1984 - Plymouth Duster - My Duster "Cocaine Factory" Music Video/Commercial

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s alvanip : That guitar solo at 1:03, I’m speechless.

Ryan Harvey : God bless the 80s

VicR : i guess they couldn't afford the real cyndi lauper

LordOfTheLandsquids : This one threw me for a loop. Right around the 30 second mark my brain said "wait.. shouldn't it be over now?" The liminal vibes this knockoff Cyndi exudes is fantastic.

RageTV : I remember when this commercial started running and thinking this was pretty long winded for a commercial, also was surprised to see Finola Hughes and couldnt help wonder why is she in this. She did make it watchable

s alvanip : Good God.

Lucie Beauchesne : Great commercial for your 500th!  Congratulations on reaching another milestone on your You Tube CTC channel!!!