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Scott goes over his thoughts on those letters on the game boxes. Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ScottTheWoz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScottTheWoz/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scottthewoz/ Music Used: "Main Theme" from Grand Theft Auto IV "Happy-Go-Lively" by Laurie Johnson "Rolling Badguys" from Lethal Enforcers "Stage 1" from Splatterhouse 3 "Cornered" from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney "Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1" from Sonic Mania "Mini Boss" from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island "Emerald Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Main Theme" from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas "Mad Maze Maul" from Donkey Kong 64 "Intermission from Doom" from Doom "Turnabout Sisters" from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney "Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes

Comments from Youtube

xXTheBadCodeXx YT : **everyone complains that there is no rating system** **creates rating system** **complains there is no way for parents to know what's in the game they are buying their child**

Boozmerk : Heck, in Australia, ours are freaking COLOUR CODED, and parents still seem to ignore them.

Chase8080 : It's funny how Super Smash Bros Brawl was rated T (probably because of Snake)

Peridot : Games are allowed to exist and be violent, its creative expression, same with movies, books, tv programs etc. If they didn't we'd all be playing Sesame Street Learning. Its not the games fault for being violent, its because you as a parent didn't look into its rating and decide if your child as an individual is okay to be playing this, a child cannot buy a mature rated game without an adult present. If you buy your child a Mature rated game and didn't notice it you are: A bad parent. If you buy your child a Mature rated game and noticed it and didn't acknowledge consequences you are: A bad parent. If you buy your child a Mature rated game and noticed it and acknowledged consequences, trusting that your child as an individual would be okay to play such a game without negative effects on their mental health, you are: A decent parent, in which you know you cannot blame the system at this point, because it was your idea to buy the game.

Cardboard : Kirby games are rated E10+ because of *succual* themes

Pixel Game Squad : *P O R N*

Catherine Whittaker : I love how some people remove the context from games and their content to suit their needs. A game about preventing deaths is treated as glorifying attacking women. A game about killing demons is treated as a way to recruit people into demonic cults. A game with probably the best single anti-terrorism scene in any piece of media ever is treated as an incitement to enact terror.

Llama Productions : Arrest me because I played an e10 game at 9

joseph baeza : Nintendo was hella snitching on sega

NumberOne#1 : No matter what time period it is, one thing remains constant: parents & politicians will always find a scapegoat to blame instead of looking at the mirror & realizing that they're part of the problem, if not the main problem

Keven And Soki : My mom (and I love her for this) wouldn't let me buy Shovel Knight, because she thought you killed people and buried them, hence, the shovel. She felt a tad embarrassed after I showed her gameplay.

Aqua knight : Yall remember evey death in film Like when mufasa died in a stampede Or when obi wan was killed in front of luke Or the time indiana jones killed his rivals and enemies Or when thanos threw gamora and her dead body sat in her own blood

Genesiz : Gal gun 1: Hey dad can I have this cool game? It's rated E Gal gun 2: *well I guess I have to disable parental controls*

Mutahar Farooq : You just need to be mature to play these M rated games. If you're not, you shouldn't play them. Remember, the ESRB ratings aren't laws. Rather, they are recommendations so you can't stop people from getting whatever they want. My parents let me buy GTA V because I'm mature and not dumb enough to start a school shooting.

Executer 66 : Scott The Woz: Rated U for Underrated

MoInfinite : The European rating system is much more specific and is in my opinion used a little more by the general public. Also, whenever I watch a video game advertisement, in the beginning it says, *P E G I 1 8*

c0nceited : 10:36 S H A K E N U N C H U C K T O R E L O A D

Jake Ashmore : Is anyone else from Australia where we actually colour code things G (GREEN) GENERAL PG (YELLOW) PARENTAL GUIDANCE M (BLUE) MATURE MA (RED) MATURE AUDIENCE R (BLACK) RESTRICTED

Lord Krish23 : Kid: oh yea this m rated Mario game is awesome Mom: what are you playing Kid: it’s Mario Mom: but it’s m rated tho Kid : but it’s Mario tho

fight_and_die 157 : Nintendo: Target- Kids Reality- Teens/Adults -Retarded- Epic Games: Target- Teens/Adults Reality- Kids

Joey Bud : Every main Halo game was M up until Halo 5, dropped to T.

Omega Omnik : Video game ratings! Where Shadow the Hedgehog got the same rating as most Kirby games!

AnimeWolfgamer : Reminder that the ERSB is own by EA. Let that sink in.

