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Comments from Youtube

Leo Neil : Thank you so much Adult Swim for this

Dowlphwin : Mindfuck is probably the right word for that. Watching this video somehow reminded me of one of my DMT trips.

Nissa Revane : anyone else notice the fly in the black girls hair at 0.37?

Lego Mad Scientist! : what is the music that plays at the end of all these clips! I'm desperate to find out!

Manuel La Guardia : His stare saying: "PREPARE YOUR ANUS" ...

revilo314 : At the end: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

pennydesouza : I had to avert my eyes. Horrifying.

pennydesouza : I had to avert my eyes. Horrifying.

Blueberry Cupkek : I´m sure he is not Jacki Chan.

Kinespojken : DIS.TUR.BING.

Petriedish02 : If that was one year ago, that means that only 6 people have disliked this in the past year. Notbad.jpg

Caberman : why is the black woman at 0:38 holding her ears but at 0:52 not?

nadeo4441 : Lol are they stupid? It's so easy to name 10 things that are not jackie chan. For example, wall, clock, mouse, jackie chan, phone, glass, umbrella, car, computer, lorry. See?

Aarron Gledhill : ye its as funny as the BAM! UK TV Advert :D

Cessebabe : this is so disturbing

robm14 : I've seen this show! It was made by Eric Wareheim and Jackie Chan....Dammit!

suune : @Voref Thought exactly the same!!

Voref : Who is that black guy? And why isn't he famous yet? THE funniest thing I have EVER seen.

MsMorbeg : this is the best thing ive ever seen

Kz3andMore : @elliot6602 i was talking about metal gear, but yeh, its high llama, I LOOSE MAAAN

Disastrous Collection : @Kz3andMore Fallout intros... Fallout intro's never change...

Lorenzo : best video on the Internet

Live Maschine Tutorials : This is the best fucking thing in the world.

coverfactory : @kirstakis don't watch when high

Dirk Reurslag : oh god what is he doing

Kz3andMore : 1:00 War... war never changes...

Extra Fabulous : 1:01 "I've seen unspeakable horrors."

J Mason : @ulduar255 you obviously have some kind of problem, people who's life revolve around hating others is a sad one.

J Mason : @ulduar255 you need to get out more seriously

J Mason : @ulduar255 Denmark eh ?

Tawari : D8

yolo1998 : @skillin88 lmao!

Eidur Andri : 0:40 There's a big fat fly or something on her head.

Adult Swim UK : @kirstakis Glad you liked it.

Adult Swim UK : 6 people must be Jackie Chan.

kirstakis : this is probably the most mindfucking and scariest thing i've ever seen. not even exaggerating.

freeform : hes right theres a fly on the black girls hair at 0:39 hahahha

happy orange : wow if i said 5 people missed the like button id also be really gay

Niko Laasonen : Thank God I found this video again! :D The first time I saw this I was very tired and I laughed for almost 20 minutes.

perniciousgreg : his face... comedy genious!


deidarajunior1508 : man that game's hard!

Taylor Pearl : Tooth paste, pizza, lamps......Jackie Chan. Haha

rydhwan : lol hahah yer i laughed at it more after reading ur comment

DEED : Did anyone else notice how the hand pushing the button was white and not black? ;) LOL SH09

bhavvv : Oh, on the black woman, I was looking for it on the wtite woman. ZOMG was I just racist?

bhavvv : I cant see a fly ?

Niko Laasonen : This video is awesome and Jackie Chan! I wish they made that game...

DrNuyenVanFaulk : You're *draggin' my balls* here!