APA’s War on Masculinity

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The American Psychological Association has released guidelines for working with men and boys. Don’t be fooled by the packaging. They are armed combatants in the war of ideas, and they’ve set their sites on masculinity. ********* No man should venture into romance without a solid risk management strategy. That’s why I wrote The Tactical Guide to Women. The right woman can change a man's life... so can the wrong one. I help men choose wisely. The Tactical Guide to Women : https://amzn.to/2tVvHzy The Tactical Guide audiobook : https://goo.gl/U9hSpc ********* Twitter: https://twitter.com/ironshrink Website: https://docsmith.co

Comments from Youtube

Entrepreneurs in Cars : Thanks for making this, sharing it now.

James Gunn : The war on men and boys is real.

Jim Salmi : You're a raft of sanity on the ocean of madness.

NonPlayer Charecter : Masculinity = mental illness Being trans/homosexual = completely normal

MackenDeez : Obviously the APA has been infiltrated by quacks. Quacks who need to be exposed

Deploribus Rex : Being a man isn't an illness...it's a solution.

Mauricio Villamil : Thank you for your service to humanity Dr. Smith.

user user : Frankfurt School gave you this.

George Daws : As a practicing Counsellor with a Psych background from the UK, I am concerned by this. Cherry picked data with a strong ideological leaning. Dangerous stuff and easy to see how this leads to an unbalanced society. There are pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, light and dark to both the masculine and the feminine. Clearly we want both to be appreciated and worked with positively in order to function best at both the individual and societal levels.

Max Danger : Those clinitions are out there and they're mostly female. Since I've been medically discharged from the army with tbi and PTSD I've run into several female "doctors" that wanted nothing more than to turn me into some type of beta male. I don't know how else to explain it.

Barry M : My question is can sane psychologists leave the APA and form a sane evidenced-based association?

artilectium 2 : Does APA not know the basic effects of testosterone? This is the basis for masculinity. When will high testosterone be considered pathological?

Rothari : Soo nice today that you can call them out publicly! Before the web, it would have been impossible to criticize them beyond your circle of friends.

Michael Thompson : This is terrifying

Smed Highfield : I've fought depression all my life. I hate it. Been to 4 different therapists. All were flakes and worthless. I thought it was just bad luck of the draw. But after seeing this peek into their playbook, I seriously doubt the entire profession. This guy seems cool, though. I don't think I'll ever go to another therapist again due to past experiences, but if I did.. I hope I could find one like this guy.

Cislord SoyBlue : APA is not a scientific institution, it is a political one. Big government and its subsidiaries should get out of our business.

John Lammi : I'm a psychologist, and I thank you for this.

Matt Hargraves : I can't imagine why men don't go to psychologists more, when we are not helped to feel better and make good decisions, but are told that our genetic programming is a disease. I can only imagine that, if we go to a psychologist that listens to this message that our already astronomical suicide rates would just go up more.

Carl Harris : Men Baaaaaaad; Women Gooooooood. I'm like you - treat everyone as an individual. I started a Counselling degree in September 2016. A fellow mature male student told me how surprised he was they were allowing 'us lucky men' on the course. In my first class a female student in her 50's came up to me and sneered "I'd never come to see someone like you, men have no empathy" so I replied she'd better tell the 10'000 young women aged between 16 and 25 I'd done pastoral work with over the previous 11 years then because I seemed to have pulled the wool over all their eyes. I left after five months - the tutor and course leader were a couple of the most manipulative, lying, unhelpful and hostile toe-rags you could ever hope not to meet. You could smell the politics in everything they did. We started out reading a counselling book written by a male counsellor who repeatedly mentioned the need for you to check your own privileged straight white male self for signs of prejudice and bias etc and I ended up wondering at what point you were actually supposed to start supporting the client? Thanks for the 2010 statistics - very informative.

Max : Data is king! Recently I shared that very same CDC research with a woman I had been dating. Rather than entering a rational discussion about the facts, with unwavering certainty, she said that it was a total fabrication of the patriarchal society. I laughed and laughed... NEXT!