Trvial : By far the biggest shining moment in the ESRB was their description of Scribblenauts for the DS. I quote: "Steak can be attached to a baby to attract lions." Pure gold.

Arabella_mc : In my opinion, ESRB tends to rate things a bit too high, which, when parents do pay attention to the labels, restricts kids from things that they can deal with fairly easily. I still have the memory of when I was 7 years old and started playing Wizard101 (with the chat features disabled) and tried my hardest to hide from my mum the fact that it was rated E10+, even though that game was not at all scary in any way to me or my brother (who was 5 at the time), this sort of thing happened a fair amount, trying to avoid my mum from seeing ESRB ratings of games, even though I rarely played anything that would be considered inappropriate for my age by the average person. In contrast, my dad allowed my brother and I to watch him play his own video games, which were not at all for kids, when I was 4-5 I watched my dad play a game with a cutscene where a head was being cut off (which was very gory) and was unphased by it, as well as when my brother and I used to watch my dad play battlefield 2 and were even able to have turns playing it occasionally. That being said, I get why these ratings exist, most young children would be scared by the kind of stuff my dad played, or possibly not understand that what happens in game isn't acceptable irl (which my dad made sure we knew). Anyway, it's sad that these strict ratings are in place stopping kids from playing games they're mature enough to handle, while some parents just allow kids to play games that they aren't at all mature enough to handle, and then complain about how violent video games are ruining society.

Frump Luis : Kids should just play splatoon if they want to play a shooter game.

paco ramon : I prefer the European system 3 green 7 green 12 yellow 16 orange 18 red.

Mincrafter Pictures : 7:17 Sonic The Porny Hedgehog

EnricosUt : *Parent looks at game* Oh! It's rated M for "My child can play this!"

Wammi : Did Howard Lincon now you're supposed to *_save that woman_* in Night Trap

Noral Asiah : Example: Age+ (ESRB equivalant) Description My rating system: 1+ (EC) Games for babies. 3+ (E) Games for Everyone. 10+ (E10+) Games for pre-teens. 13+ (T) Games for teens. 16+ (M) Games for post-teens. 18+ (AO) Games for adults and the elders.

Noah K : It is illegal for a 9 yr old to play Kirby squeak squad (e10+). A cute pink blob swallows stars and spits them out at mice and rats. Wuddya think a kid’s gonna do? Spit on mice?

ggioluzza : They should add red arrows and circles. it works on YouTube,so maybe in real life?

Ultra Derp : "How are so many Kirby games rated E10+?" Have you seen the nightmare fuel that is Kirby's final bosses?!

Buzzing Sign Diner : Well at least making the ESRB ratings the size of the case will save companies a bundle on making boxart.

Doodle D Or Something : Sega of America Doesn’t sound right

Colorful Gamer : I love the happy background music at 7:18, as if he's trying to get away with showing it but probably getting demonitized

Bradley McQuade : Plastic $2 gun toy for kids Government: I sleep Plastic $2 gun used as a controller for a game Government: *R E A L S H I T*

jediguy 12 : Super Paper Mario: - Mario literally gets sent to hell - An entire world is destroyed - A little girl breaks her neck to become a spider monster Rating: E for everyone Kirby games Rating: E 10+ *EDIT* : Anyone who still thinks Kirby games are scarier than Super Paper Mario should go listen to the river twygz theme real quick.

Alveldir S. : That M rated Kirby brings back some unwanted pictures of Kirby I've seen on the internet back to my head. Brain bleach please.

CommencerZ : Rated M for mature M+13

Loyal CL4P TP : When halo was rated T but someone hacked it and showed their ass so it's rated M now.

olivia Magaro : Any game including meta knight is rated 10+ bc his theme is too saxy

Vice TOLUCT : Why does that one kid on the ESRB website video thumbnail look like Goku from Dragon Ball Z?

LAdwv7495 : I get many more violent fits of rage from getting stuck on certain puzzle levels playing Mario than I ever did from losing a fight in Mortal Kombat.

o o : when i was a kid i couldnt figure out what the K-A rating stood for but a lot of the games i loved had that rating so i thought it meant Kick-Ass

PotatoRune : **watches YouTube** **ad pops up** Ad: DiD yOu JuSt AtTaCk My ViLlAgE!?

Prodeucer Posts : Wait...E 10+ came out in 2005???? It was THAT recent?????

privatekitty : Also can someone explain why warframe is m rated?