cat standing on dumpster vine

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trollie poly : Sounds like Donald duck sneezing

Bubionic : Absolutely amazing. Wonderful plot and amazing twist at the end. Perfect mix of drama, romance, action, and bloodshed. Well done my good sir, 10/10 indeed.

Anime_ Lover : That poor cat that cat is gonna want revenge

Chantelle Adlington : The noise of the cat gets to me every time 😂

Victor Viridian : "Oh look another meme playlist." Famous last words

Gordon Ramsay : This video was hilarious

Big Daddy D : I love cats but that was funny af

NerdyGalaxy : gWAK

Indira Smith : The freaking sound the cat made lmao

kylmyysukkonen : Poor cat :( Looks like the one I lost

Parker Furlough : The cat was already homeless then you just push it into a dumpster very cruel.

Lunaseur : "bleckh"

Groaty McOats : The cat had murder in it's eyes. This was self defense.

Aaron Baldwin : that would so be me

Samierocksyourworld : I'm going to hell for laughing. But this got me rollin!! The noise tho!

Dvs Hooligan : The sound that cat made sounded like it said BITCH!

Axolotl Hamilton : me when Im just tryna live my life and get psuhed into the garbage

El Bartova : Dead😂😂

Spooder Man : I just keep rewatching it 10/10 perfection

Tom King : 😂😂😂😂😂

Chicken Nugget : why is this my favorite

SilverCalcium64 : Press 9 repeatedly. Have fun.

The Wafflebros : I like how 1K people like a cat gettin pushed in a dumpster

Austin Shearman : Put'm in the TrAYYYYYSh.

101_roxwolf_101 * : Starts at 0:05

Evvi MC-GT : How do others find this funny? That poor kitty, i just feel bad for it😭

I like cheesecake : This guys my idol

Aguuus ツ : XDDDDD

GD Clazzi : inb4 rabies

Gaming withIsh : Something that I would do lol

Heather Feather : oh hahaha omfg you *PUSHED A CAT INTO A DUMPSTER LIKE A PUSSYFART COWARD* ... I'd really enjoy seeing someone bigger than you push *you* into a dumpster though :)

Finesse_Jay7RBLX : The sound the cat made xD

Drax 2004 : He just fucking tapped the cat on the side, and it just fell into the dumpster like a fucking rock omg

Jøhñŷ Töûçåñ : 0:04 for those of you who constantly replay the best part

Jonnyboy_0 - roblox : That dislike button looking sexy af finna tap it

LucarioInTheHood : that sound tho

Cole Andrew 2021 Student HS : I can't stop laughing

Zombies Amazing : I love this video it makes me laugh all the time

Victor Donatto De Santos : hilarious

FoxTaterTot124 : This is my most favorite vine of all time.

guacamolis : omfg i cant breathe lmao

Caitlyn Ventura : I feel bad for laughing at this 😂

executor5588 : It's Istanbul, old capital of Turkey.

Red Cardinal1 : Idiot

Mountain Anderson : The 20 dislikes are people from peta

SlapDatShot : Mission passed: Respect +

Naruto & Hinata Productions : Guy: *pushes cat* | Cat: BITCH!!!!

ThinkICanSing25 : Best video ever

Mr. KKKrabs : This is great

Hio Inkoria : What a dick xD