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Minus Bros. : We live in an age where kids are playing grand theft auto and adults still play Mario.

Pixel Game Squad : *P O R N*

xXTheBadCodeXx YT : **everyone complains that there is no rating system** **creates rating system** **complains there is no way for parents to know what's in the game they are buying their child**

Ultra Derp : "How are so many Kirby games rated E10+?" Have you seen the nightmare fuel that is Kirby's final bosses?!

The Dream Traveler : I think some older parents don't realize that adults are very big into violent and sexual games. They see video games and think "oh yeah this is kids stuff lol" and then get surprised when they see what their kid is playing. I mean the mentality still exists for some people where if you still play games after you're 18 you're still seen as an immature kid who never grew up. Well excuse me for wanting to have fun once in a while lol

Executer 66 : Scott The Woz: Rated U for Underrated

Boozmerk : Heck, in Australia, ours are freaking COLOUR CODED, and parents still seem to ignore them.

fight_and_die 157 : Nintendo: Target- Kids Reality- Teens/Adults -Retarded- Epic Games: Target- Teens/Adults Reality- Kids

Egg Benedict : Now GTA is seen as a kid's game and Mario is mostly played by adults. Ain't that funny.

Peridot : Games are allowed to exist and be violent, its creative expression, same with movies, books, tv programs etc. If they didn't we'd all be playing Sesame Street Learning. Its not the games fault for being violent, its because you as a parent didn't look into its rating and decide if your child as an individual is okay to be playing this, a child cannot buy a mature rated game without an adult present. If you buy your child a Mature rated game and didn't notice it you are: A bad parent. If you buy your child a Mature rated game and noticed it and didn't acknowledge consequences you are: A bad parent. If you buy your child a Mature rated game and noticed it and acknowledged consequences, trusting that your child as an individual would be okay to play such a game without negative effects on their mental health, you are: A decent parent, in which you know you cannot blame the system at this point, because it was your idea to buy the game.

Cardboard : Kirby games are rated E10+ because of *succual* themes

Mutahar Farooq : You just need to be mature to play these M rated games. If you're not, you shouldn't play them. Remember, the ESRB ratings aren't laws. Rather, they are recommendations so you can't stop people from getting whatever they want. My parents let me buy GTA V because I'm mature and not dumb enough to start a school shooting.

Mariocdi : It is weird that night trap is actually coming to the switch

Catherine Whittaker : I love how some people remove the context from games and their content to suit their needs. A game about preventing deaths is treated as glorifying attacking women. A game about killing demons is treated as a way to recruit people into demonic cults. A game with probably the best single anti-terrorism scene in any piece of media ever is treated as an incitement to enact terror.

Chase8080 : It's funny how Super Smash Bros Brawl was rated T (probably because of Snake)

NumberOne#1 : No matter what time period it is, one thing remains constant: parents & politicians will always find a scapegoat to blame instead of looking at the mirror & realizing that they're part of the problem, if not the main problem

Lord Krish23 : Kid: oh yea this m rated Mario game is awesome Mom: what are you playing Kid: it’s Mario Mom: but it’s m rated tho Kid : but it’s Mario tho

Joey Bud : Every main Halo game was M up until Halo 5, dropped to T.

Aquaknight , : Yall remember evey death in film Like when mufasa died in a stampede Or when obi wan was killed in front of luke Or the time indiana jones killed his rivals and enemies Or when thanos threw gamora and her dead body sat in her own blood

Genesiz : Gal gun 1: Hey dad can I have this cool game? It's rated E Gal gun 2: *well I guess I have to disable parental controls*

Justin Y. : Rated E for exceptionally ignored

Lee Thompson-Kolar : As it turns out, _Kirby's Return to Dream Land_ is rated E10+ because of the Scope Shot sub-game. The ESRB usually bumps up the age rating if any realistic or semi-realistic portrayal of military technology/combat appears in the game. Similarly, _Kirby Star Allies_ is E10+ because *SPOILER* the Star Allies Sparkler used in the final boss fight is a shooting vehicle. Funnily enough, _Kirby: Triple Deluxe_ and _Kirby: Planet Robobot_ include minor blood, but the ESRB didn't notice in either game. _Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition_ was hit for blood in _Kirby's Dream Land 3_ and _Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards_ for anyone not in the know.

