Police arrest funny man

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Cyrus Parker : It's amazing how some comedy is created so naturally

Deth Rogen : Watch your fingers mr. Bootyhole man 😂😂😂

I AM DOODLE : my safe word is pineapple juice

Danielle XOXO : "every strong man gotta sensitive side" 😂

Insomniac Mess : U think I’m in palettes

superjsun : If that's Donkey, where Shrek at?

I'mBraydenWigginz : Why did they taze him?

L MV : How is the officer NOT laughing!? I would of taken a time out

Im Not Renegade : I got snacks. 😂

Keef GTO : Omg someone give him a reality show

Coal : He's not a police, he is a *B O O T Y H U N T E R*

GrownAbyss : "uhhhh he strong" 😂😂

mike mac : hahahaha what's your safe word

Davidfails : You didn't get me I got you...😂💀

Microscopix : That’s my flash drive, don’t look in it


Nervous Possum : Those sounds he was making were halarious

Julio Palacios : That scream when he tased him😂😂

Steve Kimble S. : Dunno why but i like this guy. He was so dam funny. I like his sense of humor.

Michelle Hastings : U gonna drag me down the highway

Sad Rapunzel : It was 4am here in London, I was In my room, feeling really down and then I came across this on YouTube and it made my morning :')

Jasmine Powell : This whole video is so quotable

zealotguy : He like "I'm already going down, might as well have fun."

Alex Watts : This donkey from shreck turned into a human and getting arrested

Swordsquire : Dude got jokes! LOL!

Greeny : "Limited edition" 😂😂

avenged death567 : Wayxh your fingers bootyhole man

Rob Powell-Mantle : If Eddie Murphy got arrest this is the video!! Get that man in the movies :)

Milli W : Why taze him while he is face down and contorted like a pretzel? Glad my city officers have respect for others... we fire entitled dirty cops real quick

Manuel Juarez : I just realized that this happened in the parking lot where I get my haircut at hahaha

Greefydod : "Im a feminist"

logan harris : I need the story behind this

Swerfsip : Perfect character for a new Spider-Man movie with those witty lines

BlåckWølf4000 : *1:25* *Don't do drugs kids* 4th wall break in real life 😂😂😂😂😂

Juan Mendoza : I would have screamed "PINAPPLE JUICE" after being tazed I hearing the sound.

Keep it lowkey Plz : “Real talk tho, in my car.... I got snacks”

jenny moody : Can i change my safe word to pancakes no ill stick to pineapple juice i like pineapple juice

Just Thach : Watch your fingers booty hole man

Lee The Flea : Lol I was grinning at the video but the comments had me struggling to hold back laughter in a thin-walled apartment.


Sara Windsor : Is this real? Lmao I wanna know the story behind this.

kablooey 423 : he's worried about his snacks

Life's Just A Trip : PATTY MAYO!

Fish Gutz : There was no call for that tase. He was compliant.

Waverly Eafford : Why did he tease him?

Mike Mathias : They need to give this guy a job in comedy.

boonk gang 21savage : A watch ur fingers Mr booty hole man lmao.🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅

Arin Gokdemir : "that's as far as I go! u think I'm in palettes"

Robert Gratton : Not a cop... he a bounty hunter

A sketchy Frying pan : This isn’t a cop he’s a bounty hunter called patty mayo on YouTube you blatantly stole this of him