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Minus Bros. : We live in an age where kids are playing grand theft auto and adults still play Mario.

Tarks Gauntlet : A lot of AO rated games only got the rating after release. Games where new things are found in the code or controversy pressures original M ratings to be reconsidered. Kind of saddens me stores refuse to carry AO games. We have the rating, we might as well use it. Would love to see what Agony was supposed to be (Aside from a pile of trash I mean.)

EnricosUt : *Parent looks at game* Oh! It's rated M for "My child can play this!"

Charlie Haisman : Rated E for egg

Adam Crawford : Can I just say I appreciate the effort went into displaying the word "PORN" in giant letters on your big screen? You could've just made it fill the whole screen in the video but that somehow would've been less effective.

Man of Matt : Kirby games are rated E10+ because of *succual* themes

Ultra Derp : "How are so many Kirby games rated E10+?" Have you seen the nightmare fuel that is Kirby's final bosses?!

The Dream Traveler : I think some older parents don't realize that adults are very big into violent and sexual games. They see video games and think "oh yeah this is kids stuff lol" and then get surprised when they see what their kid is playing. I mean the mentality still exists for some people where if you still play games after you're 18 you're still seen as an immature kid who never grew up. Well excuse me for wanting to have fun once in a while lol

Hannes Da Smasher : Ah yes, If only there was another age rating system that is color-coded and also has the age in numbers on it. *Hides PEGI in trash can.*

Fake tendo : I looked at the back of both Batman arkham city and knight *T* : blood Suggested theming Violence Language Drugs references Alcohol *M* : blood Violence suggested theming Language Yeah, that makes sense

Executer 66 : Scott The Woz: Rated U for Underrated

Dog2puppy : I hate the media. I can’t go a week without seeing atleast 1 news story about kids health and electronics. And my parents believe the news.

whoami : Here in Germany, all the Mortal Kombat games are not allowed to be sold in stores, because of how brutal they are. If you want to have them, you can, but you'll have to import them from Austria. Wait, did I say all? I mean, all Mortal Kombat games, except Mortal Kombat X, which you can buy everywhere if you're over 18. Why? They said it's "so brutal that it's not realistic anymore". I think this describes how useless the whole system is^^

wariodude128 : Saw that rated AO version of San Andreas for XBox somewhere and knew I had to get it. It is now a proud part of my collection. So far the only game I have with that rating. Jerks.

sUiSaD : rated E for *E*

NumberOne#1 : No matter what time period it is, one thing remains constant: parents & politicians will always find a scapegoat to blame instead of looking at the mirror & realizing that they're part of the problem, if not the main problem

meme man Berzoodle : i just hope despacito 3 recevies an e10+ rating

Keltaoselotti : remember when Nintendo said "Dabbing is E for everyone!"

Bossrosslp : T should be replaced with J, for JRPG. Seriously, almost every jrpg/anime inspired rpg is Teen. I guess that makes since, as most to-tv anime seems to get a roughly PG13 rating by American rating standards.

HMM : Parents like these need to attend school again.

Justin Y. : Rated E for exceptionally ignored

Kim Kowanko : To be fair with ace attorney having an M rated game, that particular game, Dual Destinies, (spoilers by the way) had a scene in the final case where a main character believes that they killed there own mother as a child. This confession featured a graphic with a younger version of the character covered with blood standing behind there dead mother, this followed with the line "Mommy didn't look so good so I'm taking her apart to put her back together again." All of which the ESRB thought was worthy of a higher age ranking.

Ice_wolf_01 : i say if parents or the news are going to complain about a game hurting the kids, people should just spam them with the age rating

Aaron : 10:58 "We need to expand the size of these things." ( ¬‿¬)

Lee Thompson-Kolar : As it turns out, _Kirby's Return to Dream Land_ is rated E10+ because of the Scope Shot sub-game. The ESRB usually bumps up the age rating if any realistic or semi-realistic portrayal of military technology/combat appears in the game. Similarly, _Kirby Star Allies_ is E10+ because *SPOILER* the Star Allies Sparkler used in the final boss fight is a shooting vehicle. Funnily enough, _Kirby: Triple Deluxe_ and _Kirby: Planet Robobot_ include minor blood, but the ESRB didn't notice in either game. _Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition_ was hit for blood in _Kirby's Dream Land 3_ and _Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards_ for anyone not in the know.

Prodeucer Posts : Wait...E 10+ came out in 2005???? It was THAT recent?????

AwkwardOne : Ha lol in europe we have PEGI and in Germany they even have another system which has these huge ratings that ruin the boxart

PhantomDogman : Why I'm killer if I'm playing viloent game but I'm not attorney when I'm playing as one in game?

