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Albert K : Thumbs up for the shirt! 🇨🇦

Phil B : 6 months ago I wouldnt have cared for a video like this, but I laid some sod in my yard recently. This guy's grass looks amazing

Denis Brisebois : Beautiful lawn and flowers Connor. Rain is coming here for us too today ... much needed for us as well. Have an awesome week my friend !!! Great 👍 T-Shirt BTW ... I love it 👊... 🇨🇦 !!!

Aaron Abraham : Congrats on the 10k subs! Those rocks don't seem to have grown much since the last video but I'll keep watchin' 'em.

John Fetter : Great video Connor. I am sure you can probably find those low spots again from your video, but I purchased some cheap irrigation flags from Home Depot. I will stake out my low spots with the flags and remove them once I have filled the low spots. Also, I mix potting soil with sand. Here in Texas the sun really heats up bare sand.

Ed : lawn looks like a giant piece of astroturf .. super flat and .1% weeds

Jeremy Batsche : Happy Father’s Day brother, it’s looking good.

Bill Brandon : connor do you get deer ? is that why your garden is so well fenced?.....its almost impossible to grow veggies in Ohio without a fence...we have more deer than in 1850....hunting is not allowed in certain areas and the deer are like cattle

Wayne Essar : Would maple syrup make a good biostimulant?

Doc Fullthrottle : Happy Father's day!

Julio Diaz : Happy father day

trevor corey : Great vids. Keep up the good work

John Kay : There's something about a rain that makes a lawn look healthy and happy. I love that golf course look you have in the scalped turf area with the two different mowing heights.

seminole715 : Gorgeous! Thanks!

Taylor Scott : My main focus/question right now is for this fall for seeding fight POA, do I put down my pre-emergent to keep the POA out and skip over seeding? Or spot treat with pre-emergent in the know bad POA spots and oversees the rest? Or do I just throw down the seed and hope for the best. Hoping the rescue will choke out the POA overtime? Thoughts?

Paul Tanner : Hey Connor I have a question, I live in the DFW area in Tx and for the last month we have had a tremendous amount of rain and I have a lot of those mushrooms growing up. is there anything you can put down to keep them from growing or is alright? Thank you sir.

Lawn Tips : Dat colour 👌🏽Looking good man

v8soarer1991 : Don't get me wrong by saying. Nearly every video you have put more fertilizer down or enhancement product. You have turned your lawn like others on youtube that do this for others. Which is a great thing into a Lawn Fert Crack Addict. Scott's Slow Release and Extreme Green apply 3 times a year and not in the Winter months. Apply more and risk lawn burn. Am i Missing something?? could do a video to explain why the high than normal application of your lawn to other lawns.

Bo : Interesting you use sand and not top soil for leveling. I'm certain you will say Kentucky Bluegrass thrives in sand but dirt seems better to me. Regardless you know what your doing, beautiful yard !

Barb Zylema : I would love to get 3/4" of rain. This time of the year, where I live, as soon as the rain hits Lake Michigan it all falls apart and I don't get anything or all I get is sprinkles, enough to get the payment wet.

Paul's Prime Cuts : Don’t you wish you could choose the picture utube puts up for the video

kmonnier : How many days between application and expected green up on the milorganite?

Larry Funk : New subscriber from The Great White North eh! Love your videos Connor. Always real and very informative! 🇨🇦

james 123 : That's amazing!!!

wnracing : Ugh.. Mushrooms and POA.. I have a deep hate for them both. They're definitely pisser offers for me.

Connor X : One of the most impressive lawns on youtube....How do you go on a week or two family vacation and not freak out about over growing your lawn??? lol...

William Hahn : .7" and ponds in the yard?? What happens if you get a real storm?

Ryan Leach : Unless the soil is at complete saturation, wetting agent will suck that water down.

J M : Thanks for sharing the update and showing the 13E section progression.

J M : I think the next video should be poa meets paint brush with a special treat.

Zebra : POA=Pisser Off-er!

chris a : Happy Fathers Day !! What a nice day it was here also in California nice cool overcast highly unusual.

Joel Henderson : Conner the pretty good we're hot and dry in Oklahoma 100 degree days and no rain we need it badly! Your lawn looks great! Conner how are you going to take care of the poaw or how ever you spell it?

David Arbogast : Random comment: I could just listen to you talk all day long. Love your videos!

Nathan Hamilton : “That’s a low spot.”(mentally filed as lawn enemy)

Zac Jackson : Colors are poppin!!! When will you share your anti-POA tactics and results?

Musk -eteer007 : Great lawn...horrible shirt😄

Uncle Buck : You forgot the stache watermark...

Nathan Hamilton : No doubt that pathway is getting ripped up. 😃

David Anderson : You make some of the most soothing videos to watch, thanks Connor.

warren okano : Awesome recovery in your backyard, Connor

GS540 : 9.7/10 for the lawn. minus 0.3 for the low spots.

David Courts : How often do you water your lawn if it doesnt rain for a week or so and the temps are 80s to 90s

Effen Truth : I really enjoy and appreciate seeing the different ways people like to present their lawns. Some like it short, some like it longer, and others like stripes. Just an individual choice. I prefer mine longer (2.5-3) and would prefer no strips at all if possible. If I could eliminate all mower stripes I would.

Tom Brown : I love the reel mowers! but to expensive 😞 any idea of where to get a cheaper used one? I have been looking but no luck

kccustom1 : At least somebody is getting rain.

Norbert091081 : Nice Video again...i Love that. Your lawn is great.

coleman fuqua : Keep the videos coming

Sean Kriner - 3sverizon : I wish I had your lawn Connor, I just bought a toro reelmaster 2000d today.

CANE97 : Have you ever tried playing golf on your lawn? Maybe next time you should mow a putting green and show us how it works