The HouseThat Beebo Built
Thekids book that inspired Rich Beebo Russel the SkyKing

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This book was my sons' favourite 30 years ago. Why it went out of print beats me since I know that many would love to have it now. This is a small way of reviving it for those who still suffer pangs of nostalgia.


John Jones : RIP Beebo Russell

Jøstein Davisson : Beebo did a barrel roll and lit up the world, if only for a day. . . RIP

goosea : Here before this blows up...RIP Beebo

JT : WOWWW this book explains everything about why Richard Russel did the barrel rolls in the plane... the news media need to see this

Yo boy Kirby : Rip Sky King

notgaybut20bucksis20bucks : We all die. Some end up there in the most spectacular way, maybe a barrel roll.

Jacob : Damn this hit me hard. Obviously I'm one of the ones who found this through Richard "Beebo" Russell's favorited videos from his YouTube channel. I'm not sure if it's because I found so much to empathize with in Beebo and his suicide or if it's because I'm drunk and I've been on a sad-streak lately, but the reading of this book and the slide-show of it's illustration brought me to tears twice. Thanks for the upload, John. Also, your last name is fucking hilarious. I hope it's real.

Cheese Pizza : R.I.P skyking. We all love you! See you in Valhalla.

Spenser Roger : Beebo be on a roll They probably got anti aircraft! Do a Barrel roll! Video games Lifted bags A lot of bags. Nose down Moment of serenity Will they give him a job I'm a white guy, fly Burn out Minimum wage Out of gas Light headed To each and every one of them Sky king Broken man Q400 Orca and her baby. Screw loose Never knew it until now 5000 feet Mountains They've probably got anti aircraft.

Kelly Riddle : RIP SKY KING! Never thought I could love a man I never met. He embodied everything I feel. Such a sweet nice caring human being. I'll never forget him or let him be forgotten

Miraculous Mosquito : Thanks for uploading this, my brother and I loved this book when we were little, and my kids love it now. I still have this book, as well as 'Beebo and the Fizzimen'. I always dreamt about having an amazing house like the one Beebo built!

Zen Fnord : RIP The Sky King

Dishonestneill : Awesome :) thank you. I had this book as a youngster, it was my favourite :) alas it disappeared along the way somewhere. I managed to acquire another copy recently :)


Jo Birkby : I have just spent a very happy 21 minutes and 52 seconds watching this recreation of my favourite book as a child. The book was given to me by Father Christmas at Debenhams; perhaps that's what made it seem even more magical than all the others. But with every 'turn of the page' and once again seeing each illustration for the first time in 46 years, I have been transported back to a time and a place when life seemed more magical and full of possibility....inspired by this very book. Thank you for your wonderful reading John and for sharing those incredible illustrations. I have searched for this book on and off for years as sadly I have no idea what happened to my original copy. This has made my day!

pale yellow with a hint of rage : But can this beebo sing? I DON'T THINK SO

Karelli Karelli : Thank you 💕

ribtin : Awesome! Thanks! Do you per chance have any of the other Beebo books as well?

Claire Howse : This was my favourite book in the world as a child! It's as utterly charming as 40 years ago. Makes me smile, and weep!

Gomisan : That's fantastic. I loved this book as a kid and cant quite justify the outrageous prices they command now. I was hunting scans to print and read when I came across this video. Beautifully read too! I don't suppose you have the others.... ?

Nathan Baker : This book will be republished on July 9, 2019 in English, under its original French title: Seraphin.  by Philippe Fix  (Author, Illustrator),  Donald Nicholson-Smith (Translator)

Kathy Meyer : Love it. Thanks.

Silent operatormx : skyking

Guy Dickinson : This is wonderful! Thanks for this...instantly transported to the 70s! 

Rosa Williams : let me add my thanks!

ORAC - Operate and Read All Computers : Thanks for going to the effort to put this up John. Like others, this was a favorite of mine as a child - luckily I have retained my copy, albeit well-read.  There was a second book called "Beebo and the Fizzimen" (I found a copy years ago) which followed Beebo and Mop on their adventures after they left their house on the four step staircase.

• Chloe Lauren • The DayDreamer : What beebo are you referring to? Daddy Beebo Urie?