Collected Bubble

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SilentSpacePhantom : The person who disliked this drowned.

Krysdolly : This sound so freakin adorable

DarthEvolved : it honestly sounds to me like sonic is hiccupping when you collect a bubble during an underwater stage. let's just say that I'm currently playing the full sonic CD game and im on the third stage of the game, tidal tempest. and I'm doing the good ending run without having to collect time stones... as in going back in time to create a good future in the first two stages of each level. before i make sonic take on eggman in the third level. so this may be a long journey but I've beat the game before.

SOIUL13 : text message tone!

K. Azure Rose : 1 person drowned while waiting for an air bubble.

Gleppy Gloop : “VO-CAB!”

ForgottenAce 156 : What'a heck he's said?

Szafirowa Blaze Gra : O-A!

Mark Heying : Remember that each Air Bubble resets the time you could remain underwater back to 30 seconds.

Filipe Cerqueira : Baw ah.

Filipe Cerqueira : When Sonic swallows a bubble, sounds like he's saying: baw ah...

SnowyLunaDubs : Bloop bloop

Michael Klump : GAY.

Portalowy : HOP-HA

Null Void : love this sound effect, might set it as my ringtone.

ilikeindiana : This little sound effect stops THIS /watch?v=tBDP6LwgWHM&feature=related crazy killer music!? It's like DUDIDUDI DUDIDUDI DUDIDUDI DUDIDUDI DUDIDUDIDUDIDUDI DUDIDUDIDUDIDUDI DUDIDUDIDUDIDUDIDUDIDUDI *bubble*

TheShapeDoctor : BEST VIDEO EVER

Thomas Kain : Oh Yeah! Love That Sound!

xKlaw : LOLL I've been looking for this!! epic soundd haha

Defta Adrian : - 99 likes - 1 dislike - 99 + 1 = 100 -video duration: 0:0:1.00 oh my god