Max Danger : The APA defines traditional masculinity as “a particular constellation of standards that have held sway over large segments of the population, including: anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence.” It amazes me that they don't even include the actually directly harmful aspect of traditional masculinity: That a man is expected to absorb to himself cost/harm/stress/damage/death or risk of same, and thus shelter women, children, and society (in that order). Seriously. This is the DEFINING quality of traditional masculinity to function as an ablative shield. All of the other aspects of masculinity... they are just WAYS in which men accept cost/harm/stress/damage/death and thus shield women, children and society: Men are traditionally expected to provide a living for their families. But what does that amount to: Labor for the comfort and safety of a Wife, Children, and insofar as it is a useful job they are performing the rest of society. Labor IS harm/stress/damage/death or at least the risk of it... always. Men are traditionally expected to be strong and capable. That's so that they can withstand the stresses and requirements of useful work... see number 1. A man who can not do useful work is worse than dead in traditional expectations: he's not just useless and thus valueless, he still consumes resources making him of negative value... is it any wonder why men who have been conditioned to think this way might commit suicide if they find themselves disabled, or rejected socially/romantically/professionally? This also explains why men commit suicide with lethal methods while women choose much less effective methods. The point of female suicide is to cry for help. The point of male suicide is to stop wasting resources helping the male who needs help. Men are traditionally expected to NOT be weak, or needy. That's so that the support and protection provided by other men will not be wasted to protect someone who is NOT a woman, or child. Of course related to that is a man being anti-feminine in his own behavior or that of other men... as feminine behaviors are markers the purpose of which is to differentiate those who need to be sheltered from not those who do the sheltering. A traditional man despises a feminine man as a free-loader on the protections afforded by the sacrifices of other men. Men are traditionally expected to be adventurous because their own lives are not seen as intrinsically valuable (They get value by shielding others). Adventure is, in investment terms, an example of high-risk-high-reward behavior. It will likely fail spectacularly, but if it pays off it will pay off massively. This makes sense if the investor is risking something of only marginal worth. Meanwhile, shielding others is a role that is only conditionally valuable at times of high intrinsic risk... say during war time. Similarly, men are traditionally expected to embrace risk either synthetic risk from adventure in times of low intrinsic risk, or naturally occurring risks as part of their nominal role, shielding others, when that has a better risk-reward ratio than adventure. Men are traditionally expected to be able to shield others from violence. As a function of elementary tactics, the most effective way to do this is to employ violence one's self. See how ALL of masculinity comes back to the man sacrificing his own health/life/safety/wealth/happiness for the sake of the women, children, and society that touch his life. It is literally what masculinity is FOR. Therefore the idea that this APA study is moving towards... a less harmful masculinity is sort of a contradiction in terms... masculinity that is not harmful to men, wouldn't shield others, and thus wouldn't be masculinity. Personally, I think the solution to this is not to try and re-design masculinity, but to recognize how it works, why it is important that it work (self sacrifice to shield others is a noble and sometimes necessary thing after all), and to create a soft landing for men who find that they either temporarily or permanently can no longer fit in that role.

Jonathan Mangold : I'm also a psychologist. Been in practice 40 years. The chickification of America. Not gonna participate.

Kevin Bacon Did Nothing Wrong : The social engineering being attempted is predictable as clockwork. Hard times make strong people, strong people make good times, good times make soft people, soft people make hard times.

Theodor Spann : Love the content, love the delivery. Grow damn you channel, grow!

Boffin Grusky : Well done.

Gregor Kovacs : Unreal. Ridiculous!

JCAH1 : This is nakedly malignant misandry, and nothing more.

kai : Collapse of Empires always begin with the destruction of warriors and praising sensitive males and females. When the Barbarians storm the walls, its a different tune. Sorry simps and women...you´re on your own, we be MGTOW outta here.

Chris Tucci : This edict by the APA is insidious and absolutely destroys the credibility of psychologists and clinicians who follow this garbage. This a vector to allow masculinity to be labeled as a mental illness which will then allow law enforcement and government agencies to intervene.

TarzanWannaBe : I gloriously ooze toxins. rrrRRoar!!!

Buster Weedmire : Thanks Shawn, nice to know you are out there.

Mr Offensington : I remember hearing in The Rational Mail, that a key to male self actualisation in this gynocentric world is overcoming the feminine imperative to remain masculine. Therefore American men will be best served doing the opposite of what these guidelines say. Seems about right.

G MP : Thank You, you are a man of integrity and bravery to speak out against one of your governing bodies

Scott Carter : Hey Dr. Smith, thanks for the great video. I am one of those clinicians that you mentioned, I'm one of those that work in the trenches week in and week out. I will say, openly, honestly and directly that I side with you and strongly disagree with the APA on this one. They do not represent me, my experience working with males or what I believe is clinically relevant or appropriate. My ethical guidelines explicitly state that it is counter to the ethical treatment of anyone to push my values onto clients. I don't how these efforts from the APA could be anything other than flagrant disregard for those ethical guidelines. The very guidelines that they are supposed to uphold and value. The APA has done a massive disservice to those of us who are trying to hold back a virtual tsunami using only a bucket. My primary population is teenagers and my local area has seen more than 130% spike in teen suicide in the last few years with about 80% of those completions being boys. If the mass suicide of teen boys isn't a stark indicator of reality for the APA, then I don't know what is. It's hard enough to help these kids when the bullies of society have gotten into their heads that they are doing something virtuous by putting males into these boxes but then to lose the support of an organization like the APA is a massive blow. I don't have a doctorate and so I get trumped by an organization like this but my daily work experience speaks for itself. I agree with your assessment that the APA's recommending approaches are predatory. People walk in the door broken and vulnerable and pressing values onto them is appallingly unethical. This is the type of thing that was written by big headed blow hards that have little clinical interactions or aren't experienced, clinicians. Shame on them, shame on them for pushing this crap out there and thank you Dr. Smith for speaking up and doing so articulately.

