The Big Bang Theory - Penny and Raj fight over who discovered a comet.

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KingdomHeartsFan3211 : Penny discovered it. No contest.

NeonsStyle : This show used to be great until it just turned into 'Friends'

devongillis123456789 : raj had everything set up, but penny technically saw it first and made note that there was something out there. even though raj told her to, she was the one who also took the picture. if it weren't for penny it may have never been seen that night since they were all waiting for mercury. despite it being a silly turn out of events, penny discovered it first.

immortaljanus : This is why Raj is still single...

Logan Hufstetler : I was on Penny's side first... But after reading some comments I would have to go with Raj on this one. Penny did see it first, but had no idea what it was. Much like gravity, hundreds of millions of people have seen it before Newton discovered it.

jade fire : "Please! Amy! Get your mind out of the ancient Athenian gutter!"😂😂😂😂

chillin' and killin' : Here I think Raj has a point I mean he's a scientist I mean with a guidance anyone can discover anything so penny just happen to be lucky but Raj is behind it I mean he set the telescope and he was the one to confirm it as a comet. So yeah Raj should have all the credit.

Tony Blake : And this is why I hate raj. Yes he's the astrophysicist, it was his telescope, and without him penny would have never cared enough to do the research to find out what it really was. But he was looking through it just before he had her look through it so he should have seen it if he was actually paying any attention to what he was doing. He should have shared the credit with her because they couldn't have done it without each other. But no, as displayed many times he's a spoiled brat who if he has a chance for any attention he will let it go to his head. And he had no issue taking credit because he thinks she's to stupid to have had any hand in its discovery.

emanuel pino : Everyone arguing lol😂 listen here is how it should work in my opinion. Raj is an Astrophysicist and cares deeply about that stuff. Penny doesn’t give to shits about comets and stars... but what she does care about is the principal. No she wouldn’t have known the difference without Raj but Raj didn’t see it either. It was him being so quick to dismiss her that made her so angry. He could have given them credit together or asked her if he could take credit given his profession and it meaning something to him and she probably would have been okay with it. There problem solved for an imaginary world that doesn’t exists..... so maybe the problem isn’t solved Bazinga 😂

Ahmed T : Ethically speaking Raj should get the credit because he put in the effort, case closed. But if you wanna look at it legally then perhaps Penny could get the credit because she clicked the photo.

lisamirank : Okay, I don't understand the comments here. Firstly, Raj positioned the telescope and asked her to click a picture of what she could not even recognise (and it seriously could have been her eyelash for all you know). He asked her to look in there. Today, if he wouldn't have even told her its a comet, she's too stupid to even have recognised it. And yes, ideally both Penny and Raj should be getting the credits but if you were to put the name of just one person, Raj's contributions outweighs Penny. Raj could have done it without her, Penny couldn't have

Ran Sherman : i love that people actually argue in the comments, about which of the them is the one who discovered it xD

Phuong Le : She is the copyright owner of the picture casue she was the one that took it

Daniel waugh : Yeah, I think he went a little too far, she deserved some credit for finding it

alexas hayes : Okay here's my take. Penny discovered it using Raj's telescope. Even though Raj positioned it, because he and the other guys refuted the fuzzy object as anything of concern, had Raj been looking at the fuzzy object instead of Penny he would have completely disregarded. Because Penny stood strong about what she was seeing, THAT encouraged everyone else to practically say, "Hey let's see what it is then". Otherwise there is a good chance it would have gone unnoticed.

d w : Actual credit goes to Joey tribbiany

mariam berikashvili : EXCUSE ME???? 4:33 omg her face says it all!

I hope you step on a lego piece : Raj is an absolute arse

Jim Halpert : he should have put both of their names on it

Klaus Heissler : Major credits for Raj, but although Penny DID see it first, I’m routing for Raj, he set up the equipment, got the angle right, then let Penny see through it.

craxnor : While they both have points, and the best decision would be to share discovery, Penny was still the first one to see the actual comet. I could put in some random coordinates into the hubble telescope and tell a random person to look through it. If they found an undiscovered comet then he is the one that found it.

Mohd Khairul : Wow Rajesh, talk about being so low in life that you have steal a credit from a blond hick girl. Neil Gaiman was hillarious though.

