도미구이 : MOM comes to me saying What IS THIS SON

ルーサン : なんで急に出てきたんか知らんけど日本人いるかい?

Tim Knobben : <----- Literally my face when watching this video xd

Cheeky_ Jester : Your videos make question my own existence

GZ El Erizo Electrico : _Asriel Dreemurr in drugs._ (?)

FCS FootballClubSaul : Я: -Сегодня надо лечь пораньше. -3:00 я включаю Baa

RPL BLOOD : I fear no man but this thing or whatever that was it scares me to think it’s creator is probably somewhere out there making more of these very scary things Partition to take down his or her channel Sign here...

Gabriel Barsch : who needs drugs to get high when you have this vídeo?

Doomaster 1 : Nobody: Sheep at Chernobyl:

xDnL : 2 Bored Guys✌🏻

AlphaXPlayZ : This is the YouTube content I am talking about

The Shadowless : I’m now questioning why I was brought into this world...

MrBeats : "Have no fear, Ghost Buster's are he---- of God. OH GOD. ITS HIDEOUS!"

Atkins Ellie : Beep beep ima drunk sheep?🤨🤨🤪

Janesa Woonsnová : Teacher: whats 1+1? Me: 1min later... Me: its sheep!!!

Memecicle : p : What happens in Area 51

Jason Linares Veintemilla : 3 cosas que la ciencia no puede explicar: Triangulo de las bermudas OVNI *RECOMENDACIONES DE YOUTUBE*

Gordon freeman : КАКОЙ ДАУН ЭТО ПРИДУМАЛ?!

J L : Goat simulator be like...

jc13sec : [REDACTED] hours for sure 😂

All Inked Up : *looks at the clock* *1 am* This is why I can't have nice things.

Trauma llama : I- Holy fuking- I just sat there... Staring at the screen... Jaw dropped... TF did I just watch

xXQizzyXx : 2019: why is millenial humor soo weird? 2011: