DragonForce - Through The Fire And Flames - Cole Rolland (Guitar Cover)

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Nicklas Murray : Very impressive, but can you do... ....you know what nevermind. You can do it anyway.

Soft Kore : This isn't talent, it's skill. Get it right kids, no one is just able to play this, it takes hard work and a load of practice, so stop calling him talented, call him skilled.

4eversnowboard : Worst tutorial ever

Chad Wild Clay : I had to double check and make sure I didn't have YouTube set on 2X speed. I'm a good guitar player, but dude you shred circles around me!

jaccozomer : His girlfriend has to be the happiest girl on this freaking planet... damn

john ocampo : Can i borrow your hand just for a night, just to make a lot of money out of it 😂😂😂

Asthma Cow : this song is the number 1 reason of guitarist depression :D

Blog'n'Vlog : Amazing performance! 1.3k dislikes of jealous cumsocks sitting in their bedroom, failing at everything.

pleb : how much monster energy does it require to move one's hands at that speed?

VenNoel VA : I won’t be impressed until you can do this on a plastic guitar with 5 buttons.

luke ogbourn : I can just about play a D chord so beat that

Zenthex : 5:17 wtf is even happening

Jaflux : I couldn’t even do this on guitar hero with four buttons

Le grand empereur cosmique : Did the singer talk about the guitarists fingers when he called this song « trough the fire and flames »?

Composerily : What a throwback. I remember trying to play this song on guitar hero on expert mode. Amazing cover!

Azcazey06 : i felt good about myself after knowing how to play an ed sheeran song and then i see this...

Karpe Film : now. try playing it on expert!

Festin J Ekissa : That was impressive... all I know is my way around a G-string.

Franz Escuzar : Can you make a guitar cover of Johny Johny Yes Papa

FamilyJules : Destroyed it, dude. Amazing work!

Megaterium : Very impressive, but can you play i believe in miracles?, because i dont

Icekun Sama : nah, ill just play the rabbit force

oufa prime sentenil : One explenation.... he hacked the game

Frater Ophidrion : Bruv, wut? Are you from Asgardr?

Pablo Guzman : You must be half asian, that's awesome

Skelpfyah : Pretty lame that u play over the actual song, make ur own backing track u tool. Now sounds double shit. Even though ur skill is amazing.

Diego Rodich : GENIOOOO! saludos desde Argentina!

The Man : You need to do freebuuuuurd

myguitarsings : I rememeber the first time I heard this tune, Yngwie meets The Offspring 😎

BrokenCode : eargasm since first second

Mateusz Sawicki : With that skill don't even try to finger a girl - she'd be dead within the first minute.

Bruce Dickinson : O desgraçado ainda por cima é bonito, não da pra competir.

Hakan alp : This is illegal. This guitar isn't over 18

Joosy Josh : That’s a sexy guitar

WayneTwitch : But can he djent 0--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0---0-0-0--0-0-0- ?

Fadly Pratama : crazy fingers bro????

Lossatbear16 : When you do this on plastic guitar then I'll sub and like

Dany Cascal : He fingered a girl once. She died

hanniher orminson bedon madrdi : Huviera otro que le colabara

Johnathan Wilson : Nice

muhammad fairoz : Awesome trick

Kyle Fujino : That was absolutely amazing. Best cover I’ve ever seen hands down! The fact that people actually thumbs downed this is sheer nonsense. Thanks for the vid bro! 👍🏼👍🏼

Cypher Brittainne : This is by far the best cover of Through The Fire and Flames. Wow, just WOW

darshan kumar : All these fools asking you to play smoke on water can't see the smoke from your finger tips.

Yanda Gus Cholik : Amazing bro . . ..


S4M GUR : Edan !!!

EL NIGGA MAS HARDCORE : And Fury of The Storm

Vincent Tjong : Damn son!