Rated E for Irrelevant - Scott The Woz

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Man of Matt : Kirby games are rated E10+ because of *succual* themes

There's a starman waiting in the sky : Age ratings in the UK (and in other parts of Europe I believe) are numbered for some reason. 3 7 12 16 18 Hell, during the GameCube era, there was an 11+ rating, the only game I remember getting that rating was Melee. I guess Mario beating the shit out of Pikatchu was too violent?

Prodeucer Posts : Wait...E 10+ came out in 2005???? It was THAT recent?????

Tarks Gauntlet : A lot of AO rated games only got the rating after release. Games where new things are found in the code or controversy pressures original M ratings to be reconsidered. Kind of saddens me stores refuse to carry AO games. We have the rating, we might as well use it. Would love to see what Agony was supposed to be (Aside from a pile of trash I mean.)

The Dream Traveler : I think some older parents don't realize that adults are very big into violent and sexual games. They see video games and think "oh yeah this is kids stuff lol" and then get surprised when they see what their kid is playing. I mean the mentality still exists for some people where if you still play games after you're 18 you're still seen as an immature kid who never grew up. Well excuse me for wanting to have fun once in a while lol

Executer 66 : Scott The Woz: Rated U for Underrated

Juan contreras : Hell yeah! Lets play some viddy games!

not you : Don’t worry in America it’s okay to slice off limbs and disembowel people but GODDAMN YOU IF YOU EVER SHOW A WOMAN’S NIPPLE!!!

Evan Blenkinsopp : "Promotes violence against women." Ahh, I see. A game where you are meant to PREVENT people from dying, a game where you are berated for letting the women die, is promoting violence against women... WHAT

Charlie Haisman : Rated E for egg

Minus Bros. : We live in an age where kids are playing grand theft auto and adults still play Mario.

The totally amazing goose Goose : ESR🅱️

Modderguy05 Better : This channel right here is rated M for MMMMMMMMMMMMMM THAT'S SOME GOOD CONTENT

CM14 : Parents that blindly buys their child any video game without reading the label should go back to 1st grade. It's not that hard to read, They're LETTERS. BUT, if the child is civil and mature about it and does not turn out to be a squeaking jerk, it's okay in my book. I feel that there is an over-saturation of T/M rated games. Sure a good chunk of them are good and fun, but it shouldn't be the main thing to buy these days. The older E-rated games on the PS2 and GameCube are prime examples of fun gameplay without excessive blood and violence. That's just how I feel though.

jediguy 12 : Super Paper Mario: - Mario literally gets sent to hell - An entire world is destroyed - A little girl breaks her neck to become a spider monster Rating: E for everyone Kirby games Rating: E 10+

Smash JT : Great video as always, Scott! The idea behind the ESRB is admirable; the implementation is weak, and the organization is a corrupt mob run by the AAA industry. They’ve been exposed multiple times though it always seems to fall on deaf ears.

wariodude128 : Saw that rated AO version of San Andreas for XBox somewhere and knew I had to get it. It is now a proud part of my collection. So far the only game I have with that rating. Jerks.

Mike-Daddy : Kirby games are E10+ because of the final bosses consistently being nightmare fuel

Mush Tronic U : 9:27 I still remember getting spooked by 02 in Kirby 64 tho...

Gemtem : my dad bought me doom 2016 with no second thought but thought that the gta games are way too innapropriate

BeeSquared : Scott over here making the only real positive change for the youth of today. Bless ya baby ❤

_xx_alaska5000_xx_ : in the UK we have Pegi so things are rated on age instead of demographic or the target audience and its kinda like how they rate movies!...(except that's also different in the UK) you have 3, 3+, 7, 7+, 12, 12+, 16 and 18...we don't have AO ratings! and we rate movies as U, PG, 12a (watch with parental guidance even tho It kinda counts as a mix of a 12 and a 15), 12, 15 and 18!

JoJo337_ : Honestly, the best thing to come from ESRB are the leaks. Smash 4's leak had me HYPE for the game.

Nagicstic ____ : The new JonTron!

Alex 111 : Some games with M rating (like for example "life is strange") are allowed for 12 year old kids in germany xD

NumberOne#1 : No matter what time period it is, one thing remains constant: parents & politicians will always find a scapegoat to blame instead of looking at the mirror & realizing that they're part of the problem, if not the main problem

DR : Well here in Germany we already have ratings in the size of almost a forth of the fkn box (on 3DS titles for example). They actually removed Yoshi from the new Smash cover to make room for the rating logo.

Twinleaf2623 Channel : Nintendo before the congressional hearings: Had video games based on R-rated movies. Rambo for NES had the word "hell" in the dialogue. 5:00 Nintendo, you are just as guilty as Sega. Shut up and admit that both of you have some faults.

Hannes Da Smasher : Ah yes, If only there was another age rating system that is color-coded and also has the age in numbers on it. *Hides PEGI in trash can.*

HMM : Parents like these need to attend school again.

Aaron Storm : 10:58 "We need to expand the size of these things." ( ¬‿¬)

Looking cool Joker : I lmao'd when a phoenix wright game got rated M

meme man Berzoodle : i just hope despacito 3 recevies an e10+ rating

sUiSaD : rated E for *E*


AwkwardOne : Ha lol in europe we have PEGI and in Germany they even have another system which has these huge ratings that ruin the boxart

BillehBawb : Rated HYSH, for "Hey Yall, Scott Here".

Ice_wolf_01 : i say if parents or the news are going to complain about a game hurting the kids, people should just spam them with the age rating

Crystal Keyblade : It'll always be hilarious when you go to a game store and point out the ESRB logo to a clueless parent. Since the spoiled brats cry is always funny

Lubuzz Deawesome : 5:11 Not anymore! HA! Toys R us Joke! I'm sorry guys please come back I miss you...

petwisk : I laughed hard when The Switch version of Nigth Trap slaped The Screen

BooksWisdom : I personally prefer the rating system of my country, the USK. It just seems more logical to me than ESRB or PEGI.

TheMindOfThomas : Very nice video! I actually wrote a school paper on the Mortal Kombat controversy, so I'm very interested in this stuff. Keep up your great work!


NSan : I never clicked on a video this fast!

Adam Crawford : Can I just say I appreciate the effort went into displaying the word "PORN" in giant letters on your big screen? You could've just made it fill the whole screen in the video but that somehow would've been less effective.

Bossrosslp : T should be replaced with J, for JRPG. Seriously, almost every jrpg/anime inspired rpg is Teen. I guess that makes since, as most to-tv anime seems to get a roughly PG13 rating by American rating standards.

BloomSTRAD : 7:30 I present you the solution to the elusive AO: What if adult shoppes got involved in the distribution of these titles? What if this is THE ONLY WAY you could get a copy for an AO game so that it's not present on PSN or any other online store [since these services refuse to distribute AO] while still being a registered game? Think about it, you have to be older than 18 in most countries to enter these places and you also need a registered ID so it is certain that it won't end up where it shouldn't. Adult shoppes already sell media and things other than sex toys I don't see how this could not work out :D

Dog2puppy MCPE : I hate the media. I can’t go a week without seeing atleast 1 news story about kids health and electronics. And my parents believe the news.

NSan : I wonder how long it took Scott to put the word PORN on his tv? THAT IS DEDICATION!