Flat Earths Flat Out Hero Gets His Debunking Video Destroyed!

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Twelve Wing Productions : "Grabity"? Really? This really is painful to watch. Truly cringe worthy. So this guy has never seen a dust storm? Never seen smoke in the air? To the point where he can't wrap his mind around moisture and pressure gradients collecting water around those particles and having them act in the same manner? This really is ... tough to watch.

SapphireXP : Discussing with a flatearther is like playing chess with a pigeon... it doesnt matter how good you play chess... at the end the pigeon will flip the board over, shit on the table and pretend that he won the game

Rage Fuel : meth is a hell of a drug

Minh Nguyen : I simultaneously gain and lose brain cells watching this video...

BRUGAR : Young couple in 1980s-1990s: Boy:You shouldn't smoke while pregnant. Girl:Oh, whats the worst that could happen? 2018: Their offspring: THE NASA IS LAUGHING AT YOU, THE EARTH IS FLAT, MAN.

Simon Gilchrist : Dude, he’s totally right! That window behind you, is that west facing? I’m in Canada waving to you! You can probably see me! Woohoo! Hi, buddy!

Martin Kuliza : 4:37 - 5:00 Actually what PHYSICS TEACHES US IS if you have a fricken ball and you fricken spin it EVERYTHING WILL INDEED FLY OFF IT wait for it... *UNLESS THERE IS ANOTHER FORCE ACTING UPON THOSE OBJECTS* HENCE.... GRAVITY that's what physics says

Alexander Knight : This is how social media is having a profoundly detrimental impact on society. Mr. Sunglasses here is a perfect example of the Dunning Kruger in full effect and his YouTube videos effectively allows him to brainwash others into believing absolute nonsense. Anti-intellectualism is on the rise and it is scary as hell.

Lucky Boy : he doesn't know air has mass?????😂😂😂😂😂.....he's more stupid than me lol

PtolemyauletesXII : This guy is clearly mentally limited. A common thread amongst such deniers of science is a bizarre misunderstanding of the idea that words are merely placeholders for actual things, ideas and concepts, and that the words we use are tools used by us, to describe reality and express ideas. To those of a more simple intellect words are objective things themselves, unchanging, and can be used to overrule obvious fact. We see this with the word 'theory', where a creationist will imagine that a great and crushing victory has been achieved, seemingly oblivious to the fact that words can have multiple meanings, some more precise and specific and narrow than others, and that, even if this were not true, the fact that the word 'theory' might only mean an unverified guess would simply mean that Darwin had made a mistake in calling it the Theory of Evolution, and that we ought not use the word theory any longer to describe the process. Such narrow and literal thinking is constantly on display by these types of people, and is here demonstrated with our friend's objection to the word 'horizon'. In his mind 'duh, horizontal describes a flat straight line, and this overrules the observable scientific facts of reality. It never crosses his mind that even if most people think of the word horizon as describing a flat pane, that this flatness may be a relative flatness, or that a popular understanding of something does not prescribe reality. There must be a term for this type of logical fallacy. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out here. Or perhaps I can invent a new logical fallacy.

Wargen Jarth : That guy did clearly snort some shit. Indoors in the evening with sunglasses? *The Amphetamine is Strong in this one*

Mr Bassman : Fantastic! I'm a Brit, living and working in South East China. Imagine how delighted my mother will be when I phone her and tell her I can see her house from here.

Perfect Divot : The video of "cool dude chad flatearther" couldn't get any more ridicolous even if he dabbed evry 3 words or so, pretty easy to imagine it with that attitude and credibility

MJ Saedy : It's so painful to watch an adult who never matured beyond the grade-school bully stage.

ShockSound Production : I'm just waiting for the day when all these flat earthers would drop their act and say "GOTCHYA!!!"

xxx yyy : So this hero keeps coming back for more; a flat out case of Scidanfreude!

The Ultimate Reductionist : REAL flat-earthers say "Earf". If they don't call Earth "Earf", they're just flat-earth posers.

anywhoyt : I've suddenly have a desire to watch Idiocracy.

Donnie Montoya : I should stop binge watching flat earther videos. I just end up getting angry at these complete idiots.

Malcolm sargeant : Sorry Dan, couldn’t watch it all the way through my BP was climbing too quickly. Noticed 77k subscribers now congrats.

