DragonForce - Through The Fire And Flames - Cole Rolland (Guitar Cover)

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Soft Kore : This isn't talent, it's skill. Get it right kids, no one is just able to play this, it takes hard work and a load of practice, so stop calling him talented, call him skilled.

Shane Barger : Hope that guitar was 18 years or older

MovieZ 1 : I can play a G chord

LichKing Gaming : I know youre using cheat codes

Yang Zhang : Now, After I see this video, I walk to my guitar, pick it up, open the window, throw it.

Nicklas Murray : Very impressive, but can you do... ....you know what nevermind. You can do it anyway.

linkLoverAG : I am a pianist so I can hardly IMAGINE the amount of hand cramping and callus your hands and fingers go through.

I Yeet My meat : I saw the strings start smoking at one point

Bonux Powder : Dude has aimbot, can't miss a single note

Ray Truei : But can you do it with a FLUTE THO????!!!!

Composerily : What a throwback. I remember trying to play this song on guitar hero on expert mode. Amazing cover!

Clasped 35 : I Can 1:03-1:20

Nickelbakus : *instructions unclear* penis stuck in ceiling fan

JOKE485 : 4:41 - 5:00 The only part I can play

Eduardo Reynoso : This is the best thing on the internet. You win. Game over everyone he is the real guitar hero.

VenNoel VA : I won’t be impressed until you can do this on a plastic guitar with 5 buttons.

Sandwichism : This guy vapes.

Verynize Animovie : This Song Make U think Guitaris is Awesome , and the fact is nobody Can play this song in your band....

ROGO : I turned a 9:04 video into 25 minutes. Thanks dude. Seriously though, how long has it taken you to learn this note for note?

No Scoper : Reported for hacks

Cypher Brittainne : This is by far the best cover of Through The Fire and Flames. Wow, just WOW

Meihanduck : play this next to a grape next time thanos.exe has left chat

Darthyat Darthart : What type of hand u have?

iTZ_George_PlaYz _ : Bruh If you continue in this route you will eventually burn down the whole apartment with your hands 😂.

Renato Silva : Toma o like vá para porra

Chad Wild Clay : I had to double check and make sure I didn't have YouTube set on 2X speed. I'm a good guitar player, but dude you shred circles around me!

XIII : But can you do hot cross buns?

Fari Wardhana : So intense i forgot to breathe

caio kaneki : O solo da guitarra é a melhor coisa dessa música

Seventh Sky : Guitar hero expert mode

4eversnowboard : Worst tutorial ever

ThunderWolf YT : Why are Canadians always the best with music

MR UNKNOW : Alla faccia del cazzo😱 fortissimo

Anir-Amgalan Bataa : i need a break after watching that

Herda Bagas : I can do this 05:59 - 06:00

FamilyJules : Destroyed it, dude. Amazing work!

Alex Heyes : How many takes you reckon?

Lord Deezus : You used aimbot, not real

Doe ThaDino : 5:17-5:20 Nah son.

X-ray Dms : Indonesia Angkat Jempolnya 🇮🇩

Hakan alp : This is illegal. This guitar isn't over 18

Eben Ezer : Lit 🔥🔥🔥

vingky juni : Can i cover this song with guitar hero? 😂

DSW Aqqua : And I can’t even play Green Day 😂🙄


Grizzly : Looks super hard but how tf do you make a song like this

Mohd Azzizi85 : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

CAÇADOR DE MEDALHAS : show brother

Aziz a7x : Keren bang lnjutkan