Raptor Fan goes nuts after Rudy Gay shoots Game Winner

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liang shen : He did this again today

Frankie Escandon : LOL, "NO! It's Rudy Gay! NOT THIS GUY!"

TGShadow : Coming back here after his game winner vs the suns

Jono Zeng : DEFENSE!!! DEFENSE!!! DEFENSE!!! OH NO IT'S RUDY GAY NOOOOO!!! NOOOO!!! NOOOO!!! NOT THIS GUY!!!! #*&$%^@!*)$&#  Funiest crap ever

GotEmCoachDotCom : This is one of the Greatest Things in NBA History.  I want to shake this man's hand.

psp785 : kobe must have caused depression for this guy

kwhite781 : I love how he realizes its Rudy gay after he had the ball for like 3 seconds ctfu then he starts yelling 😂😂😂

Cedric Wardell : that Toronto accent is strong af 😂

Marco Muto : I can hear the Brampton in him

Christian Lemon : This never gets old

The Boxing Scholar : Oh no! Not this guy!

Kalela : This is the best video ever. Hahaha. Thanks Realgm for the link.


Robert Bui : Who is here after Rudy Gay signed with the Spurs???

Hudsanity : i wish we could see this guy's reaction to Vince Carter's gamewinners..

Cole Wilson : I didnt know Canadians were that mean

Mike Adams : NOT THIS GUY

Dr Be : What fence?

Mike A : Even in 2018 this is still comedy gold

Dalton Chow : Steph Curry brought me here....

Avan Kordi : this will never stop Being funny 😂😂

liftcarry123 : He could do it against the Raptors, but not for them.

Bob G : Thumbs up if you still go to this in 2018 for laughs lol.

SuperHydroThunder : I wonder if this video is like, 90% of why the Spurs grabbed him. His agent probably needs just this video as his lone negotiating tool.

Lil Uzi Vertical Church : this is still the greatest video

Kelly oubre Is cute : He with the spurs now let's get it

Relax Its Green : Who here in 2018?

Team Chitoge : Nooooooooooo

Frobius : This is even funnier because I remember a video this same guy made of a game before this, where Rudy hit a clutch shot, which is why he started yelling no when he realized Rudy got the ball in late in the game again lmaaoo

Hiram Liaga : I will never get tired of watching this video! #hilarious

胡暉 : It's 2019 now and I still watching this video and laugh.

Rafat Shareef : One of the funniest moments in basketball history hands down

Walter White : I wonder if Rudy has seen this video.  I'd love to see his reaction. 

dunkSerb : Still watching this. Epic 7y after

jr twis. : Give me Gay. How about that.

Mrs. Boston Celtics : I can't stop laughing.

Jalen Adolfp : 0:30 Me watching the end of game 3 of raps vs cavs

M K : Imagine sitting near this guy.


Issa Dashti : This guy is 100 percent Iranian. The way he pronounces the English swear words are the giveaway.

Joe Vaughn : Whos here from Andy Hoops?

Causatum : this is cavs fans whenver curry.durant and thompson gets the ball

Anthony Schaff : Welcome to San Antonio Rudy. Pls make more shots like this.

Andre Taylor : 😂😂😂😂😂

Dan Spence : This guy reminds me of Adam Sandler's Toll Booth Willy

pickle rick : laughing so hard right now

Gwynbleidd : legendary.


John Hewell : One of the best videos on YouTube

Dxninja Zek : and then 4 or 3 years later from 2011 rudy gay joins raptors