Stewie The Caracal Thinks I'm His Mother | African Cat Acts Like Kitten & Cub - Rubs Nurses & Purrs

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bridge4 : omg what a beautiful cat!! another great video. thank you =))

Sub Killer : where is Peter and Lois?

Karaus : The name Caracal comes from Turkic "Karakulak" which is the Turkish version of it. It means "black ear" (kara = black, kulak = ear).

Gerg C : I'll take that pest into my home anyday.

Junior Mudd : ive never seen these cats! so beautiful and friendly! his beauty is just stunning!

DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun : Tufted ears are precious. It could claw my face off and I couldn't be mad at them.

Junior Mudd : isnt he a little old to be nursing?

47most SOON : “Stewie, Tewie? No Stewie. Tewie?

john goodall : What a charming video just found this morning, I drew a Caracal many years ago when I was a boy but I don`t know much about them. Do they hunt in a team for game? If so, that is probably why the farmers fear them, but this yearling obviously does see you as a mother, even though he never met you before you must have a natural affinity with animals. I look forward to watching more videos like this. Regards from John in England.

Vypazcute : just a big fluffy cat... I LOVE IT! I love the ears :3

Sabina England : What a beautiful big kitty. I love caracals.

Atlas WalkedAway : That purr. Like a blackhawk coming overhead

eternal8song : I had a tabby cat who liked to suckle on my neck like what Stewie was doing to your arm.

KellySmith555 : Oh My GOD. Let me raise a Caracal! He's soooooooo cute.

Simply Esme : Absolutely gorgeous, it looks like these could easily a pet, although they are a wild animal you'd have to be careful, but still, i get the feeling there are probably some who may have them as outdoor 'pets' which would be awesome:)

Lezy : The facial features of caracals are quite close to those of the common house cat, aren't they.

Jack Daniel : you that watching animals (that u find interesting of course) esspecially ones that bring emotion to u, like a cute, or pretty one, drops your blood pressure double that of ANY MEDICATION and it does it instantly....

Ben M : The adult suckling is commonly seen in cats separated from its mother before being weaned. As a result of premature separation from its mother, a cat personality can grow to have some sone residual insecurity. Usually this insecurity can manifest into some adult skittishness and the need to frequently bond with a non-threatening human it is dominated by and dependant. These behaviors are observable in other mammals with similar infant early separation trauma, not least, in humans. If this trauma is compounded by early physical abuse, the young can become hostile rather than an opportunity for support.

TheBrabon1 : when cats and dogs rub against you its to put their scent on you that is how they know you are a part of their pack

Va HOSS : Good video

Shaeanne Long : So freakin precious!!! Just adorable!

SeanWick : Everyones loving the cats and I am dying at 1:38 lmfao seemed like he was doing that on purpose

77Pacer : Awwww!!!!

Ana Nimity : So absolutely beautiful!

Julie Anne : Beautiful cat and not a pest in my eyes!

I am Anonymous : What a precious kitty.

Anusficker 4 life : man, i love felines

Donald Blankenship : A dog won't eat you. They'll starve to death first. Some house cats will eat you in a pinch. But they're easier to take care of and you don't have to walk or bathe them.

herve glandu : Always surprising by animals, i love them all for what they are and what they do for the nature balance. I will always fight for their rights to live in peace with us on earth .

slushpuppie19 : Awh Stewie you big sweetie ☺

Big Star : Oh, how beautiful..

Cynthia Price : Love that purr! ❤️

Hawaiisidecar : So sweet!

jeff deathrage : Dogs. Problem solved. Tell me some of those places aren't fkd when the can't figure that out, like, 1000 years ago. Wtf?

Maskhun Setyawan : 😍😍😍

Heather Deer : 😽Stewie says where them nipples at!

thisdamnthingy : The purrs! So have such a connection and for the cat to instigate it, amazing.

Chelsea Elisabeth : Adorable

Yulia Orme : Stewei is adorable; and he gives the best free arm sponge bath LOL

Elizabeth Mullins : What a big, beautiful baby... The first time I attended a refuge where rescued big cats are taken, I had my picture taken with a white tiger. They told me to be careful but I just started rubbing his ears and scratching his neck like I do with blow my mind that he actually loved it and turned over for a belly rub - for which I happily obliged ❤

Alexander Seven : Cats definitely find you tasty.

Craftuar : Dolph C. Volker is the Cat whisperer ;)

packingraw : he's purring like an incoming helicopter omg

Glacier Blue : Great video ☺️

J Hayes : The Caracal is god's beautiful, feline art. All cats show that they're content and safe by slowly opening and closing their eyes. Domestic cats motors vary.

yelistener : If you stay closely with one cat and then go to another cat of a different species, does the second one smell something is different on you?

Matthew Parry : There are solutions to the problem, they just have to be discovered. Dumb statement

TheTeacher1020 : Thank you for this wonderful video and all the work your organization does.

finallyanime : 'Bought the cubs from sellers....' Why didn't you just jail those dudes....

Renzo Casiban : *@**2:55**.....Onwards.... damn that cat, he is tasting how human flesh would it be taste like....*