Stewie The Caracal Thinks I'm His Mother | African Cat Acts Like Kitten & Cub - Rubs Nurses & Purrs

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bridge4 : omg what a beautiful cat!! another great video. thank you =))

Lezy : The facial features of caracals are quite close to those of the common house cat, aren't they.

Sabina England : What a beautiful big kitty. I love caracals.

DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun : Tufted ears are precious. It could claw my face off and I couldn't be mad at them.

Dave Gorman : i find this really sad, stewie has no mom and he clearly wants one or misses the one he had, makes me sad.

Shaeanne Long : So freakin precious!!! Just adorable!

Big Star : Oh, how beautiful..

Alexander Seven : Cats definitely find you tasty.

yelistener : If you stay closely with one cat and then go to another cat of a different species, does the second one smell something is different on you?

Patricia DelMercado : What a precious kitty.

Heather Deer : 😽Stewie says where them nipples at!

Beepman : 2:20 my cat often does that and she's 4 yrs old

Francesca S : I enjoy your videos. I noticed those interesting bees on the plants I don't think I have them where I live. Is that some kind of Bumblebee?

achanwahn : Aw... what a big baby ^^

Alyn Castro : So sweet!

Chris Brown : When a cat head butts u, it's a done deal, ur their best friend & they got ur back. Great video. 👍 thx

Dolce Luxe : What a cool experience... i wish i could experience that!

HaxxorElite : This is seriously the best channel ever, Dolph

Sub Killer : where is Peter and Lois?

Junior Mudd : ive never seen these cats! so beautiful and friendly! his beauty is just stunning!

Amazing Grace : His purr was beautiful! I have never heard a caracal purr before.

Kit & Caboodles : Man, you have my dream job.

babalon 777 : I once met a kitty on my way home from school that jumped on me and suckled my earlobes as soon as I sat down to rest, it felt so weird I couldn't stop giggling. He was really aggressive about it and I didn't know what to do.

Donald Blankenship : A dog won't eat you. They'll starve to death first. Some house cats will eat you in a pinch. But they're easier to take care of and you don't have to walk or bathe them.

Stefant Ale : I'm so mad when people buy wild animals and make them into their pet. Just today I saw someone calling Servals "luxury pets". I told them a wild animal shouldn't be a pet and I was told to shut up and got called "dumb". This is the world we live in.

Junior Mudd : isnt he a little old to be nursing?

Tallulah-Belle 26 : I would literally hug a big cat if I could 😍

Check Wolfe : "Such a sweet girl" me: *Stares at obvious cat balls* uh-

F6130 : -Hewie? -Stewie. -Kewie. -Stewie. -Tewie. -For gods sake Dolph, the name is Stewie! XD

SV Nue : A cat isn't like a dog. Dogs love to cuddle,hug,play almost most of the time if not always. But every cat has a unique personality. They won't cuddle/hug/befriend you unless they feel like it. And that's great when they finally do it. I am Jealous Dolph C. Volker.

janet vanderpuye : When you are a big boy but realize that adulting just ain't for you, so you try to go back to being a baby...

john goodall : What a charming video just found this morning, I drew a Caracal many years ago when I was a boy but I don`t know much about them. Do they hunt in a team for game? If so, that is probably why the farmers fear them, but this yearling obviously does see you as a mother, even though he never met you before you must have a natural affinity with animals. I look forward to watching more videos like this. Regards from John in England.

Kerry Hughes : You are so lucky, I completely agree with you, education is the key. Thanks for another great video. X

Mike Lee : Dolph is a loving mother.

Karaus : The name Caracal comes from Turkic "Karakulak" which is the Turkish version of it. It means "black ear" (kara = black, kulak = ear).

MrCaitMonster : He's beautiful! I always loved caracals they're amazing cats. 🖤 Thanks for sharing.

NightWatch : Such a beautiful cat!

Voisch Ka : ❤️

Little Dorrit__Lisa : BEAUTIFUL. There must be a creator.

karine nalt : 😍😍😍

Gamer/Tech Vidz : Wow he fell inlove lol

Simply Esme : Absolutely gorgeous, it looks like these could easily a pet, although they are a wild animal you'd have to be careful, but still, i get the feeling there are probably some who may have them as outdoor 'pets' which would be awesome:)

Jack Daniel : you that watching animals (that u find interesting of course) esspecially ones that bring emotion to u, like a cute, or pretty one, drops your blood pressure double that of ANY MEDICATION and it does it instantly....

BlazingStarz : So adorable

ArcAudios : Excellent Video, thanks Dolph

mikrokupu : ..."fully mature" purring kitten :)

cygnia : "I deem you worthy to see My Butt."

Ana Nimity : So absolutely beautiful!

YoSneeze : Cheetah Whisperer check... Leopard Whisperer check... Caracal Whisperer check..

Lina Lina : Omg i think i found the cutest animal on this Planet.. Just want to cuddle with those fluffy ears! You are doing an amazing job in showing people the true soul of "wild" animals. Namaste 🙏