cat standing on dumpster vine

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Indira Smith : The freaking sound the cat made lmao

Bubionic : Absolutely amazing. Wonderful plot and amazing twist at the end. Perfect mix of drama, romance, action, and bloodshed. Well done my good sir, 10/10 indeed.

Zoey_ Redbird : That poor cat that cat is gonna want revenge

Chantelle Adlington : The noise of the cat gets to me every time 😂

Dvs Hooligan : The sound that cat made sounded like it said BITCH!

kylmyysukkonen : Poor cat :( Looks like the one I lost

Victor Viridian : "Oh look another meme playlist." Famous last words

Aaron Baldwin : that would so be me

NerdyGalaxy : gWAK

Big Daddy D : I love cats but that was funny af

Axolotl Hamilton : me when Im just tryna live my life and get psuhed into the garbage

Gordon Ramsay : This video was hilarious

Samierocksyourworld : I'm going to hell for laughing. But this got me rollin!! The noise tho!

Groaty McOats : The cat had murder in it's eyes. This was self defense.

Lunaseur : "bleckh"

Spooder Man : I just keep rewatching it 10/10 perfection

El Bartova : Dead😂😂

Caitlyn Ventura : I feel bad for laughing at this 😂


Cole Andrew 2021 Student HS : I can't stop laughing

Cameron Mayhew : Me: **taps cat** Cat: “BEH”

Mundus vult Decipi : That's a BAD misto kitty!

Mountain Anderson : The 20 dislikes are people from peta

Tom King : 😂😂😂😂😂

Chicken Nugget : why is this my favorite

Redfur : that sound tho

SilverCalcium64 : Press 9 repeatedly. Have fun.

The Wafflebros : I like how 1K people like a cat gettin pushed in a dumpster

Austin Shearman : Put'm in the TrAYYYYYSh.

Evvi MC-GT : How do others find this funny? That poor kitty, i just feel bad for it😭

101_roxwolf_101 * : Starts at 0:05

Heather Feather : oh hahaha omfg you *PUSHED A CAT INTO A DUMPSTER LIKE A PUSSYFART COWARD* ... I'd really enjoy seeing someone bigger than you push *you* into a dumpster though :)

I like cheesecake : This guys my idol

ツAguuus : XDDDDD

Sick Lester : R A K

Clazzette : inb4 rabies

DJ_ NotNice : And this guy didn't get hate and news reporters?

ThinkICanSing25 : Best video ever

NotaPro7 : Mission passed: Respect +

NonProfitAntiThotOrganization : "ALF?!"

potato Girl : And the cat was never seen again..

Summer Dixon : Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Lithium Princess : Why is everyone getting so offended? I’m a huge cat lover, and I found this pretty funny! The guy didn’t push or hurt the cat! He simply touched the cat (which was clearly wild) and it scared the cat into falling into the dumpster which it can EASILY get out of.

TheGucciSoldier : The hater line is a one way sentence to death.

Nitrospark : *BRAA-*

guacamolis : omfg i cant breathe lmao

Advanced Editors : at 0.25 speed it sounds like the cat is puking

hector jarero : When someone’ says hi to me

chase lorenzetti : LOL the sound the cat made 😂😂

xXJunoPlayzXx Savage : 0:05