DragonForce - Through The Fire And Flames - Cole Rolland (Guitar Cover)
Through the fire and flames on a REAL guitar

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Hakan alp : This is illegal. This guitar isn't over 18

Yomi : But can you play smoke on the water on the E string?

RashipRichter : Director: so how fast do you want this song to be? Dragonforce: *yes.*

Andrea Bacciu : Alright, then. Keep my girlfriend.

Ben Harmon : I think I'm going to have to return my guitar. I'm pretty sure its defective because it doesn't do this at all.

M3D!CAND3NG!3 : imagine if he didn't press record....

Enterprise Chan : Teacher:What instrument do you play? Dragonforce: *S P E E D*

wushdishmeen : who else images that they could play this good and just whip out a guitar and impress everyone with this song at any moment? this guy is living that dream

officer d : I feel like some songs shouldnt be copyrighted for the absolute amount of skill u need to play them

Johnny DXer : 6:00... I'm surprised the guitar didn't burst into flames at that point

the back alley crack maggots : Solo: Normal band: usually in the middle or end Dragon force: yes

Wrath Oranos : As someone who can't play a note, watching a performance like this is quite literally, indistiguishable from magic.

Leesyooj85 : He’s definitely using a cheat code..

Honk Honk : Good evening sir, do you know why I stopped you tonight? Do you know how fast you were going?

Kansheek : One problem. You didn't lick the guitar at 8:08. Disgraceful.

MovieZ 1 : I can play a G chord

Duck : No one: Herman li: *I M S P E E D*

Zaki San : Taylor swift and Ed Sheeran be like Playing G chords and Billion views.. . Oh no. Stevie t should react this video

Arth GOD : Paused the video to let him rest his hands :)

xrizbira : We all know that guitar is a paid actor. You can't fool us

Shane Barger : Hope that guitar was 18 years or older

George K. : Your girlfriend must love you.

CosmicGamer : even though he smiles, I can still see the unimaginable pain he's going through in the fingers. trust me, i'm a fire and flames expert guitar hero 3 surviver.

GJunior NKay : Lucifer: Tell me, what is it that you desire? Cole: YES

Oliver Heck : What cheat codes were you using? I want them

Herson Lae : It's very rare to see someone playing Through The Fire And Flames this perfectly.

Qais Al Nimry : guitar teacher : do you want to play fast Herman li:YEESSSSSSSS

bleh : Go conquer America's got talent or something man

Derrick The Tiger! : Kid: I beat through the fires and the Flames on expert in guitar hero! People: whoa, I think you’re the coolest person ever. Him: hold my beer and hand me a REAL guitar

Angel Mejia : I didn't deserve to watch this for free

Fiky Firmansyah : Wow, you scored 1,768,790. New record in guitar hero

Michael Reynolds : Record studios: how many solos does this song have Dragonforce: Yes

Matheus Araujo : Na guitarra é fácil, quero ver tocar no controlo no Very hard 🤣🤣🤣

Mikhail Farrugia : Ever heard of spontaneous human combustion? U just witnessed it.

MooMooTheSpaceCow : Gas Station Salesperson: How many energy drinks have you had today? This guy: Hold my drink.

Wyatt Travers : Very impressive, but can you play Smoke on the Water?

Félix Leroux : There's always an asian that'll do it better than you. But this is an exception to this universal rule. That was incredible my friend, really. Love from Canada

Raphael 123 : idk why, but im kinda remembering gravity falls 🤔🤔

Hengky Fernando : so cool but i think it's like lipsync. i didn't hear your real distortion of guitar.

DragonFire 1313 : Very impressive but can you play with fi- wait wrong channel

Life is To short : Dude has aimbot, can't miss a single note

Blazingwolf : When your at a final boss fight with one life left

Tommy Hwang : You should colab with the flute guy LOL

M W : Did you pre-record? Or am I hearing the wah-wah from the original track? It's very confusing hahaha.

goaliedude32 : You can really tell that Through the Fire and Flames is "your song". It may seem like through most of the song you're robotic and just playing what's muscle memory, but as a (former) guitar player there's subtle little things I pick up on that shows you're passionate about it. And of course during the solo's you were loving it. Excellent video

The Sizzler : Verry impressive, but can you play Un Gorro de Lana?

kratos : Damn man, you can shred with flu- Oh shit wrong video

Tirta Prabu : i cant imagine how so happy your girl friend with your finger 😅

Rey Barrera : You can hardly hear your guitar, obviously a crazy song to play though. Great cover nonetheless. I couldn’t do this