Enuma Elish : Gotta love how their version of debunking is repeating "you're wrong, you're blind, you're stupid" over and over. If zooming in on a boat he saw go over the horizon is enough to convince him the earth is flat, then he probably also believes that illusionists use real magic.

William Byler : Flat out hero is what happens when trailer park trash on meth tries to study science.

Tom Lutes : On drugs or off? Either could be the issue...

paulvin2010 : Flat earth hero is hard to watch.

Seth Wooten : This guy seems high enough to actually see the curvature of the earth.

C. Petey : Flat brain society. There's no gravity between his ears.

Brent Rollens : The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Of course it helps to have one.

ANON YMOUS : Ever heard the phrase (You can't argue with Stupid)? I rest my case!!

Bong Kaos : H2o not gas or ice, water. What don't you understand 😂

That Guy : The only coherent point he made was that he is an insufferable prat

Lucky Boy : same education and stuff .😏😏😏😏😏😏😏......lol

Dave Lennon-Copeland : After watching a few of your videos, Dan, and some earlier ones, I am amazed at how calm you remain in the face of utter mindlessness. Flat-earthers are blinkered; trouble is, they will counter with the same argument. They say proper science and physics are made up... we won't win against their continuous diatribe of pseudoscience; for it is a belief which is exclusively subjective. I take my hat off to you, for the way you present these fools to us. I suppose it is entertaining to watch and hear their inane reasons for a flat Earth... :)

Steve White : Someone give this idiot a tinfoil hat.

Sam Aimson : He looks like a BTEC Noel Gallagher!

Robert Small : Also i would like to say that there is a psychological reason that these people also believe in conspiracy theories. It really has little to do with evidence and science opposed to social and emotional insecurities. These people likely suffer from terrible social relationships professionally and romantically due to their paranoia and inability to accept facts backed by science and promote their misunderstanding of things as a lie or conspiracy by the majority. I guarantee you this guy has a problem with authority, has problems with his boss at work, is constantly fighting with everyone he knows, and its actually kind of sad but still its amazing to watch

im_a_ yes : The worst thing about this guy is that he wears sunglasses indoors.... Second thoughts on that.... Having just watched the complete video maybe the sunglasses are not the worst thing about him.

Sewer Tapes : Flat Earth Hero needs to let his meth pipe cool down, and read some damn science.

James Morrow : I guess flat-earthers can't bathe or shave either I'm surprised this guy knows anything about water finding its level cuz it looks like he's never been in a bathtub😃😃

IcarusPanda : I feel dumber for watching this fool.. how do you do this every week?

KoolBreeze420 : Here's the debate FE all your evidence is fake SLAP thanks for coming. I want Elon to give a seat to one of the FE leaders and send him on a trip around the moon but here's what he will say it was just a simulation. We never even left earth they must've drugged us and stuck us in a VR simulator somewhere or something even dumber and what we saw was a rocket flying up to the dome and then come back down before hitting it nothing will change there mind nothing I tell you. Education has failed these individuals and it's a shame I truly feel sorry for them.

Brian Wind Grøndahl : Jesus Christ. can this get any worse?? pore people 😳😳 I don't get it i really don't get they believe this..

frostedfur : Drugs are bad mmmmkay.

冨樫カーン : If the Earth was round, we would be able to see the back of our heads when we looked at the horizon.

Pablo Corte : Poor guy...

nigel iloilo : Its not true that zoom will always show. Yes just lying.

Dylan Hicks : 1:33-2:18 was such an epic monologue.

Jamie K87 : "Why aren't fish pinned to the bottom of the ocean." You have to be kidding me.

Mask 1O1 : Level could also mean that all points of an object are perpendicular to gravity

KinU4U : Everytime i watch a flat earther i feel better about myself. Me and my kids climbed a mountain that is very easy to drive on one aide and very steep on the other. It was a clear sunny day. We were able to see veeeeeery far into the horizon. At some point there is some mist but my son asked the most exilirating question. Dad, why is the land bending? I almost cried knowing how many idiots think the earth is flat. The curvature is so small that you don't observe it unless you really focus. My son saw it immediately. He is 9 years old.

CragScrambler : I can't stop watching these videos, these flat earth folks are too funny, kinda sad because they are obviously deficient, but still funny in a cringy sorta way.