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pajureno : i've got one question... What is wrong with it's tail?

A Tree : My math teacher showed this to us

FVA 80 : When a sheep chews too much 5 gum

Venom : I've got a great question... Wtf have I just witnessed...

ErickCastro1613 : 2019?

Pie Pivot-O : These videos should be put in a national museum.

X- Man : Old McDonald had some lambs then it turned into a parasite o my o my god I like=one song Do u wanna ride on my lil ugly lamb it can get ugly or and it won’t get cuter

Jio & Jco : 0:00 The lamb is cute! 0:16 someone please give him a surgery

-Sonic`s- -World-Fun- : So this is sheep.exe right

triggered asparagus : What my last brain cell is thinking about during a test

Gabriel Barsch : who needs drugs to get high when you have this vídeo?

Serenity Werewolf : Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge that lamb's tail?

Violet • : This is disturbing.... I love it

Cakeportal : Mary had a little lamb

Give me your SOUL : This is free drugs

isaias 10 : Like si vienes por german

Kibliy Draws : Yep I’m on the weird side of the internet again, how did I even get here I came here for one video on how to fix a printer and ended up here two hours later

tired pug : Ahh..the beautifulness of nature..

hero mode123 : Wait So There are Sheeps Inside a Sheep?

Unboxer - Minecraft : This what is going on inside my head when I’m in class

Jake Jacoby : *Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T*

猫フード : ホモが増えそうだな

Lucanator 3000 : I this scared the crap out of me

Levi Henderson : An here we watch as the wild lamb does his mating ritual, such a majestic creature

Ronan B : I know this is weird, But I think it's fascinating how someone can make this. I mean, come on! It looks really good.

Beary Boy : This is .. fine

Dead_ scorpion : 1:16 lel, this is the best moment

Adam Rode : When you're on drugs

狐ヶ崎 : はぇ^~スッゴい…

Thats gay : Who's here bc of the "always raining here" Comic

Brettaton : I thought this was just going to be one of those weird shitposting videos BUT I WAS SO WRONG WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH

Diamond Turkey : Its only 1:19? It feels like 119 years

Sparc Mac : nightmares commence

SR Fake : Siapa yang kesini gara2 yudist Ardhana Like 😅

What the hell B**** : I started watching this and thought the only thing wrong was its tail

Iskander 122 : Why is this in my recommended 7 years later?

BlueAntBoi Baldimore Baldimore : 0:50 What will you do if you see this in your backyard

Josué Aragon : Watch in 2019

Пила Пилит : How much hours this video is render?

KawaiiCoolOcean Aj : I feel at home for some reason.

Legenda 79 : WTF?

Darryl W : o ,my gob

Arian Ranjbaran : 0:42 oh it’s back to normal....OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS

Unicorn ASMR : *now this is the content I subscribed for*

Lucas Carlos : Veio aqui por causa do Polado que eu to ligado

Sigmatic : If schools showed videos like this at anti-drug seminars I guarantee they'd get better results

ThatOneBGuy [TOBG] : Evolution at it's finest

Vitor Hugo : wtf

Ayaniqbalkhawaja Khawaja : WTF

PaRd0 : My imagination....