Arabella_mc : In my opinion, ESRB tends to rate things a bit too high, which, when parents do pay attention to the labels, restricts kids from things that they can deal with fairly easily. I still have the memory of when I was 7 years old and started playing Wizard101 (with the chat features disabled) and tried my hardest to hide from my mum the fact that it was rated E10+, even though that game was not at all scary in any way to me or my brother (who was 5 at the time), this sort of thing happened a fair amount, trying to avoid my mum from seeing ESRB ratings of games, even though I rarely played anything that would be considered inappropriate for my age by the average person. In contrast, my dad allowed my brother and I to watch him play his own video games, which were not at all for kids, when I was 4-5 I watched my dad play a game with a cutscene where a head was being cut off (which was very gory) and was unphased by it, as well as when my brother and I used to watch my dad play battlefield 2 and were even able to have turns playing it occasionally. That being said, I get why these ratings exist, most young children would be scared by the kind of stuff my dad played, or possibly not understand that what happens in game isn't acceptable irl (which my dad made sure we knew). Anyway, it's sad that these strict ratings are in place stopping kids from playing games they're mature enough to handle, while some parents just allow kids to play games that they aren't at all mature enough to handle, and then complain about how violent video games are ruining society.

AapeliSeveri : Tbh PEGI is a better system. It's more clear and accurate. If someone doesn't know what it is, it's the european ESRB. The ratings are: 3 7 12 16 18 With 3 being the "everyone".

Jake Ashmore : Is anyone else from Australia where we actually colour code things G (GREEN) GENERAL PG (YELLOW) PARENTAL GUIDANCE M (BLUE) MATURE MA (RED) MATURE AUDIENCE R (BLACK) RESTRICTED

Mincrafter Pictures : 7:17 Sonic The Porny Hedgehog

joseph baeza : Nintendo was hella snitching on sega

MoInfinite : The European rating system is much more specific and is in my opinion used a little more by the general public. Also, whenever I watch a video game advertisement, in the beginning it says, *P E G I 1 8*

c0nceited : 10:36 S H A K E N U N C H U C K T O R E L O A D

Prodeucer Posts : Wait...E 10+ came out in 2005???? It was THAT recent?????

GeometricalPro : Mario tennis Aces. Rated E for excactly 0% originality.

YouTube Cat : here's my idea for a video game rating that I created 0+ EVERYONE, games like mario, minecraft, and racing games K10+ KIDS 10 AND UP, a bit stronger content, not recommended for children under 10, games like fortnite, roblox, undertale, 5 nights at freddy's, or star wars battlefront T13+ TEENS 13 AND UP, moderate content, not reccomended for children under 13, games like PUBG, batman games, team fortress 2, goat simulator (explicit version), Titanfall 2 T16+ TEENS 16 AND UP, strong content, children under 16 have to have their parents sign a contract, games like GTA5, Doom, Call of duty (the gory ones) A18+ ADULTS ONLY, no one under 18

Omega Omnik : Video game ratings! Where Shadow the Hedgehog got the same rating as most Kirby games!

Christian Thompson : With all of Scott's unique, creative and themed-videos, I would love to see him do one on video game price tags. Like what a game should do to deserve a $60 price tag, and how some games aren't even worth a slightly cheaper price of $50, like 1+2 Switch. Also talking about how many Indie Games are far cheaper but have a lot of content and replayability.

There's a starman waiting in the sky : Age ratings in the UK (and in other parts of Europe I believe) are numbered for some reason. 3 7 12 16 18 Hell, during the GameCube era, there was an 11+ rating, the only game I remember getting that rating was Melee. I guess Mario beating the shit out of Pikatchu was too violent?

