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Qwerty0791 : KO?! That was straight up MURDER.

MilkyMushrooms : In the idea room... WE HAVE TO MAKE THE GIRL WIN OR ELSE ITS SEXIST!

RDD gaming08 : I'm Not a street fighter fan but i'm sure Vega Should've won That was bullshit!

smokinbull123 : Dislike for vega losing

Artisntdeadyet : This needs to be a movie

Shake Zula : vega would've won

TragedyStrikes : Vega should of won! >:(

lllamlll : "WE HAVE TO MAKE THE GIRL WIN OR ELSE ITS SEXIST!" - but, but it's JUN. She fought off the Devil, who was trying to possess her son Jin while she was still pregnant with him. This is no ordinary woman.

Federica Biscuso : that guy playing Vega is crazy attractive

Razvan Sedekiah : I really want someone to hire this guy to make a new live action street fighter movie. I just adore the style of his videos! Wonderful! So fun! I love seeing the moves and hits so clearly.

JGS Music : Why did the sound of Ryu's Haduken have sound fx from Mega man's power charge? lol

IAmGunzNoob : VEGA IS BEAST... and that's not ryus stance

PeliChan : 1:40 MEGA MAN!

SedateCore Gaming : anyone else notice the claw changed hands?, but honestly IDC Amazing video!!!

onlyone23km : Jun at her sexiest, but they got her shoes wrong. They should've had the school girl shoes.

minihali : The guy who brought a claw, to a fist fight ends up losing? Something is fishy here

*insert japanese name here* : HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT that was awesome

Sean Lydon : 0:57 when it became "Pit Fighter"

Misleee : YASSS jun!! I grew up on tekken and jun is a strong character!

omgenji : WOAH WOAH...Did he seriously just use a sound bite of Megaman charging his blaster for Ryu charging his hadouken?!?!  BLASPHEMY!

DeSadeM : lol fucking Pit Fighter

Isaac Hill : Street fighter fans I'm mortal kombat

Echo Noir : I'm calling bullshit on this, vega should've won

Dreadmaster231 : Great CGI work, Music is awesome, and the whole of it is great. The fighting choriography however needed a little more work, otherwise pretty legit!

ABONESR : BS. No other character should pick Vega's claw.

halafradrimx : She looks nothing like Jun in this video.

BearWitness : Nobody trains on defense? 😂

KiyokaMakibi : Nice touch with the retro game style :D

Khylle Nathan Caballes : I want to vega to win

TeamVulpix Kage : Jun Kazama Vs Balrog(Vega)

julien Pribil : good sfx but it's not the spirit of street fighters, (no special moves.., its the voice of zangief for the vega grab...)

shenell johnson : For the ones saying jun should had lose your wrong she fought off devil possess great mother earth chi plus incredible techniques that counter very good Vega and chun li doesn't stand a chance no hate but facts she been in the tournament more than her son jin kazama

CrystaJoy : RIP Jen Oda...:(

dRedDevilb : No soundcloud or facebook, feels bad man. I actually wanted to see more of your brother and his music.

PseudoNymph : This video should have waaaaaay more views

Alexander Gr : Cool

Shake Zula : 0:42 C-C-C- COMBO BREAKER

Okyop : v skil damit

B G : It's a shame she's dead now. Jen Oda was murdered by her husband Vincent Maggio.

Leonidas Victor Scaleholm : now that was pure bullshit ( automatic dislike )

Goku Black Dragon Ball Super : kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk

Lonax Shard : this was good but not as good as the mortal kombat one

thegreenskeletor : not your best, still portfolio worthy for sure

Energetic™ Cuunt™ : this is cool

Tkai Baker : Vega should be a killer in a movie like Friday the 13 ya know its all in the mask

bukaryu bonzai : where as vega and ryu, only use their "dark" chi.

bukaryu bonzai : jun is "earth" based tai chi. She can use "elemental" chi and focus.

Dizzy205 : i started off disagreeing with the video lol. jun vs chun li? come on! ms. li all the way

Ziek Carter : Boooooo Vega should of won

LazyMcLazy Gamer : Those special effects though lol