DragonForce - Through The Fire And Flames - Cole Rolland (Guitar Cover)

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Kore : This isn't talent, it's skill. Get it right kids, no one is just able to play this, it takes hard work and a load of practice, so stop calling him talented, call him skilled.

Wyatt Travers : Very impressive, but can you play Smoke on the Water?

Daniel Horn : Solo: Normal band: usually in the middle or end Dragon force: yes

JJ's One Girl Band : I've seen your older cover of this song, it's amazing you redid this with the awesome quality stuff you have now! However... with your powerful playing I always think your guitar will break into mutiple parts xD Far beyong impressive! Wish I just had 5% of your talent.

le super critiqueur : It's fake he never press the orange button...

Nicklas Murray : Very impressive, but can you do... ....you know what nevermind. You can do it anyway.

Brian Mann : I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

PKM1 : Instructions clear, girlfriend orgasmed successfully.

Frank Dangler : Hope that guitar is at least 18

Gabriel Allison : Really, 2,989 dislikes why?, this is amazing some people need to rethink their choices in life.

Caleb Caldwell : Sure this is impressive, but can you play like lil Wayne? Didn’t think so

E T G : I can play smoke in the water on one string....

1K subscriber without video challenge : But....... can you play it in GUITAR HERO at EXPERT MODE 😂😂

Shaumi Mehta : can I get the tabs?. ups, sorry wrong channel.

Composerily : What a throwback. I remember trying to play this song on guitar hero on expert mode. Amazing cover!

Wade Shirk : This video gave me arthritis lol. Slayed it bruh 🤘

RaNdOmIzEd2017 : I swear I was wearing pants a moment ago

PKM1 : Tutorial?

Dandy Septian : I am fans from indonesia👍

Chad Wild Clay : I had to double check and make sure I didn't have YouTube set on 2X speed. I'm a good guitar player, but dude you shred circles around me!

Адам Янг : пиздец он хуярит...

이캐리 : The hands are faster than the eyes......

Iscwvr : For your next challenge play wonderwall

Eskii NZL : When you see the croped bits like 1:57 when he has no head. *no joke* he looks like TheDoo

VenNoel VA : I won’t be impressed until you can do this on a plastic guitar with 5 buttons.

MARKZ - SAA : *Agora faz isso no controle '-'*

BOLSONARO : Algum Br ?

saucedo121 : With all the editing, pre-recording, and post production... This is like watching a TAS gameplay without the (TAS) in the video description to warn you. Don't get me wrong, this is surely one hell of a guitarist, but if you want to show off like that, you would have to make it by playing it live, and not just pretending.

C Tluanga : Its a shame that I just saw it today.. Godspeed.

Grizzly : Looks super hard but how tf do you make a song like this

Easypickens : It's sounds fake to me

Akashdeep Madhukalya : I thought i could play....

yolo RULZ : To good to be true


Hakan alp : This is illegal. This guitar isn't over 18

Francisco Rodrigues : La paja sirvió de algo

Bima_official : Over power

Ben Harris : 112th thousand like. 👍

Daniel Warren : It's lit

kills nrun : Cover "let me hear - fear loathing in las vegas" please


Matheus Ferreira da Silva : Olhando ele tocar parece ate fácil 😂

Edmo Muniz Alves : Toca muito, baita talento. Parabéns! A afinação da guitarra está idêntica a guitarra do Herman Li.

Cypher Brittainne : This is by far the best cover of Through The Fire and Flames. Wow, just WOW

mateo arias : muy áspero ese hp

TheCSR2 Player357 : I can play this song exactly like him. I did it 2 weeks ago and my fingers are still sore. Way to go bro 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 very impressive

Richard Qashikow : I came here for guitar flash. On Facebook guyss

Anderson Almeida : Você é muito fera! Parabéns.

4eversnowboard : Worst tutorial ever