Stewie The Caracal Thinks I'm His Mother | African Cat Acts Like Kitten & Cub - Rubs Nurses & Purrs

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Gerg C : I'll take that pest into my home anyday.

Michael Zak : couldn't resist, just ordered one off amazon

Donna Noe : The cats are so beautiful. I would love to be able to get close to one without being eaten. Stewie is absolutely adorable. I hope that no one hurts that sweet kitty.

Shaeanne Long : I love the purring it's so soothing and relaxing!!!

MountainRain : “Chewy?” “Stewie.” “Quey?” “Stewie.” “Tuey?” “stEEW.”

Yean Oh : Minor inconvenience: I want to die Sees Stewie: Life is a gift

Super Saiyan : Should have give him your tit

lonely-lyric : he’s adorable . i know he’d maul my face off if i tried to touch him, but he’s a d o r a b l e

Why RuMad : What a cuddly little death machine.

GateCrasher : The only pest on this planet, are humans

Katy : Goodness, Stewie hasn't been weaned! He misses nursing! He's a giant baby, still! Love you Stewie!

indian4peace : Suckling by adult cats is a sign of Extreme love & affection towards its owners. My cat also does it. He even suckles at my blanket 😻😻😻

John Marston : Kinda looks like a lynx and cougar mixed up but smaller

Conquistador : Stewie's a handsome little boy. Beautiful eyes.

sonya coons : I've got housecat who do this they were separated from their mom to early. I couldn't give him up after raising him

Coloursaur • : Why is it any animal that follows it instincts to simply survive is deemed a pest since it crosses paths with a human

Lady.Whatever : That's an interesting dog you got there dude

TheAughoti : We share this world with so many incredible creatures. It’s a shame we don’t show them the respect the same way they show it to us.

Fade : its so funny to me to see this big wild cats acting like house cats, it just makes me laugh so hard especially when i see like, a tiger bouncing around like a hyper kitten

TokinCamel : "Huey?" "Stewie" "Huey?" "Stewie" "Tewie?" "Stewie" lol

the1tigglet : Awww poor Stewie. He's so adorable and kind! I hope he has a long happy life safe from poachers!

Oferlord : A cat is a cat

Lezy : The facial features of caracals are quite close to those of the common house cat, aren't they.

DR Mantis Toboggan : This cat jumped on me (in a playful way), I thought I was being attached by a mountain lion ............

JayJo : Gorgeous little guy. Love cats so much. They so incredibly intelligent, dynamic and unique. Livestock farmers should damn well keep their livestock better secured instead of viewing these animals as pests. They’re anything BUT pests. They beautiful sentient creatures who, like every other living being on this planet, need to eat to survive.. of course they’re gonna go for an easy meal if it’s presented rather than starving for days and not eating.

sackchief : So cute

d 1 : I think the ones who found him fed him from a baby bottle in that hand

Dave Gorman : i find this really sad, stewie has no mom and he clearly wants one or misses the one he had, makes me sad.

Smith R. : I don't believe that too early weaning is responsible for all of the suckling behaviors. I have seen many kitties, feral and my own who were not separated from mamas until well past weaning. Yet, they love to suckle on blankets, clothes, etc. My indoors all come to me to suckle. After a recent death, this activity has increased. I believe that it is a calming and sometimes affectionate behavior. Claiming early weaning doesn't do well enough at explaining all of contextual variables.

Emm Lee : The purring was too cute 😭😭😭

Peppe Frasca : It's all fun and games until a caracal sinks its teeth into your arm.

BFKC : "Definition of Teat" Yeah, wow, this is some high-level biology...

whatwouldsatando : My rescue kitty does this. It’s so amazing how similar this larger predator is to my tiny house cat.

Matt : Makes me very weary the amount of human contact and interaction for an animal that’s being groomed to be released. Even if it’s into a reserve. Awesome video and beautiful cat. Maybe someone with more knowledge could explain why it’s not an issue.

volk dukh : He looks like a Lynx or Bobcat

Zerstoren Heartz : He needs some milk

bridge4 : omg what a beautiful cat!! another great video. thank you =))

The aussie ugandan : Kahijt guards your back

C0gislayer : Caracal is from turkish '' kara kulak'' and means black ear.

longshot K1 : Dude good thing you didn't have any exposed nipples 🤔

aft7676 : Damn, man! You've got the hairiest arm I have seen in a blond white man!!! Did that caracal cough out a hairball after licking you?! 😂 🤣 😃 😄 😅 😆

DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun : Tufted ears are precious. It could claw my face off and I couldn't be mad at them.

King Alfreds Shieldwall : The creator of life on this planet certainly was incredible.

melissa sellers : Stewie you're adorable! I'd like to be your human. But I think you already found a good one.

Corwin Schuerch : Used to have a cat that would do this exact thing. It's his next life, and he got so big!

Aditya Rai : Never saw this in India🤔

♥ Luz ASMR ♥ : Aww this is beautiful

Syncopated Beat : My mom said he's not licking and suckling, he's tasting you XD I know it ain't true but it's funny.

youzuko : Aha, the cat is paid actor. I saw that scar on his hand. Well played catto, go for the Oscar next.

angel da vinci : Aww the purring, scratching.. typical cat behaviour 🐈 ❤️