APA’s War on Masculinity

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Entrepreneurs in Cars : Thanks for making this, sharing it now.

NonPlayer Charecter : Masculinity = mental illness Being trans/homosexual = completely normal

James Gunn : The war on men and boys is real.

Max Danger : Those clinitions are out there and they're mostly female. Since I've been medically discharged from the army with tbi and PTSD I've run into several female "doctors" that wanted nothing more than to turn me into some type of beta male. I don't know how else to explain it.

Deploribus Rex : I'm a psychologist who works all day, every day, with veterans. I won't be 'teaching' veterans about their 'privilege' or role in 'the patriarchy.' No thanks. Grown men are the solution, not the problem.

Jim Salmi : You're a raft of sanity on the ocean of madness.

Barry M : My question is can sane psychologists leave the APA and form a sane evidenced-based association?

Mr Offensington : I remember hearing in The Rational Mail, that a key to male self actualisation in this gynocentric world is overcoming the feminine imperative to remain masculine. Therefore American men will be best served doing the opposite of what these guidelines say. Seems about right.

Camillo : Soo nice today that you can call them out publicly! Before the web, it would have been impossible to criticize them beyond your circle of friends.

Max : Data is king! Recently I shared that very same CDC research with a woman I had been dating. Rather than entering a rational discussion about the facts, with unwavering certainty, she said that it was a total fabrication of the patriarchal society. I laughed and laughed... NEXT!

MackenDeez : Obviously the APA has been infiltrated by quacks. Quacks who need to be exposed

Michael Thompson : This is terrifying

George Daws : As a practicing Counsellor with a Psych background from the UK, I am concerned by this. Cherry picked data with a strong ideological leaning. Dangerous stuff and easy to see how this leads to an unbalanced society. There are pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, light and dark to both the masculine and the feminine. Clearly we want both to be appreciated and worked with positively in order to function best at both the individual and societal levels.

Buster Weedmire : Thanks Shawn, nice to know you are out there.

Max Danger : The APA defines traditional masculinity as “a particular constellation of standards that have held sway over large segments of the population, including: anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence.” It amazes me that they don't even include the actually directly harmful aspect of traditional masculinity: That a man is expected to absorb to himself cost/harm/stress/damage/death or risk of same, and thus shelter women, children, and society (in that order). Seriously. This is the DEFINING quality of traditional masculinity to function as an ablative shield. All of the other aspects of masculinity... they are just WAYS in which men accept cost/harm/stress/damage/death and thus shield women, children and society: Men are traditionally expected to provide a living for their families. But what does that amount to: Labor for the comfort and safety of a Wife, Children, and insofar as it is a useful job they are performing the rest of society. Labor IS harm/stress/damage/death or at least the risk of it... always. Men are traditionally expected to be strong and capable. That's so that they can withstand the stresses and requirements of useful work... see number 1. A man who can not do useful work is worse than dead in traditional expectations: he's not just useless and thus valueless, he still consumes resources making him of negative value... is it any wonder why men who have been conditioned to think this way might commit suicide if they find themselves disabled, or rejected socially/romantically/professionally? This also explains why men commit suicide with lethal methods while women choose much less effective methods. The point of female suicide is to cry for help. The point of male suicide is to stop wasting resources helping the male who needs help. Men are traditionally expected to NOT be weak, or needy. That's so that the support and protection provided by other men will not be wasted to protect someone who is NOT a woman, or child. Of course related to that is a man being anti-feminine in his own behavior or that of other men... as feminine behaviors are markers the purpose of which is to differentiate those who need to be sheltered from not those who do the sheltering. A traditional man despises a feminine man as a free-loader on the protections afforded by the sacrifices of other men. Men are traditionally expected to be adventurous because their own lives are not seen as intrinsically valuable (They get value by shielding others). Adventure is, in investment terms, an example of high-risk-high-reward behavior. It will likely fail spectacularly, but if it pays off it will pay off massively. This makes sense if the investor is risking something of only marginal worth. Meanwhile, shielding others is a role that is only conditionally valuable at times of high intrinsic risk... say during war time. Similarly, men are traditionally expected to embrace risk either synthetic risk from adventure in times of low intrinsic risk, or naturally occurring risks as part of their nominal role, shielding others, when that has a better risk-reward ratio than adventure. Men are traditionally expected to be able to shield others from violence. As a function of elementary tactics, the most effective way to do this is to employ violence one's self. See how ALL of masculinity comes back to the man sacrificing his own health/life/safety/wealth/happiness for the sake of the women, children, and society that touch his life. It is literally what masculinity is FOR. Therefore the idea that this APA study is moving towards... a less harmful masculinity is sort of a contradiction in terms... masculinity that is not harmful to men, wouldn't shield others, and thus wouldn't be masculinity. Personally, I think the solution to this is not to try and re-design masculinity, but to recognize how it works, why it is important that it work (self sacrifice to shield others is a noble and sometimes necessary thing after all), and to create a soft landing for men who find that they either temporarily or permanently can no longer fit in that role.

