1984 - Plymouth Duster - My Duster "Cocaine Factory" Music Video/Commercial
For the 1984 MTV VMAs Plymouth made a full fledged music video that looks like it was shot in a cocaine factory

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For CTC's 500th(!!!!) commercial, I finally caved in and uploaded the most requested ad of them all. It's an elaborate music video-style commercial for the Plymouth Duster that famously premiered during the first-ever MTV Video Music Awards. Unfortunately, tracking down a watchable copy of that show is pretty tricky, so YouTubers have had to settle for either a terrible quality upload of the full commercial or a decent quality, but highly edited version from a different airing. Fortunately, I was finally able to track down the full 1:30 version while scanning a December 21, 1984 tape of MTV programming. The music video is set in a strange "dust" factory, where a team of dozens of talented dancers are producing a white powder with a striking resemblance to cocaine. The lead singer either runs the factory or oversees it in some capacity, as she inspects the giant facility in the midst of belting out one of the catchiest songs ever written. If you like what you see, please subscribe. This channel features DAILY uploads of 80s/90s commercials, and there are many more classics where this came from. If you're new to the channel, check out these playlists to get caught up: 80s commercials playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVKuQ0TpzAbd2OhxdsgI_ZftOq388N_-B 90s commercials playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVKuQ0TpzAbfIbgfIAQOQs9Y7e6dRjknw 2000s commercials playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVKuQ0TpzAbfLzUNL82eNqwWrvZDsPjLR


VicR : i guess they couldn't afford the real cyndi lauper

Ryan H : God bless the 80s

LordOfTheLandsquids : This one threw me for a loop. Right around the 30 second mark my brain said "wait.. shouldn't it be over now?" The liminal vibes this knockoff Cyndi exudes is fantastic.

Lucie Beauchesne : Great commercial for your 500th!  Congratulations on reaching another milestone on your You Tube CTC channel!!!

s alvanip : Good God.

zepiuulos : Is that not Bernadette Peter's?

Lucie Beauchesne : You hit 2 milestones yesterday...your 500th commercial and 2,000 subscribers!  Congrats!!!!

RageTV : I remember when this commercial started running and thinking this was pretty long winded for a commercial, also was surprised to see Finola Hughes and couldnt help wonder why is she in this. She did make it watchable