8 Things Your Dog Knows About You

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Jennifer Campbell : My dog is a service dog. She helps with panic attacks. Usually she's already licking my face or demanding attention before I even realize he attack has started. By interrupting the mental/emotional spiral, she has prevented or lessened hundreds of attacks.

Dante Velasquez : People who judge the intelligence of dogs and other animals based on human intelligence are so off the mark. They live in a different world than we do with a whole other set of skills. Love this. How about cats?

Laura Boyle : Sometimes I think I like dogs better than I like people

Gary Smith : I've studyed dogs for 40 years an you're absolutely correct in every word you say. Many thanks Gary Smith from England united Kingdom

Tim Svea : My dog know when I am going to get a snack. She also knows how to make me feel guilty if I don't share my snack with her.

Sarah De Rosa : Cherish your dogs everyone! I just lost mine and I miss him every day. He truly was my best friend

WATCHMAN 117 : Somehow, my dog knew that I had cheated on my taxes. Still can't believe that mutt called the IRS, though.

Gina warrior princess : When my husband passed away,my dog knew I was heartbroken she cuddled me ,loved on me like saying I'm sorry dads gone ,I am here.

Jim Clarke : Happy dog happy life ))

Codi Bodi : I don’t understand how anyone could ever hurt a dog their so amazing

Ankit Rasaily : Dogs make life better

R P : They also immediately know when you’ve farted and will let everyone know by running up to you and smelling your bottom...every single time

Zabby Smack : My younger dog has never been trained to be a service dog. But every time I'm upset and crying (even if I'm trying to hold it in and not making any noise), it also doesn't matter what he's doing, he faithfully comes over and will put all of his weight up against my side and chest and nudge my hand to pet him! If I still can't stop crying he'll lick my face and arms and start jumping around to wake up/call over his older brother! It almost always turns into a cuddle fest or wrestling around! He usually watches me until I go to sleep afterwards! I'm not sure how I got so lucky! I have no idea where I'd be without them! 💜 🐶🐕 💜

Raging Savage : This so true about them detecting emotions, I remember one day i had lost my job and I was stressing financially and other things so I actually broke down and actúally cried. My dog (Creed) came over and just got up to me and started licking my tears and never left my side that day for even a minute. That’s when I realized that dogs are our best friends. Thankfully now I’m doing a lot better and I still got my homie besides me.

Little Dorrit_Lisa : R.I.P. Ella Guru. I miss my co-pilot, my kitchen assistant, my confidente and my best girlfriend. If love could have saved your life, you would have lived forever ❤

arx754 : A couple of things I've read about dogs that I find fascinating: 1) While you might smell "cake" for instance, a dog smells each ingredient in the cake. That's how powerful their sense of smell is. 2) This one is CRITICAL to know. Your dog lives strictly in the moment. So, if you come home, find your dog went potty on the floor, and chastise him/her, your dog has NO idea when it is being punished. By punishing it, all you're teaching your dog is to not trust you because it appears you will randomly punish him/her. 3) It might not appear so, but your dog watches your every move. He/she is constantly trying to know what you want because you are the leader of the pack and it knows that their survival depends on pleasing you. (It's a survival instinct). 4) A dog has the mentality of a two-year-old human. Why would you expect more from your dog than you would a two-year-old child?

pinky princess : All animal's should be honored and loved and deserve to be cared of even if we are lonely or unlonely person

Squidl iess : Haha, now I can tell my brother that he was judging me the whole time and that my dog actually knows when I'm sad! Yay!! Thanks!!

Amanda G : Lol anyone wondering why the little boy was laying down next to the front door ?

Diego Juarez : My dog was able to perceive that I had Cheetos in my car . so he got in and ate them and didn't leave me not even one :( that little punk . I love him tho

Kory Hinman : They can also tell where you're going based on the outfits you put on!

sandra cuevas : My pit always senses danger , he rarely barks at anyone but when he does I am pay attention to whoever he is barking at. Usually they are no good

ZeroGHome24 : I suffer from schizoaffective disorder and my pup is always by my side. I'd be lost without him, he's everything to me 🐾

Miss Nice Girl : my dog is my guardian angel in disguise 💕

TheBlack Vixen : When I'm crying and my depression just starts to take over, my dog just ignores me basically lol I need to come up to him.

Tansy Woods : We don't deserve dogs💜

lonewolffang : You come home and the dog looks at you: Ok who have been petting? I can smell another dog has been messing with you.

mynthi : They know when you're drunk.


