I Bought a TESLA!!

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24 Frames Of Nick : This is the funniest update

Christian D'Amore : *Poor nye the homeless guy*

Ian Grams : Aw man, brand new car and the tires are already flat. Good to see you're doing well, though! I live in Ohio so I'm on board with that idea. Also there's a makerspace in Cleveland called think[box] that has 4 laser cutters, a bunch of 3d printers, wood shop, metal shop with lathes, mills, and a water jet cutter and more. Some of the heavy stuff you need to take a training class for but lasers are free to use if you byo material. At the very least, perhaps visit sometime! I could connect you with the manager there.

The Beardless Man : So we get to hear cameramanjohn on a podcast, but still can't see him. Fair enough

Timothy Jesse : Sorry it took so long to watch and comment, I was working. I won't let it happen again.

Sauce Stache : Im SOOOOOO glad that you got to do your tesla thing! hahahah

Christian D'Amore : How to be poor and homeless and THE SCIENCE BEHIND IT!

EpicLPer : I fucking love this guy

Christopher Sagal : What if Camera Man John are all the friends we made along the way?

Micah Philson : Wow, that cutout of the car was special effects? Dude, that's both amazing and way more work than actually making a cardboard cutout!

Ben Payne : 10/10 video editing at the start. Has science gone too far?

Hakkı Oktay : Does that mean you are staying at my house? ARE YOU THE ONE WHO'S EATING MY MAYONNAISE?!

Bryson : Yes come to ohio!! We have corns and lots of it! Do you even REALIze how much lazercorn you can make????

CM4llst4rs : Wow thank you for the shout out!! I hope you like your shirts... I ended up getting a couple for myself because they are incredible! Thanks again!!!!

Wildman Tech : You wpon't find any lasers on craigslist in Ohio.

Aura Ali : aw man, i actually thought you bought a tesla

Mike O'Barr : William and cameraman John were walking down the beach and William was le tired so he looked back to see only one set of footprints..... Turns out cameraman John hates sand(it's coarse.. and rough... and it gets everywhere) and stayed home so the heavy camera gear is what made William's noodle arms and chicken legs so exhausted. Eat your heart out M. NIGHT SHAMALAMADINGDONG

NonTwinBrothers : I bought a Tesla! **wild animal breathing noises**

Christian Oyler : Cameraman John isnt a person or single entity. Cameraman John is an idea. A lifestyle. A way of life.

Plester : Good job camera man John for making a realistic cardboard cutout.

SDG Danny : Does William have a skits channel? I feel like he’d be really good at making skits

_ Drake : Build the laser cutter first then laser-cut a house around it, problem solved.

Nelson Nunes : *He should get a Tesla sponsorship*

wowpaul : This video is not in my sub box...

JBpiification : I came back to watch the CGI again... Well done

fdfoxter : I think you should come to Ohio. The cost of living is much lower, You would be closer to Peter Sripol, and we have less forest fires, but we cant make any guarantees about the rivers not catching fire.

Mariama Joazard : Since I'm camera man John, sorry for kicking you out of my house

Tomy Toka : I don't know why you remind me to jessie pinkman

Benjamin Mann : Ask the Hacksmith for a laser tube.


Mason Ahner : Oh my god that cutout really tricked me

meme review : *_YOU ARE CAMERA MAN JOHN_* I _K N E W_ I T

Impact02 : you got .... (drums) ... ... clickbaited!

Kaden D : Wait was that an actual cut out? I'm having a hard time figuring out this! It looks real but when it falls it looks like its animated. HELP!!!!

Patrik Forsberg : If you move in to a trailer park now that you are homeless (which I think you should) you essentially will become Bubbles from trailer park boys. ;)

Tom Gunnar : will you be documenting and posting the process of building the new laser?

Retz : Not going to lie, I didn't even notice that cardboard cutout was special effects until I watched your Motorhome video.

Kali Takumi : This video sucked Liked and subscribed

aakka p : So if I am the cameraman john.... and you live in cameraman johns house... doesnt that mean... OH MY GOD!

ferencXd : *Bitte*

Lacho Not Tacho : Wow I thought that was actually a cut out!

Tobi Lxtr : Here to see if the cardboard cutout really was fake and now questioning reality.

Believe Them : for that laser time photo you should use a servo to automatically trigger it

Prince Tony : Had to come back and see that cutout again XD

smithcut3 : Omfg I would die if you moved to Ohio, the Ohio city area in Cleveland is up and coming fast, plus I know all the good places to eat and hang out. Ohio city has cheap places to live but they are nice.

Epicytper : I brought a home....... And then it burnt =( (Great update dude)

Nick The Xbox Gamer : You should move to Florida

Logan L : Bad Unboxing: Crappy Science Edition

Mariana Maiane : Bro i just came back to see the cartón

Cookieglue : I legitimately got bamboozled when I saw the cardboard tesla.