Niccolò Ivarson : Raj discovered it... get outta here with penny's bratty-ness.

Vinck Nade : A photographer could have a fantastic high quality camera and set it up on a stand in his backyard one night with the intention of taking a beautiful picture of the sunrise the next morning. But, if he ends up sleeping through it and his wife takes the picture instead because she happened to be up and she knows he wanted one, then she would be the photographer. It doesn't matter what the husband did or what he planned to do, nor does it matter how invested his wife was in photography. In the end, if she hadn't taken the picture, there would be no picture. I apply the same mentality to this fictional situation.

Michael Martin : That's messed up Raj - SHAME ON YOU BAD RAJ VERY BAD RAJ

RuthMcL1979 : Penny discovered it, with Raj’s help, both names should go on the registration!!

Nikita Patole : Penny totally deserves the credit! Raj may have been able to see it without her but he didn’t and she was the one who noticed it. Plus he was looking into it before she was and didn’t realize anything was there

Millie Moomin : Raj didn’t discover it penny did

Flaca81 : So low of Rajesh

B train 8 : Penny discovered it. Raj made a mistake. Showed his ugly side here. If Raj ever learns to listen to his heart, he will grow. Penny, of anyone in that group, needed some validation.

KEVEN : According to some people here, if I discover a pre-historic bone and because I don't know what it is from and I am not a paleontologist I don't get the credit.

Frust OTAMER : Penny doesnt deserve it at all, even if legally she owns it or whatever if she had some decency as a human (which she doesnt) she would understand that raj put the telescope, put the data, had the knowledge and even research about it later therefore he deserves the credit not penny who just like raj says press a button even a monkey can do that

stiras1 : Penny discovered it. Raj wouldn't even have known it was there if she didn't find it first. Positioning the telescope doesn't mean he found it, the person who saw it first and took the picture found it. Poor Penny. Just because she doesn't know what a comet is, doesn't mean she can't discover it!

Sebastian Pascagaza : This proves what I've been saying for a long time, Raj is the worst human being in this show.


Jeffry Syam : They wanna take picture of Mercury, the closest planet from the Sun with that angle??? They forgot to contact their science consultant? Correct me if I'm wrong, as far as I remember from stargazing, we can only spot Mercury around sunrise or sunset time and that elevation angle is definitely too much for sunset / sunrise.

MrBatgodess : Happens all through scientific history sorry penny first to claim or publish is the winner most of the time.

sEE SINGh : 👍it's raj comet. Penny doesn't know the defination of comet. Science rules over monkey. 🤘

xNAJAFx : Huge mistake Raj. He pissed me off in this one. Perhaps Penny forgave him, but im still bothered by this.

Almerina Alves : Raj was very bad with Penny she always helped him and the way he handled her was very selfish and rude

Octavia Skycrew : Penny discovered it. She kept saying she saw something strange and Raj kept insisting it was nothing, saying it was an eyelash. I also didn't like Raj's tone when saying penny didn't discover anything, he came off as rough and abusive toned because she was happy she discovered something. He could have put both their names but he wanted to be greedy. I don't even think penny would have minded him taking credit if he hadn't spoken to her the way he did.

PANKAJ BORKAR : Amy is boring now

Reasonable Gump : I would sue Raj for whatever monetary value comes of discovering that comment. And btw when did the writers turn him back into a jerk? Did he get another girlfriend or something?

exas4791 : I don’t like Raj any more.

WilsonRobron Days : Haha I'm so Stuart when I'm on Twitter

Monkey D. Ruffy : I don't know what Pennys problem is. she is not interested in science at all. Raj deserved this more than her. it's about his career. By penny is all about being famous.

Bill Jenkins : Clearly, Raj is unaware of Penny's history with Junior Rodeo. He's risking castration after being hog tied.

Mokgadi Ramokgopa : Penny clearly discovered it

shruthi girish : When Raj turns into Sheldon 😂

Ruben : 1) Penny discovered the object. 2) Raj identified it as a comet. 3) The office declare it was the first observation of the object. How is something so simple supposed not to be Penny's discovery? It's almost by definition!