THE AGONIST - Take Me To Church (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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Simon Diienno : Metal bands do covers better than any other genre........this version even kills the original!!!!

Alina Lesnik Official : Wow thats amazing ! Congrats for this awesome version. I always waited for a good metal version of this song ;-)

hoob sug : **smiling varg vikernes**

Enes Tekin : vicky! I cant believe in my ears... what a powerful voice performance!

wolverine3566 : Gladly would go by myself to the church where the AGONIST are playing!! ^_^

Αγγελικη Τζιαφερη : amazing honestly better than original.... Εισαι θεα κοριτσι μου..το εκανες δικο σου τ κομματι... μας κανεις περιφανους..

Yulissa : que puta voz!! fantástic!!!! 😍❤

Vlad Berariu : This song really shows what Vicky can do when singing CLEAN vocals . I know the artists really won't care , but still . I feel like Vicky should focus on her cleans (and there are a lot of bands that did that and still sound good , ex : Opeth) . But really , her harsh vocals are like Eddies cleans (SS) : just .. not good . She sounded pretty good in the past , but with every song i feel like her harshes are getting worse . Awesome voice though , good sound and song . Maybe let the other member take the screams ? I dont know , i love this band i just want them to put good material . But how i said , good cover and awesome voice . I wanna see what the next album's gonna be like

qar beans : i like it, but my question is why

Andrei White : 1:13 - orgasm or horrible, i can't decide

locurainside : Me encanta esta tía

EpicBad Ideas : this is my first listen to the band since Alissa left. you guys will be all right. well played

Pseudopatvaroloid : Vicky has an awesome voice <3

Lexi Von Eerie : Thank you for coming to The Agonist Vicky <3

Diego Meléndez : I'm the only one who likes more Vicky than Alissa?

WorldOfYooreck : I hate the original, but this is f***ing AWESOME ❤🤘

Metal Guitar Stuff : Nice cover, but I honestly don't like the mix at all. And why are there also mixed aspect ratios in the video? This seems half-hearted to me. AND WHAT IS UP WITH THAT LEAD TONE??? DId they forget the cabinet simulator or something? Sounds horrible.

destorecords : better than the original my favorite song now!

Igor K : 2nd1! :D P.S. Much better than original, in my opinion.

Marian Adam : I still remember the day when I've heared that Alissa quitted The Agonist...I thought this is the end of the band. But hell!! They became much better and achived new heights!! I just love Vicky (though I still love Alissa too :D)!! Yamas!!

Sofy Shinoda : el cover es bueno,me gusto,pero...the agonist que te ha pasado? Vicky es buena pero siento que no llena el vacío que dejó alissa, que mala decisión tuvieron de ECHARLA,vaya amigos.

Erdem : After the Alissa, Agonist is dead

Michaela Siváková : whaaaaat the... this is perfect!

Passion4Performance - P4P : Nice scream!!

Marian Moran : Esta canción es buenísima en cualquier género!

paulo m : Voz maravilhosa❤

linofcp007 : Good Metal Version, but the song could have been better mixed!

Manuel Pereira : I had an erection

Naira Quiroga : in your face aliza

Ron West : I was worried about The Agonist after Alyssa left but I got say, they haven't missed a step. The new vocalist is awesome.

Valech0 : That´s... pretty decent. Impressive.

My Victim : Wow this is amazing!

Flame Sk8er : yuck... missed the entire first verse.. i dont get how people like this over the original... the vocals are average and nothing really special, and im a fan of the agonist..

Bolso O Mito : BR poha!

Davide Oliva : something went wrong, i'm sorry

Apostolos Chionas : that's the purpose of any cover . otherwise it's a replica. btw I like this version more than the original.this heavy style fits with me more

Aspafrier : Is only me who hates the original song,but FOCKIN' loves this?!😍😍 Βικυ εισαι υπεροχη❤

Saepul Maarip : mantap

JREX813 : Marino & Jobin have been 2 of my favorite shredders since arriving to the scene & my opinion Vicky has been a upgrade

Bert : that guitarist looks just like Petrucci, damn

huff vose : Amazing voice

Mihai Stefan : great vocals, buuut the solo could've been a little bit adjusted

Jesse Vegas : Ok, so I have waited for an amazing cover of this song for soooooooooo long! The Agonist, you have completed my life throughout the years with your albums  PLEASE KEEP UP YOUR AMAZING TALENT!!!!!!!!

Julian Felton : Cool cover indeed! But this only confirms the Agonist are much more streamlined nowadays. Which don't get me wrong I love commercial music but this was too much of a radical change even coming off of "Eye of Providence" which some considered a watered down version of the band but still good. Five has it's few moments but ultimately ends up being the death of what was once a great unique band. While to others it may be their entry into this band or because they can't handle the avant-garde style which is what made this band successful. Vicky's great but I still love Alissa more and that's just the truth of the matter.

Ádám Puskás : wooooow. Very big RESPECT! ❤👊

Sara Jaramillo : 0:57 OMG

Jennifer Bacio : Her voice in this song sounds a little bit like old Porcelain Black's songs... Love it

NΞO : 1:12 instant eargasm

jerry summers : ya this is not bad shes more bluesy than Alissa I like this one and few others vicky sings she is a very good vocalist sexy too

Cereal Slap : Amazing girl good choice of song