Blur - Girls And Boys

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AlexaCat : damon y u so coot

Tanyahachi 07 : can we talk about the bass line here

El Ruendo Ekisde : *Teenagers of the ninety*

LOVEY DOVEY : Quédate con quien pueda cantar el coro sin equivocarse

Inteligentetomuch : Street's like a jungle So call the police Following the herd Down to greece On holiday Love in the 90's Is paranoid On sunny beaches Take your chances Looking for Girls who are boys Who like boys to be girls Who do boys like they're girls Who do girls like they're boys Always should be someone you really love Avoiding all work 'cuz there's none available Like battery thinkers Count your thoughts On one two three four Five fingers Nothing is wasted Only reproduced You get nasty blisters Du bist sehr schön But we haven't been Introduced Girls who are boys Who like boys to be girls Who do boys like they're girls Who do girls like they're boys Always should be someone you really love (repeat to end)

TheRubberStudiosASMR : One of the best bass lines ever

milady Armendariz : Okay but what if this was how a gorillaz MUSIC video was made seeking 2d jump around and MURDOC and noodle rocking the gutair and bass and russel on the drums id be laughing even more than this video makes me laugh

Micah Johansson : Damon makes me feel gay somehow.

Stella Sca : Mon enfance😍👌❤

mila nesa : Damon is so hot

d a n k L i e s : This song is bisexual culture.

L E G E N D : Just a peppermint tea for me

HannahSoPe : woke bisexual 90s brit pop is my aesthetic

Noodles : I swear Damon winks in every music video.

emma b : i love being bisexual

Dank Storm : The song isn't about sexuality (or bisexuality for that matter) the chorus, that refers to girls behaving like boys, and boys behaving like girls, actually refers to the night life of Magaluf (the song even mentioned magaluf in a previous draft before it was substituted for greece because it rhymes with police). Usually in youth culture it is assumed that boys are only out to have sex with a girl for the sole purpose of sex, after that they will completely drop them emotionally, this leaves the girl hung up on her own sadness and feeling used. However in Magaluf this is actually reversed, where the girls have sex with guys for the sole purpose of sex, and then the guys leave feeling used.

Holls Starr : this is like a 13 year old who just figured out how his older brother's green screen works

Василий Забубенский : He dressed like a Russian criminal

Nalina : Everybody to Damon in 1995: aw look at our coot lil blur baby boy everybody to Damon in 2017: hey DAD how are u doing with the gORilLaS


ヌードル : My friends don't think Damon is handsome? Time to get new "friends".

exo plz : quien es el chico lindo 0:58

Lalisa Manoban : omg, it is so british

Princemxx : Damon: Hey Jamie remember that one Blur music video where I'm green screened around random shit well do that but with 2D but just make it trippy Jamie: PERFECT

Olivia Pugh : Damon please marry me

Vanilla Pizza : This was in a sex ed video we watched in class once lol

Sophia Abigail : When you click on a video about make up and a ton ford ad pops up so you go on their channel and watch the video again because you liked the song and then you come to the original song

cateyes9lives : The whole band is good looking wtf

Margaritte :] : The Damon of the 90's was so cute and so sexy I love it! Even though I still love the Damon now is so attractive 7w7 love gorillaz and blur make me "feel good" :s

phoebe : Blur are so much better than oasis

ImmortalKitty : this reminds me of Sleeping Powder. When your high friend has a green screen

Jay Dee : The ultimate bisexual anthem from the 90s.

Monkey-nut Molotov : Damon can destroy me plz

slushpuppie19 : I live in the North now but it's always gonna be Blur > Oasis. They're just so completely varied in their sound. Wonder if I will have to fight any northerners about this

Straight up dick boy : when I first saw Damon a long time ago I was like damn he ugly as shit but I would 100% eat tf outta this mans ass now im in love

Heartspade Ace : Damon had a face to die young... I am so glad he didn't. His voice aged so well as well. He's got the tone of the eternal doomed poet...

Nediler : 1995 logic: Who were bigger assholes? Blur or Oasis?

Strawberry Beatles : Cuties.

A. Fen : Damn, Damon, you're such a bisexual icon...

bbfan77 : Can't.. unhear.. 2D... ._.

Alexander Dahoola : "Always should be someone you really LOVE".

sisi1992010 : this video & song are genius in a ridiculous way

John Tanner : Oasis

whissu : fetus damon albarn

Jon Veliky : Damon is forever a 2D

杨仲川 : I dont need try drugs......all i need is blur

James Mcgreevy : Blurring the lines of sexuality

Akirabloodmoon : He is hot

Justin Mosier : I think I found where today's Slavs got their sense of fashion.

a smack in the gob : I feel bad for people that heard song 2 first and thought this might be a kick ass band