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Qwerty0791 : KO?! That was straight up MURDER.

MilkyMushrooms : In the idea room... WE HAVE TO MAKE THE GIRL WIN OR ELSE ITS SEXIST!

RDD gaming08 : I'm Not a street fighter fan but i'm sure Vega Should've won That was bullshit!

smokinbull123 : Dislike for vega losing

Shake Zula : vega would've won

Artisntdeadyet : This needs to be a movie

minihali : The guy who brought a claw, to a fist fight ends up losing? Something is fishy here

TragedyStrikes : Vega should of won! >:(

lllamlll : "WE HAVE TO MAKE THE GIRL WIN OR ELSE ITS SEXIST!" - but, but it's JUN. She fought off the Devil, who was trying to possess her son Jin while she was still pregnant with him. This is no ordinary woman.

Federica Biscuso : that guy playing Vega is crazy attractive

Razvan Sedekiah : I really want someone to hire this guy to make a new live action street fighter movie. I just adore the style of his videos! Wonderful! So fun! I love seeing the moves and hits so clearly.

JGS Music : Why did the sound of Ryu's Haduken have sound fx from Mega man's power charge? lol

Zavi Aman : Boss vs Bitch doesnt add up

IAmGunzNoob : VEGA IS BEAST... and that's not ryus stance

PeliChan : 1:40 MEGA MAN!

David Argo : Have you guys even played street fighter or tekken?? That's not how vega fights his normals are all wrong he doesn't do any of that also Jun's fighting style was all wrong why did she have chun li's voice at one part? And wtf was up with that stance ryu had? ive never seen that in a street fighter game/anime or movie you guys need to research more before you just put up random fight scenes together.

Phuong Nguyen : no windwheel-kick? what a pity xD... but still great work

Misleee : YASSS jun!! I grew up on tekken and jun is a strong character!

onlyone23km : Jun at her sexiest, but they got her shoes wrong. They should've had the school girl shoes.

Hercules : That Jun was so bad-ass. I which the choreography was more inclined to each fighters' style. Nevertheless, this was so hella. 

SedateCore Gaming : anyone else notice the claw changed hands?, but honestly IDC Amazing video!!!

courtney savage : Dude plz make more... Plz

Sean Lydon : 0:57 when it became "Pit Fighter"

B G : It's a shame she's dead now. Jen Oda was murdered by her husband Vincent Maggio.

omgenji : WOAH WOAH...Did he seriously just use a sound bite of Megaman charging his blaster for Ryu charging his hadouken?!?!  BLASPHEMY!

Dreadmaster231 : Great CGI work, Music is awesome, and the whole of it is great. The fighting choriography however needed a little more work, otherwise pretty legit!

ABONESR : BS. No other character should pick Vega's claw.

Mike Diva : @hahatrolledyou ragerageragerage. you got me, nice troll bro ;)

Mike Diva : @thomasisnotatrain you and me both ;)

Mike Diva : @diepz1 RivenX3is crew is awesome at fight scenes cos thats their specialty. this is my first, cut me some slack haha

Mike Diva : @ecuadragon thanks brotha :)

Mike Diva : thanks!

Mike Diva : @quicktooth1 this is my first attempt at a fight scene dude, chill out. I was hired out to do this and I dont know every little thing about the Tekken back story because I have a life. I chose jun cos she was the easiest tekken character to recreate with the budget we had. Plain and simple.

Mike Diva : @SuperInstantNinja thanks homie!

Mike Diva : @quicktooth1 word, sometimes stuff gets hectic and i dont have as much time as i'd like to plan everything i'm doing. Probably should have looked into it a bit more. next time i do a videogame ad i know now that i needs to get more of my facts straight. Video Game fans dont fuck around!

Mike Diva : @Tygurz yup!

Mike Diva : @mitzanu2007 hahaha did you just teleport here from the 90s? NOT? really??

AcidGlow : Live Action SF vids have never turned out good..

Mike Diva : @Hampeww lol i knoright? thanks brotha, appreciate the support :)

Mike Diva : @quicktooth1 cos im not a geek? me neither.

Mike Diva : ADGGHHH!

Mike Diva : @TowelTroi thanks my dood! :)

Mike Diva : @DanceLikeANitwit except before every fight. he starts off with his mask off and puts it on

Mike Diva : thanks a lot!! :D

Kadafi69 : holy cow anytime Mike Diva is attached to a project its one of the most creative/impressive things i have watched. this guy is legit. -Caleb

Mike Diva : @MrNicholasRoberts tbh id much rather direct and edit than star in shit hahah. im with ya brotha

Mike Diva : @felix1600 check out the links in the description dog

Mike Diva : @Cliftonic ooooh snap dog. sickburnnnnnn

Mike Diva : @KevinCorporation best comment ever

Mike Diva : @TobersProduction yeahh i like to do a lot of different styles of video mang. i cant fuck around with just serious stuff, or just goofy stuff, i have to be doing both at all times. Glad you appreciate this kinda thing tho. Most people just like my goofy pranks and shit i dont really care about haha.