Catherine Whittaker : I love how some people remove the context from games and their content to suit their needs. A game about preventing deaths is treated as glorifying attacking women. A game about killing demons is treated as a way to recruit people into demonic cults. A game with probably the best single anti-terrorism scene in any piece of media ever is treated as an incitement to enact terror.

Alex 111 : Some games with M rating (like for example "life is strange") are allowed for 12 year old kids in germany xD

There's a starman waiting in the sky : Age ratings in the UK (and in other parts of Europe I believe) are numbered for some reason. 3 7 12 16 18 Hell, during the GameCube era, there was an 11+ rating, the only game I remember getting that rating was Melee. I guess Mario beating the shit out of Pikatchu was too violent?

Mutahar Farooq : You just need to be mature to play these M rated games. If you're not, you shouldn't play them. Remember, the ESRB ratings aren't laws. Rather, they are recommendations so you can't stop people from getting whatever they want. My parents let me buy GTA V because I'm mature and not dumb enough to start a school shooting.

Mincrafter Pictures : 7:17 Sonic The Porny Hedgehog

Kniffel101 : 10:57 Funnily enough the USK (Unterhaltungssoftwareselbstkontrolle; German version of the ESRB) expanded the size of the logo and, well... gamers were outraged and still are to this day! >_<

Pixie Panda Plush : Now go over PEGI ratings too. I'm not sure if you know that ESRB only applies in North America, but some people doesn't seem to know it isn't applied worldwide. – (7:20) PEGI doesn't have an AO rating, and it is 18 instead of M. So porn and games like CoD are all rated 18.

BeeSquared : Scott over here making the only real positive change for the youth of today. Bless ya baby ❤


GeometricalPro : Mario tennis Aces. Rated E for excactly 0% originality.

AapeliSeveri : Tbh PEGI is a better system. It's more clear and accurate. If someone doesn't know what it is, it's the european ESRB. The ratings are: 3 7 12 16 18 With 3 being the "everyone".

Giovanni Eich : How about a video about the Street Pass games? You know, the ones, for the most part, pre-installed minigames in the Street Pass Lobby on the Nintendo 3DS? Better make a video about it before Street Pass gets discontinued like WiiWare and DSiWare...

Smash JT : Great video as always, Scott! The idea behind the ESRB is admirable; the implementation is weak, and the organization is a corrupt mob run by the AAA industry. They’ve been exposed multiple times though it always seems to fall on deaf ears.

Mariocdi : It is weird that night trap is actually coming to the switch

BloomSTRAD : 7:30 I present you the solution to the elusive AO: What if adult shoppes got involved in the distribution of these titles? What if this is THE ONLY WAY you could get a copy for an AO game so that it's not present on PSN or any other online store [since these services refuse to distribute AO] while still being a registered game? Think about it, you have to be older than 18 in most countries to enter these places and you also need a registered ID so it is certain that it won't end up where it shouldn't. Adult shoppes already sell media and things other than sex toys I don't see how this could not work out :D

Gamerb0y : Gal gun 1: Hey dad can I have this cool game? It's rated E Gal gun 2: *well I guess I have to disable parental controls*

YouTube Cat : here's my idea for a video game rating that I created 0+ EVERYONE, games like mario, minecraft, and racing games K10+ KIDS 10 AND UP, a bit stronger content, not recommended for children under 10, games like fortnite, roblox, undertale, 5 nights at freddy's, or star wars battlefront T13+ TEENS 13 AND UP, moderate content, not reccomended for children under 13, games like PUBG, batman games, team fortress 2, goat simulator (explicit version), Titanfall 2 T16+ TEENS 16 AND UP, strong content, children under 16 have to have their parents sign a contract, games like GTA5, Doom, Call of duty (the gory ones) A18+ ADULTS ONLY, no one under 18

Lubuzz Deawesome : 5:11 Not anymore! HA! Toys R us Joke! I'm sorry guys please come back I miss you...

joseph baeza : Nintendo was hella snitching on sega

Alveldir S. : That M rated Kirby brings back some unwanted pictures of Kirby I've seen on the internet back to my head. Brain bleach please.

CCzarMasta56 : When I was younger, my mom bought me San Andreas. She doesn't know what Grand Theft Auto was and still doesn't, but she knew that if she had to be one to purchase it, then that means there's something in the game that I'm not supposed to be playing it. But she bought it anyways because she trusted me and knew that a violent game wouldn't have any negative influences on me. Plus, buying me a video game meant that I would be home playing and not out in the streets, god knows where, doing god knows what. I do feel that no one really pays attention to the rating in front of the box. Kid wants a rated M game and the parents will buy it. Sometimes, they're warned by the store worker that it's violent but they ignore it. If that kid turns out to be a piece of crap, they immediately blame the game because they don't want to look in the mirror and point the finger at themselves.

Pixie Panda Plush : (3:50) Mow down men in droves, no problem. Some violence against women? Unacceptable. – And then you still hear that society just hates women? :/