Noah K : It is illegal for a 9 yr old to play Kirby squeak squad (e10+). A cute pink blob swallows stars and spits them out at mice and rats. Wuddya think a kid’s gonna do? Spit on mice?

javis88h : In Australia we have colour coded rating system that match movie rating systems (G, M, MA, R) yet people still complain. Did you not see the big black R in the corner?! It's big and black! Unlike that G rated game that is Green! Green means go!

Tom Bear : I remember when I was in middle school, Call of Duty was the most popular game among my classmates and I REALLY wanted to play it because I wanted to fit in. But my parents wouldn’t let me get it because it had a mature rating. Back then I was pretty upset about it, but today when I look back, I realize I was pretty lucky. Unlike me, the parents of my classmates didn’t care enough about them to see what kind of games they were buying their kids.

Chromium Animations : Example: Age+ (ESRB equivalant) Description My rating system: 1+ (EC) Games for babies. 3+ (E) Games for Everyone. 10+ (E10+) Games for pre-teens. 13+ (T) Games for teens. 16+ (M) Games for post-teens. 18+ (AO) Games for adults and the elders.

BeeSquared : Scott over here making the only real positive change for the youth of today. Bless ya baby ❤

Thot Hunter : When halo was rated T but someone hacked it and showed their ass so it's rated M now.

Hansbald : For some reason in Germany, PlayStation Cards are 18+ (and cashiers actually ask for ID) but for some reason XBox Live Points Arent 18+

Games N Glitches : I find it funny when I see a game rated M for blood and violence. Then, I see a game rated T for blood and gore, language,drug use, intense violence. That is just stupid.

Omninaut : The whole age rating and ESRB system is the most pointless and vestigial part of the industry today. AO games get banned In most countries and retailers, really?! Showing a cardboard boob is reprehensable but MKX slicing someone's head in half putting bubble gum on the blood spewing grey matter then posting it as a selfie on not facebook is totally fine. M is 17+ but AO is 18+ and that 1 year is enough to ban it and ruin the children and censor the industry as a whole. What percent of people who play games are exactly 17 years old & wtf does it matter, if 50% of people who play COD are under 14, why does that 1 year age rating matter so much. It's stupid, does nothing and anyone who advocates against violence in videogames "for the children" is just being a bad parent. Most new games get an M rating. If its M, it might as well be anyone over 18. I think there should be stricter regulations honestly. 2 ratings, adults or not. noone whose under 18 can buy those games and anyone whose under 18 that plays them, should be banned online. If a parent complains about their kids and these games, then WHY DID YOU BUY IT FOR THEM. It's an art just like every other medium, you dont like it, dont buy it simple.

Smash JT : Great video as always, Scott! The idea behind the ESRB is admirable; the implementation is weak, and the organization is a corrupt mob run by the AAA industry. They’ve been exposed multiple times though it always seems to fall on deaf ears.

Sasha Storm : in the UK we have Pegi so things are rated on age instead of demographic or the target audience and its kinda like how they rate movies!...(except that's also different in the UK) you have 3, 3+, 7, 7+, 12, 12+, 16 and 18...we don't have AO ratings! and we rate movies as U, PG, 12a (watch with parental guidance even tho It kinda counts as a mix of a 12 and a 15), 12, 15 and 18!

Skeletonslasher Again : One time a game was rated M for blood and gore. The game next to it was rated T for blood and gore, drug references, and sexual themes. Uh, wut?

BromanderInChief : The reason Fight Night Champion got an M rating was because it had two different single player modes: a story AND a career mode. And the career mode had the F word and prison fights in it! Woooo

Radical Edwards : 4:29 OBJECTION!

Lubuzz Deawesome : 5:11 Not anymore! HA! Toys R us Joke! I'm sorry guys please come back I miss you...