Stewie The Caracal Thinks I'm His Mother | African Cat Acts Like Kitten & Cub - Rubs Nurses & Purrs
Caracal Thinks Im His Mother African Cat Acts Like Cub Nurses on armfinger amp Purrs

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Subscribe: PayPal: RWC: CE: Please like this video if you like it ;) While volunteering with Running Wild Conservation in South Africa, I got to meet Stewie the African Caracal for the very first time. He was purchased along with two other caracals that were for sale in South Africa. To avoid them becoming pets, RWC bought them. I sat down with the three and Stewie joined me for a snuggle. Stewie is 1.5 years old and an adult caracal. Though an adult, he acts like a cub. It was incredible how welcoming this wild but tamed cat was to me. Stewie accepted me like I was his friend and mother.... actually closing his eyes, suckling, and purring once it found my finger. The suckling behavior can follow baby mammals into adulthood if they are removed from their mothers before they are weaned or still nursing. In the wild, a mother caracal (or any mammal mother) ends the nursing at some point... either because the lactation of milk has ended or the cub or young are weaned to their natural foods. The adult staged suckling behavior occurs with many of our domesticated pets as well... from cats to dogs. When humans buy a puppy or kitten, it's normally removed from their mother before the weaning period has ended... that can result in the pet continuing to suckle into adulthood because the mother never got the chance to end it. I don't know what to think about it. We become a mother to these captive animals and it does create a stronger bond with the animal, but is it natural? Maybe... maybe not. I don't think it hurts and actually relaxes the animal to be allowed to suckle. It certainly earns you trust between you. For more dangerous predators, it could be safer. For instance, a bear or large cat that suckles and purrs before it's keeper; thinking you are its mother, is less likely to attack you versus someone it does not see its mother. Then that leads to the whole debate about captive animals and interaction. I'm not blind to it and still forming my opinions on the matter. Thanks for watching! My YouTube Channel: Twitter: Google+: PayPal: Check Out My Books I Wrote 1: 2:


Why RuMad : What a cuddly little death machine.

lonely-lyric : he’s adorable . i know he’d maul my face off if i tried to touch him, but he’s a d o r a b l e

Cory Riesen : that looks like he aint ready for the wild at all lol

mysterywhiteboy72 : Khajit has purrs if you has arm.

Oferlord : A cat is a cat

curtsher11 : My cat did this when she was a kitten. She would actually latch onto my male cat's nippples. He was not particularly impressed.

n-0xx : When cats rub against you it expresses that they have the upmost respect for you and that they percieve you as part of their family.

Aaron : The purr sounds like a helicopter in the distance.

MountainRain : “Chewy?” “Stewie.” “Quey?” “Stewie.” “Tuey?” “stEEW.”

Muhan C.A. : The real pests are the dislikers of this kind of videos

indian4peace : Suckling by adult cats is a sign of Extreme love & affection towards its owners. My cat also does it. He even suckles at my blanket 😻😻😻

Emm Lee : The purring was too cute 😭😭😭

Sam Rdxyz : Man what a beautiful rabbit :)

longshot K1 : Dude good thing you didn't have any exposed nipples 🤔

Callahan Moreland : Purring must be one of the most relaxing sounds out there 😍

Bjarni Valur : poor boy, suckeling so hard, yet no milk comes out

Smith R. : I don't believe that too early weaning is responsible for all of the suckling behaviors. I have seen many kitties, feral and my own who were not separated from mamas until well past weaning. Yet, they love to suckle on blankets, clothes, etc. My indoors all come to me to suckle. After a recent death, this activity has increased. I believe that it is a calming and sometimes affectionate behavior. Claiming early weaning doesn't do well enough at explaining all of contextual variables.

Gerg C : I'll take that pest into my home anyday.

Henry Jones : He's searching for a weak point along your arm so that he can inject his venom.

Coloursaur • : Why is it any animal that follows it instincts to simply survive is deemed a pest since it crosses paths with a human

fengarii : "Huey?" "Stewie." "Dewey?" "Stewie." "Louie?" "..."

Rattenhoofd : 5:43 DId...did he say guard donkeys?? Someone please make a movie about that.

neitherlink : Why is that wild cat more friendly than many domestic ones.... I think we’ve been living a lie.

valiantfreak : That cat is showing some MAJOR affection for you. Amazing.

Loosecat 56 : Whose a good big kitty? Stewie is!

Mani Menon : Stewie's such a chweetie pie! I just loved his purring! So comforting. For him and for me as well.....

Michael Zak : couldn't resist, just ordered one off amazon

Zackary Allred : If he would've bit down, he'd find something tastier than milk


Moon Moon : all I’m thinking is archer screaming “LOOK AT HIS TUFTED EARS”

rollin thirtys : That white guys arm has almost as much hair as the caracal 😂😂😂

Lephirox : Well, either take it with you or stay at the reservation. You're his human now! =D

whatwouldsatando : My rescue kitty does this. It’s so amazing how similar this larger predator is to my tiny house cat.

Greg Heffernan : Stewie is a Gorgeous Cat! Thank you!

Ariel Phoenix : Awww...beautiful purring pussycat love💜

Katy : Goodness, Stewie hasn't been weaned! He misses nursing! He's a giant baby, still! Love you Stewie!

Petitio Principii : Milk glands are evolutionarily derived from sweat glands, that's why some animals will try to suckle on us, if we're somewhat sweaty.

Backpacker One64 : Good thing the "cub" Stewie didn't find your real teats 🍼🍼

Assatta Lewis : i don't know what to make out of that. ive never seen that b4.

Leveraged : He’s not suckling, he’s tenderizing you 🐈😹. Great video and thanks for your efforts!

Gustavo Arguello : A sort of German Shepherd Cat.

LouLou Beanss : How sweet <3 nothing more comforting than a purring kitty 🐱...even if said kitty is about as big as a full grown human...❤

Maredasan X : How can u not like cats?

melissa sellers : Stewie you're adorable! I'd like to be your human. But I think you already found a good one.

LadyMissCoppertone : It's called comfort nursing 🐱😻😻😻

Shaeanne Long : I love the purring it's so soothing and relaxing!!!

mistscape : that is one super adorable kitty

M. torres : Aw is adorable, baby looking for milk 🤭😻

Hemi204 : *never heard of these guys before*