Matt Hargraves : I can't imagine why men don't go to psychologists more, when we are not helped to feel better and make good decisions, but are told that our genetic programming is a disease. I can only imagine that, if we go to a psychologist that listens to this message that our already astronomical suicide rates would just go up more.

TarzanWannaBe : I gloriously ooze toxins. rrrRRoar!!!

JaMoond : It looks like APA is trying to persue their political agenda at the expense of the credibility of the entire profession. By adopting treatments that haven't been factually verified, there is a real chance that the psychologists as a whole can do some serious harm to their clients. Imagine if medical doctors did something to that effect by diagnosing normal and healthy individuals with a condition that has no real basis and performed an unproven operation that can permenantly alter their lives. Beliefs that aren't congruent with reality cannot consistently produce useful results, and the psychologists who base their treatment decisons on these beliefs will consistently fail to produce successful results. Reality will eventually come back to bite the feminists make-beliefs and wishful thinking. Get woke, go broke.

Ed A : Good job. I'm a psychologist myself and have noticed the shift toward identity politics within APA over the past decade or so. It's discouraging, but not surprising. The latest example was seeing the standard APA internship application forms, which now have a space for "preferred pronoun." I can't wait for the day I get sued for discrimination because I didn't refer to an intern applicant as ze or xem.

Deploribus Rex : Being a man isn't an illness...it's a solution.

richard ouvrier : Feminisation of psychology and psychiatry. "Toxic masculinity". Biased apartheid.

Gregor Kovacs : Unreal. Ridiculous!

revspinnaker : Feminists deliberately ignore maternal child abuse: "Rees While there has been some analysis of the linkages between patriarchy and paternal violence focused on how violent norms of masculinity contribute to men's use of VAC (Levtov, van der Gaag et al., 2015), feminist analysis of maternal violence is limited, perhaps owing to legitimate hesitations around further stigmatizing women et al., 2015). Some historical feminist advocacy and scholarship, however, locates both IPV and VAC in the context of women's subordination, arguing that women's use of violence against their children cannot be extracted from the dynamics of oppressioninevitable for women living under patriarchal values and institutions (e.g., marriage; motherhood)"

Tim C. : Great video! Your letter to the APA was well put. Hopefully they'll get many more like it.

watcherjohnny : Well done.

THE TOXIC CRUSADES : Thank you for such an insightful, unbiased take on this unambiguous smear campaign against masculinity. Granted I read the article on the surface level, but it was enough for me to know that it was the usual rhetoric that is so prevalent these days. Again than you!

Ken Benson : Recently discovered your channel, and love your content. Thank you for the excellent analysis.

Tom Burroughes : Excellent. Thanks for what you do.

Henry F / RotePilleBlog : great vids, greets from Germany

WindowedApple : Thank you for taking the stance, there aren't many daring people left willing to tell the truth.

Mr. Pool : Great video. Disgusting"policy"

bigbaba1111 : Thank God there are still some sane people outside. This is a war declaration from leftists on all men and boy. Nothing less. It's amazing. Boys need more masculine role models and not less in this society and education system which favours girls heavily. And it's also amazing how many women keep voting for the leftist politicians who enable and enforce such toxic gender propaganda. I mean, even radical feminists prefer masculine men over feminized ones so they will suffer too if they destroy masculinity.

Ryan Hall : Just awesome. Well thought out, logical disassembling of the dogmatic "findings" that have been shared so much of late. Thank you for being a voice of reason.

user user : Frankfurt School gave you this.

caffeinelife : A very smart and measured response to another attempt to destroy western civilization and men. I fear we all woke up too late. Oh, I wanted to add (edit) that as the father of a trans person, I find this even more insulting and degrading. My son (his born sex) is perfectly capable of deciding he’s a woman and can start HRT, in spite of being diagnosed with depression and having had many emotional and development issues growing up. He’s perfectly normal, but I’m the toxic person. If I went back 25 or 30 years and told people about 2019, they wouldn’t believe me.

