Flat Earths Flat Out Hero Gets His Debunking Video Destroyed!

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Twelve Wing Productions : "Grabity"? Really? This really is painful to watch. Truly cringe worthy. So this guy has never seen a dust storm? Never seen smoke in the air? To the point where he can't wrap his mind around moisture and pressure gradients collecting water around those particles and having them act in the same manner? This really is ... tough to watch.

lukas_marge : Discussing with a flatearther is like playing chess with a pigeon... it doesnt matter how good you play chess... at the end the pigeon will flip the board over, shit on the table and pretend that he won the game

Seth Wooten : This guy seems high enough to actually see the curvature of the earth.

Alexander Knight : This is how social media is having a profoundly detrimental impact on society. Mr. Sunglasses here is a perfect example of the Dunning Kruger in full effect and his YouTube videos effectively allows him to brainwash others into believing absolute nonsense. Anti-intellectualism is on the rise and it is scary as hell.

Minh Nguyen : I simultaneously gain and lose brain cells watching this video...

MJ Saedy : It's so painful to watch an adult who never matured beyond the grade-school bully stage.

J Paterson : I guess the sunglasses in a dark room is a metaphor for his blindness to the world around him.

Simon Gilchrist : Dude, he’s totally right! That window behind you, is that west facing? I’m in Canada waving to you! You can probably see me! Woohoo! Hi, buddy!

Arnold Schwarzerneger : That guy did clearly snort some shit. Indoors in the evening with sunglasses? *The Amphetamine is Strong in this one*

The Happy Flyer : Dan I have no idea how you do it. I find my blood boiling when I watch these videos. Kudos my friend! Kudos.

anywhoyt : I've suddenly have a desire to watch Idiocracy.

Tom Lutes : On drugs or off? Either could be the issue...

Bong Kaos : H2o not gas or ice, water. What don't you understand 😂

Lucky Boy : he doesn't know air has mass?????😂😂😂😂😂.....he's more stupid than me lol

Brent Rollens : The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Of course it helps to have one.

ShockSound Production : I'm just waiting for the day when all these flat earthers would drop their act and say "GOTCHYA!!!"

The GECK : The reason he’s wearing sunglasses is because he is GOOGLING all his answers. He doesn’t want you to see his eyes scanning the screen. Of course he has to read your questions and answers, but this also explains why he’s dragging his answers out. He’s a slacker.... that’s apparently obvious. Also drugs are probably a regiment here.

That Guy : The only coherent point he made was that he is an insufferable prat

Donnie Montoya : I should stop binge watching flat earther videos. I just end up getting angry at these complete idiots.

paulvin2010 : Flat earth hero is hard to watch.

American Citizen : God flat earth folks are just morons. There is no way around it.

William Byler : Flat out hero is what happens when trailer park trash on meth tries to study science.

CRISPR : He's about as sharp as Play-Doh in a rock tumbler.

Malcolm sargeant : Sorry Dan, couldn’t watch it all the way through my BP was climbing too quickly. Noticed 77k subscribers now congrats.

VacuBlaster : I'm enjoying and liking this video and I haven't even watched it yet.... This guy wears sunglasses in a dark room so he doesn't fall in love with his sister.

Perfect Divot : The video of "cool dude chad flatearther" couldn't get any more ridicolous even if he dabbed evry 3 words or so, pretty easy to imagine it with that attitude and credibility

Mike Coffin : 100% certain this guy is on some type of drug.

ANON YMOUS : Ever heard the phrase (You can't argue with Stupid)? I rest my case!!

Robert Small : Also i would like to say that there is a psychological reason that these people also believe in conspiracy theories. It really has little to do with evidence and science opposed to social and emotional insecurities. These people likely suffer from terrible social relationships professionally and romantically due to their paranoia and inability to accept facts backed by science and promote their misunderstanding of things as a lie or conspiracy by the majority. I guarantee you this guy has a problem with authority, has problems with his boss at work, is constantly fighting with everyone he knows, and its actually kind of sad but still its amazing to watch

István Szennai : omg that guy is high...no wonder he speaks rubbish

kaljuhyypio : This is what happens when one loves its own relatives too much.

The Ultimate Reductionist : REAL flat-earthers say "Earf". If they don't call Earth "Earf", they're just flat-earth posers.

Sewer Tapes : Flat Earth Hero needs to let his meth pipe cool down, and read some damn science.

EdisonKeys : I think if I smoked enough meth I might be convinced as well.

Jazz DIRT : Never argue with a fool... people might not know the difference. Also it's really painful to watch.

tricky0ff : When meth heads learn how upload videos. Yikes!

Mattias Gustafsson : I don´t get it. How come WE have to prove the Earth, gravity, stars, space, evolution and all that. But the flatterthers don´t have to prove annything about their made up stuf?

Jamie K87 : "Why aren't fish pinned to the bottom of the ocean." You have to be kidding me.

tuberobotto : I think the issue here isn't so much about their (flattards) talking and debating points, I think the real issue here is WHAT DRUGS ARE THEY INTO? 'Cause believe me, I've seen drug users (meth) up close and personal (I've even worked with some in the past) and I've seen this kind of belligerent, incoherent and dysfunctional behavior in them, they even try to cover their eyes in daylight with dark glasses (to conceal the fact that they haven't slept for maybe 1-3 days). Those who don't cover their eyes would expose a pair of wide open eyes that are either bloodshot or giving very deep and paranoid stares at anyone. Due to lack of sleep and fatigue they naturally become irritable, touchy and eventually potentially violent in both language and actions. Like this flerfer guy must be on to one of those drugs. Very scary dangerous I'd say.

OnceIWasYou : I love that they try to use the parts of scientific knowledge that they like to try and gain credibility. "H2O" - so he believes in atoms? Why? Also, Ice isn't water?! Why does he feel watching a few poorly made youtube videos puts him on a par with people who have spent their whole lives investigating the world and the universe to peer reviewed standards is just pathetic. Absolutely pitiful.

Angie B : This is better than the idiots at the bar... Lol!!

Peet von Moltke : Freemasons? Hell this guy is really reaching

Lucky Boy : same education and stuff .😏😏😏😏😏😏😏......lol

Angie B : Freemasons?! Really? Baaaahahaha!

キョリュークルカーン : If the Earth was round, we would be able to see the back of our heads when we looked at the horizon.

Gareth : After a long day of recording in his 'studio', I wonder if this flat earther watches his video back and think, 'wow I've done a good job', cause if he does, he's more dilusional and beyond help

frostedfur : Drugs are bad mmmmkay.

WolfenRyujin : So... they can zoom in pretty much all they want but as soon as you ask why you can't see america from the coast of france, for example, with a telescope, the atmosphere gets in the way. Sure.

TheBelugaMan : I am waiting to see someone receive their Darwin Award

Spencer Schauer : Dan, thank you for everything you’ve done to fight against these contradictory viewpoints. It’s people like this who make it continually harder to communicate scientific findings to the general public due to lack of governmental trust and the overall effect of anti-intellectualism movements. I’m sure you understand how important your work is here on YouTube and I’m sure I speak for all scientists when I say you are doing the world a MASSIVE favor by arguing against ignorance.