Stewie The Caracal Thinks I'm His Mother | African Cat Acts Like Kitten & Cub - Rubs Nurses & Purrs

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Lezy : The facial features of caracals are quite close to those of the common house cat, aren't they.

Gerg C : I'll take that pest into my home anyday.

GateCrasher : The only pest on this planet, are humans

Karaus : The name Caracal comes from Turkic "Karakulak" which is the Turkish version of it. It means "black ear" (kara = black, kulak = ear).

K Comm : Stewie: Mom! Mom! Mama! Mama! Mommy! Mommy! Mum! Mum! Mother! Mother!

Dave Gorman : i find this really sad, stewie has no mom and he clearly wants one or misses the one he had, makes me sad.

Ashwin prakash : "Its hard to believe people consider Stewie a pest, but i don't have my livelihood on the security of a farm ". That's honestly a great line. Many a times, its easy to portray that person as the bad guy, but they have different conditions. Beautiful animal btw.

packingraw : he's purring like an incoming helicopter omg

47most SOON : “Stewie, Tewie? No Stewie. Tewie?

SatGuy : They have no fear of humans, releasing them is a death sentence.

Ben M : The adult suckling is commonly seen in cats separated from its mother before being weaned. As a result of premature separation from its mother, a cat personality can grow to have some sone residual insecurity. Usually this insecurity can manifest into some adult skittishness and the need to frequently bond with a non-threatening human it is dominated by and dependant. These behaviors are observable in other mammals with similar infant early separation trauma, not least, in humans. If this trauma is compounded by early physical abuse, the young can become hostile rather than an opportunity for support.

Gustavo Arguello : A sort of German Shepherd Cat.

ehd : 5:15 sounded like a helicopter approaching from far or a bike engine left running. However they are really beautiful feline.

Rob Blest : How different the world would be with amazing people like you. Thanks for the inspiration to make a difference.

Vypazcute : just a big fluffy cat... I LOVE IT! I love the ears :3

Katy : Goodness, Stewie hasn't been weaned! He misses nursing! He's a giant baby, still! Love you Stewie!

EMPIRE STRIKES BACK : This gorgeous Cat teaches us all how to love a perfect stranger without prejudice. Amazing. ......

herve glandu : Always surprising by animals, i love them all for what they are and what they do for the nature balance. I will always fight for their rights to live in peace with us on earth .

bridge4 : omg what a beautiful cat!! another great video. thank you =))

Donna Noe : The cats are so beautiful. I would love to be able to get close to one without being eaten. Stewie is absolutely adorable. I hope that no one hurts that sweet kitty.

Mountain Fisher : I have a caralot. Mix between an ocelot and caracal. I also have a cheecelot, we figure. Actually it's hard to determine exactly what their mix is, but Cheetos is bigger than an ocelot by about 35 lbs and has more cheetah markings than an ocelot and that is how we determined his lineage, but one thing is sure, he's big. Cary is the same size as an ocelot, but has light ocelot markings with the caracal ears. They are both very tame and well trained. I acquired them from a person who didn't consider them to be anything, but a way to make money. The F&G who confiscated them allowed me to care for them or they would have been euthanized. They were not so tame when I first got them because they had been caged with very little interaction with anyone or any other animals, they were scared.They took to each other like brothers. To see the way they interact is a sight to behold and being free to wander in my large enclosure was like they had been freed from the lowest dungeon. They are very loving, which surprised me and very much inseparable. Both males and I had to neuter them to keep them. Cary and Cheetos have the run of the house, but they don't care much for dogs that bark a lot. They stalk birds and squirrels for fun. I take them out into the woods and you can see the wildness stir in them, but they are not your regular house cat and can take down a calf or goat, something I've had to stop them from doing. I found out how "untame" they can be when a pack of coyotes attempted to attack Cary, Cheetos killed one of the coyotes. They didn't see him coming. I started carrying my 22 rifle after that. These cats shouldn't exist, breeding different cat breeds for the pet industry is illegal in most states, if not all of them. These cats are wild animals and should not be kept by most people. I love these two, but I don't believe I'd leave them alone with a small child, Nuff Said.

Elsie Viola Dupuis : I love his ears cause they're feathered like a Canadian Lynx!

johnnyhb89 : Despite all the wild animal talk, I suspect most wild cats' temperament isn't far removed from the domestic cat. I think the danger in owning a larger cat is with having greater capability imbued with that temperament. My cat likes to bite and scratch (playing), and 999/1000 he doesn't do any harm, as he is careful not to break the skin. However he does get carried away occasionally, and he does leave lingering indentions . The fact it doesn't go further has a lot to do with me being able to pick him up or being big enough to intimidate the lil 12 lb house cat with a stern "STOP IT". A 3x bigger cat with the same temperament as my Figaro would be somewhat dicey. A 36 lb cat jumping from behind the couch and grabbing your leg with similarly up sized claws and bite strength might be unpleasant.

DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun : Tufted ears are precious. It could claw my face off and I couldn't be mad at them.

regortaz : Give the poor baby some milk :(

the1tigglet : Awww poor Stewie. He's so adorable and kind! I hope he has a long happy life safe from poachers!

Craftuar : Dolph C. Volker is the Cat whisperer ;)

Mary Bell : Awe poor guy I'd wanna give it a bottle of milk but I know it would have to be a special formula, thar cat is too old, and it would just make mAtters worse.

Heather Deer : 😽Stewie says where them nipples at!

Cjango Freeman : Humans are the pest, not the animals.

Introverted Out : So freaking cute!

slushpuppie19 : Awh Stewie you big sweetie ☺

Donald Blankenship : A dog won't eat you. They'll starve to death first. Some house cats will eat you in a pinch. But they're easier to take care of and you don't have to walk or bathe them.

Sabina England : What a beautiful big kitty. I love caracals.

Una Roberts : Awww So cute and sweet! New subscriber to your channel 🤗

Paul Brown : Vulcan Cat

Tan Man : Bro, that's awesome!

J Hayes : The Caracal is god's beautiful, feline art. All cats show that they're content and safe by slowly opening and closing their eyes. Domestic cats motors vary.

Patti DelMercado : What a precious kitty.

lovethe1wolves : Where's the milk........

super saiyan 4 : Should have give him your tit

Erika Montalvo : Give him a bottle 🍼. So sweet

BeautifulMusiq : I want him.. so sweet. Poor baby

Chris Brown : When a cat head butts u, it's a done deal, ur their best friend & they got ur back. Great video. 👍 thx

leeuniverse : That's clearly what cats used to look like before they were "domesticated".

tomitstube : their athleticism is incredible, watching his shoulder, back, and neck muscles shows just how quick and powerful they are.

Jack Daniel : you that watching animals (that u find interesting of course) esspecially ones that bring emotion to u, like a cute, or pretty one, drops your blood pressure double that of ANY MEDICATION and it does it instantly....

Marcos Betances : Stewey is the most loving cat i've seen to date.

Silver Bells : such cuteee ears.....

Joln Blinks : I'm glad this is a legit rescue. So many videos on here are obviously of trafficked animals. I'm wondering what can be done about that. ? For example, one video from "Bob Cat TB" shows a baby mountain lion in what might be Russia. They show a lot of other locked up wild cats. They've turned the mountain lion into a house pet. Obviously, the kit was trafficked and who knows what happened to his mother. Shouldn't our government be able to do some bit? Couldn't You Tube label it in red as trafficking? In a ways it's better out in the open, but I also don't want bored people imitating trapping and imprisoning animals. What do you think?