TV Presenter Apologizes for congratulating White Twin for Being White

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Australian television presenter Samantha Armytage has apologized after for a comment she made while introducing a pair of British twin sisters on her show who have different skin colours, in which she appeared to congratulate one of them for her fair skin. Lucy and Maria Aylmer display a rare genetic anomaly; Maria was born with the brown skin of her half Jamaican mother and Lucy was born with the fair skin of her father, though they are non-identical twin sisters. But when introducing the twins on the Australian show, Armytage described the appearance of each 18-year-olds and added a “Good on her!” comment about Lucy’s fair skin. The interview aired over a month ago, but a petition on has been gathering pace since the segment appeared on TV, calling for Armytage to apologise for her remark, which had been branded “racist” and “offensive”. Maria responded to the petition on Facebook, calling it “disgusting”. “We want this taken down. Sam is not a racist,” she wrote. As the clip began to be shared more widely over the past week, Channel 7, the show’s producer and Armytage all released statements claiming that the presenter is very open about the troubles she has with her own fair skin, which runs in her family, adding that “anyone who has seen the clip in full will know that Sam was taking a dig at herself”. Armytage said: “I would be mortified if anyone thought I would say or think anything racist. It’s not in my nature. To anyone who I might have offended, I’m sorry.” The show’s producer Michael Pell added that “Sam has always admitted that her own fair complexion was a disadvantage in the Australian environment,” and apologised for any misunderstanding or offence. Finally, Lucy Aylmer put paid to furore in a lengthy Facebook post, stating: “Myself, my twin sister and our mother took no offence to Samantha Armytage's ‘good on her’ comment. “We believe she did not mean this as a racial comment and we have taken no personal offence to it. “We do not think it was necessary for her to apologize and I apologize to her for any distress it may have caused. We know what Samantha meant and that's all that matters to us so we would appreciate it if people would stop making this our problem.”

Comments from Youtube

Dennis Lewis : It was definitely NOT an innocent comment! Just another example of casual racism. What an ignorant bigot this samantha armytage is. Just hope the twins were able to ignore the woman's bigotry and ignorance.

Dre Soul : Where is the apology?

ChariotOfFaith : The black twin looks better.

CrimsonCatacombs : Eek! They are both lovely girls. What a rude tv personality. The look on the other presenters face, wow. She didn't say anything about her remark being inappropriate.

Polska Laska : Shame on her! Did you notice the look of shock from her co-host. people who are racist are simply ignorant, uneducated or too shallow to mix and make friendships outside of what they already know. Having friends from many different cultures has enriched my life, brought me life long friends, taught me many valuable lessons and expanded my world knowledge. ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL. WE ARE ALL THE SAME ❤

Tammy J : That was horrible. It made BOTH girls uncomfortable. Humans are sick.

Stephanie estrella : if someone said that about my sister i'd go off

Teflon KC : The male news anchor's reaction was gold at 0.14

musicbabylove1 : Airhead reporter.

mrowzer : The only presenter confused is the guy sitting next to Samantha. "Good on you" or whatever? How is that good for her, like she chose to be 'fair skinned' with 'red hair'. What can you expect in a whitewash world, though?

Mind Master : Actually they are both biracial not one black & one white.

Kenny P : I couldnt tell what she was saying till I heard it the second time. When she was talking about the white looking girl she would say Good on her. Both times but not when she was talking about the brown skin one. Their was no apology. Wow

Alayna Vernon : Where's the apology?!

Sandra Jefferson : I'm white, and the black twin looks way more beautiful. I'm jealous of her tan skin :(

ben williams : She was probably shocked that she even offended anyone by her comment.

Mr. Krabs : I think the darker twin is sooo much cuter.

s r : the dudes face when she said that says it all

kudos7777 : She's snobbish & brainless, the very definition of a dumb blond.

MrKiwi4lyfe : Sooooooo where's the apology?

padmere : Did i miss the apology.

Chillouttunez X : I would dare to say that one looks almost Albino

Steph Powell : Where did she apologise?

Laiv Raven : Jesus, woman! Way to be rude!!

parsi zaban : Only Australians can be this stupid. Racism is in their blood.

Steph Powell : There isn't a black twin and a white twin, there's just 1 set of mixed twins, one with darker skin and one with lighter! Why is this so hard to understand. One didn't suddenly become fully black because her skins dark and the other isn't white because her skin is fair!

Leeanne B : I think one is a sor tof half albino ?

Z FA : This is the most vile thing I've seen in a long time.

S : Ronnie cooper you are right to call a troll

Kanashī Nona : She look like the girl in Nemo who wouldn't stop shaking the bag🐠 Good honor!!!

Oma Rumunna : This wasn't clickbait... IT WAS A LIE!

Tarli Digital : Don't I love 🇦🇺 australia😂

Hazara fitness : good on her, Australian media at his best

Jordan Blea : Thanks for the visual mommies!

jklash1987 : The way the other presenter looks at her when she says "Good on her" though... lol

Tainaka : I love how at 0:16 the guy just awkwardly turns his head Edit: 0:15

eggertstwart : That's hilarious

Tiff Sky : Why didn't they speak up I would have given the hosts a spanking! Lol

S : they look alike jus one is fairer than the other but you see they are twins and the are both good look gyals

Amy B : These are mixed twins.  The melanated twin is mixed.  Get real.

Monster Stream : "Good on her!?" how ignorant

1moredayof : It's just a matter of time before Maria should be voted as being the most beautiful woman in the world. My personal prediction.

frost251976 : loose tongue freudian slip, it is wht they're thinking after all. its wht the media like this one teaches the sheep.

faithspage : "Lucy got her dad's fair skin, good honor." Awww, I would be ashamed of myself if I were to even think of saying that to ANYONE. I really do think both of the twins are beautiful...

Frozen Mocha : Gosh they're both just beautiful people! Why is color so important???

dariusbrule48 : where's the apology

jeonlyxoxo : Good on her!!??!?? oh dear!

lisa simpson : i dont understand this black twin white twin thing............They're biracial twins

Hector Keezy : What a slip up..

Dave Milton : If you live in Australia you'll know this woman Samantha Armatage is an embarrassment.