Ed A : Good job. I'm a psychologist myself and have noticed the shift toward identity politics within APA over the past decade or so. It's discouraging, but not surprising. The latest example was seeing the standard APA internship application forms, which now have a space for "preferred pronoun." I can't wait for the day I get sued for discrimination because I didn't refer to an intern applicant as ze or xem.

WindowedApple : Thank you for taking the stance, there aren't many daring people left willing to tell the truth.

bigbaba1111 : Thank God there are still some sane people outside. This is a war declaration from leftists on all men and boy. Nothing less. It's amazing. Boys need more masculine role models and not less in this society and education system which favours girls heavily. And it's also amazing how many women keep voting for the leftist politicians who enable and enforce such toxic gender propaganda. I mean, even radical feminists prefer masculine men over feminized ones so they will suffer too if they destroy masculinity.

lhaley44 : Traditional masculinity? You mean what kept us all from dying before we made it out of the caves? As a wife and a mother to a white male child, the prevalence and pervasiveness of this brand of this blatantly misandrist ideology is particularly terrifying to me. I'm also pretty sure this is why all these third wave feminists are so damn angry and miserable. They're succeeding in their goal to completely emasculate their men and now some primal, atavistic part of their psyche is crying out for a real man. And a decent lay...

T. C. : Great video! Your letter to the APA was well put. Hopefully they'll get many more like it.

Amber Anderton : I celebrate masculinity. We are meant to compliment each other.. Yin and Yang.

Cris Smith : Your comment in response to the course evaluation... beautifully and succinctly put. Thankyou for all you do.

Bernardo Revelles : Great video Shawn!

edriant1916 : This is frightening. I fear for the legions of today's boys and young men. When I was a college boy in 1984 I went to the university counseling center to address why getting any romantic dates was impossible, although the rest of my social life was very good. When approaching a girl a severe anxiety would freeze me up to where I couldn't talk. I dated no one through the entire four years, it was very painful and triggered some serious depression. It was great to talk to someone though it achieved little toward resolving the problem. But at least it was not detrimental. How they could have messed me up had these guidelines been in place! To be in serious emotional pain, very vulnerable, sliding in and out of depression, then to be told that you have created this entire problem yourself, that your pain isn't important, that you are persecuting them with your power and privilege, how hateful and oppressive of you to desire them in the first place. It is frightening to think of what might have happened to me.

edriant1916 : Looking back over the years I see a lot of questionable things about the APA. Back in the 1980s was Repressed Memory Syndrome. It was used to explain a lot of things, and was even used as testimony in court. But it has since been discredited. Then there's Multiple Personality Disorder. It was all the rage for while, until some time in the 1990s . Today, while not totally discredited, Multiple Personality Disorder is regarded as extremely rare. Remember the 1980s cases of alleged sexual abuse at day care centers? Day care workers, with years of experience and spotless records, were suddenly under accusation of committing hideous abuse. Some people went to prison. It was later discovered that many children's thoughts were inadvertently manipulated by over-zealous investigators. My faith in the APA is pretty weak, they go too frequently with the Flavor of the Month.

TheSleepingLionRoars : Thank you for standing up for us! A dear friend of mine, recently had a friend who killed himself. His wife was quick to suggest, that it was because of toxic masculinity. It made me feel very sad and angry, that his death was used to reinforce her gender feminism. You couldn't be more right, the APA espousing ideological ideas like these, are very dangerous. Please keep up the good fight, it lifts us up.

David Raymond : I'm so glad there are people like you in this profession.

saltburner2 : The APA has become a cult, like the Jehovah's Witnesses. It is high time for those who reject its toxic ideology to set up an alternative institution.

bla blahblah : Dr. Smith, *what are you going to do to either get this revised or to defund and humiliate these ideologues in your field?* And _how can I help?_ Actionable specifics which do not require making atheists please (i.e. while I might send a letter to a funding agency or donor, I will not send one to a Creepy Cultist of Social Justice any more than I'd send one to Pat Robertson or Sum Yung Moon.)

Ken Benson : Recently discovered your channel, and love your content. Thank you for the excellent analysis.