Sàm Johnson : Pet's are smarter than most people

Cranky B***h : Before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I would stop breathing in my sleep. So my Dane would always wake me up to breath, that's how my doc had me tested and start wearing a CPAP

Nikeya Washington : I’ve been having a tough few days and my dog hasn’t left my side since

Boogie Woogie : My dog knows when I have to take a poop. Hes waiting in the bathroom before I even get in there. Weird.

Janus Loggins : Dogs are AWESOME!!!

Rata 4U : My dog loves my gf more than she loves me HOWEVER when i came down with a brutal form of flu my dog laid next to me guarding me and refused to allow my gf near me. My dog was conflicted...like she was trying to fight off her animal instinct while tring to invite her over all at the same time. She was baring her teeth and barking all while wagging her tail happy to see her. I feel sorry for her....it's like animal instinct is much more engrained in her than free will sometimes.

hollandclose : My dog knows when I am having a fever or down with flu. She will just sleep next to me the whole day or night, without waking me up for walks, meal or seeking attention.

Prince Robot XII : dogs are INCREDIBLE

unru11ey1111 unru11ey1111 : I just went through some very troubling times in my life getting out of a very abusive relationship with a narsacisst who could lie better than i could tell the truth.I finally had to grab my dog and just disappear walking away from everything i owned.My dog and i stayed in a tent in the middle of nowhere so i didnt involve anybody who was willing to help.Because if i was found there he would be their nightmare also.ay the end of every day i was ok because i still had my dog and we were both ok.i dont think i would have made it without my dog.The only reason i got any sleep was knowing he was there to protect me at night.He was just diagnosed with bone cancer and has only a couple weeks left to live.he is only 6 yrs old.I am heart broken.He has been my strength through everything.

Concerts 2U : Oh yeah, they know if you’re pregnant for sure... my pregnant friend leaned down to pet a dog and he put his head/ ear to her stomach

romeohhh : Man!! I love this channel, I love dogs and I love all of you people who love and respect animals! Greetings from Morocco!

Snow Dela cruz : My dogs Hug & kiss me all the time!!! When I am so sad 😘 My dogs is my theraphy😘😘😍

mister iguana : Only reason I evacuated for hurricane Irma is because of my dog. She has saved me quite a few times. Not just from a storm, but from myself as well. I love my little Dottie. And don't treat her as a dog, rather, as a person. Just no human food.

taegukult • : *Story time* if you're bored go ahead :) Also excuses for my English. My dog, a french bulldog named Collette is not trained but she is helping me to go through anxiety attacks, self-harm and episodes of depression. She just knows when i dont feel well and she becomes protective. For example she's not willing to leave me alone in the room. If it happens that I have my door closed, she is scratching it with her little paws and she'll sit next to it until I let her in. I particularly remember that one time when I was having a bath and my anxiety started to grow bigger and bigger. I wanted to hurt myself when I heard some noises outside of the bathroom. I live alone and thus I got worried that something bad is happening with Collette (she is usually very calm). I quickly came out to see what's going on. What I saw made the anxiety go away instantly. Turned out, my dog was running around my studio flat playing with a plastic water bottle, twirling it around and making that horribly loud sound which for sure was audible for neighbors. I believe she felt I'm going to harm myself and she wanted to protect me by shifting my attention to her. I don't have anyone but my dog. I don't exaggerate when I say I owe Collette my life. She saved me many times. I love her so much and I'm so thankful I have her ❤

Emma Reed : I used to have night terrors and my dog would wake me and be right up against me before panic started.

Mary Rose Kent : Many years ago I read somewhere that dogs take in more information through their nose than we do through our eyes.

sam yamamoto : Years ago the dogs my Wife and I had were trying to put there noses inside my mouth at first it was funny but after a week I was annoyed well come to find out I had a Abscessed tooth they must have smelled it

Feile Case : NOT ANSWERED 😞 - Have you ever wondered how your DOG 🐕 knows when you're going to get HOME?

MyPasture : They can sense the spirit world.

Patrick Gragg : Same thing with my rough collie, he knows when my PTSD is going to kick in before it does and when he is there for me I haven't had a bout with PTSD since he's been in my life, all I do is reach out and grab his hairy butt and hug him until it goes away

Winston Elston : My Mom had several strokes during her last twenty-five years, and our Norwegian Elkhounds would always approach demanding cuddles and petting from the side affected by the most recent event. Similarly, I know of a dog with no special training that recognized when one of her new people (only a couple of days with the couple) was going into a diabetic crisis.