Xeranx : Patriarchy Theory states that men build society for themselves. So patriarchy is a system where men are established as the legitimate arbiters of everything without care for anyone _not_ male. This is Feminist projection seeing as breaking down Feminism = Feminine + ism (one of ism's definitions is to adhere). So Feminism is adherence to the feminine, subjugation to the feminine, or feminine above all. What is deemed patriarchal is anything that plays to a man's inherent strengths such as meritocracy, logic, reason, etc. This is why some Feminists have stated that science is sexist. Patriarchy dovetails with white supremacy as well. As I mentioned earlier, meritocracy is an element both classified toward implied inherent strengths in men, namely white men since most well off countries have a white majority. White supremacy deviates a bit (not really) with regard to the West being founded upon Judeo-Christian values. This is why Christianity gets heavily lambasted by Feminists and why Christianity is regarded as an anti-female religion. So I would actually amend the earlier statement and say that Patriarchy is considered part of White Supremacy since the view is the entire structure rests on a Judeo-Christian foundation that values meritocracy which is derived from logic, reason, and hard work. Under this idea or sets of ideas, I (being black) am at a disadvantage due to skin color, but my cousin who is a female thoracic surgeon is worse off than I am because she's both black and female. Welcome to Intersectional Feminism, the ironic ideology that collectivizes everyone into groups per their individual characteristics. *_**edit**_* On the topic of social engineering, is it not interesting that, at least in Canada, children (under 10 years old) are considered able to determine whether they are the opposite sex leading towards hormone blockers being utilized? Don't know if you've covered this as it's the first video I've watched, but this is occurring today and has been for the last 8 months at least. The fact that fatherhood gets a fair shake is ironic considering that Feminism is anti-family. Stemming from the sentiments of Charles Fourier in 1837: Marriage is a prison for women. That encourages the anti-natalist movement that occurred in the 1960s and 1970s. This will continue as long as Gynocentrism isn't tamped down or controlled. As Paul Elam said, talking about the Feminist ideology without talking about Gynocentrism (humanity's tendency to concern themselves with the well being of the female at any and all cost) is essentially like a dog chasing its own tail.

Men Are Good! : Well said. But sadly. far too many clinicians will simply go along with the APA insanity. Therapy is very dangerous for men and boys. Your screening question was a good one. Others might be to simply ask if men and women process emotions differently. If they think we are the same, run. Or ask them for one example of how feminism has harmed men. If they balk, run. Men are good!

Just a man Nothing more : It’s a left wing, feminist attempt to gain power over men, simple as that

Misanthropic Attack Helicopter : Looking forward to the law suits against this corrupt institution.

nor htims : I don’t think you understand the hatred of men by prominent, influential women, they are to men what white supremacists are to non whites, they are not interested in negotiations, or dialogue, they are at war...🤡

S asi58 : Just because someone failed to successfully carry out an act of terrorism doesnt make the person any more innocent than the one who was successful. Just because someone failed to successfully carry out an attempt at murder doesnt make the person any more innocent than the one who was successful. Same goes with domestic violence. Severity is not important. Severity is a red herring used to derail the argument to portray men as evil.

Ryan Fowler : Great video, thanks Dr. Shawn! Subscribed!

Michael Abbott : There's your answer to Atheist who believe Science can guide us ( vs religion/faith) .....Science is now weak and blue pilled and beta; ..... # SamHarris

Daniel Lisowski : That was both useful and terrifying. I don’t believe that any reasonable, modern age person has an issue with establishing equality of opportunity and fixing some of the historical (and I think the vast majority are) issues holding back women, but that is not what modern day feminism is about. It’s about control and dominance, and it seems to me that key institutions are joining the war being waged against us. Well, it’s going to be rough but we got the western world this far, what’s one more fight?

Larry Whittington : This isn't about equality or fairness. It's about getting even. This is all over universities.

Critical Taba-nus fly : The tactical guide to women...go mgtow monk and buy a doll.

Regan Martin : Thank you Shawn. I appreciate everything you do.

Daniel Nightfield : Really appreciate it, Dr Smith. You're a voice of reason and rationality. Your books and videos have changed the way I approach interpersonal relationships. Once again, thank you for your amazing work!

john c : Thank you for your video. I was exasperated to see this APA announcement appear. It is vile that they try to push this on mental health professionals to in turn push this on men and boys in need. Utterly vile.

rdsmo Rd smo : Subscribed. Very good vids. Keep them coming