TV Presenter Apologizes for congratulating White Twin for Being White

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Summer Skull : Lol the other host looks at her like "Wtf?!"

Dennis Lewis : It was definitely NOT an innocent comment! Just another example of casual racism. What an ignorant bigot this samantha armytage is. Just hope the twins were able to ignore the woman's bigotry and ignorance.

ChariotOfFaith : The black twin looks better.

Dre Soul : Where is the apology?

CrimsonCatacombs : Eek! They are both lovely girls. What a rude tv personality. The look on the other presenters face, wow. She didn't say anything about her remark being inappropriate.

Polska Laska : Shame on her! Did you notice the look of shock from her co-host. people who are racist are simply ignorant, uneducated or too shallow to mix and make friendships outside of what they already know. Having friends from many different cultures has enriched my life, brought me life long friends, taught me many valuable lessons and expanded my world knowledge. ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL. WE ARE ALL THE SAME ❤

Uncle Tom : I think the darker twin is sooo much cuter.

Mind Master : Actually they are both biracial not one black & one white.

Sandra Jefferson : I'm white, and the black twin looks way more beautiful. I'm jealous of her tan skin :(

mrowzer : The only presenter confused is the guy sitting next to Samantha. "Good on you" or whatever? How is that good for her, like she chose to be 'fair skinned' with 'red hair'. What can you expect in a whitewash world, though?

Alayna Vernon : Where's the apology?!

ben williams : She was probably shocked that she even offended anyone by her comment.

Stephanie estrella : if someone said that about my sister i'd go off

musicbabylove1 : Airhead reporter.

Teflon KC : The male news anchor's reaction was gold at 0.14

Kenny P : I couldnt tell what she was saying till I heard it the second time. When she was talking about the white looking girl she would say Good on her. Both times but not when she was talking about the brown skin one. Their was no apology. Wow

Queen Virtue : Its not as if the white skinned twin is good looking, the dark skin girl is just gorgeous

s r : the dudes face when she said that says it all

Chillouttunez X : I would dare to say that one looks almost Albino

MrKiwi4lyfe : Sooooooo where's the apology?

Z FA : This is the most vile thing I've seen in a long time.

padmere : Did i miss the apology.

Golden_Gamer : you know what Maria is more beautiful than Lucy

Laiv Raven : Jesus, woman! Way to be rude!!

jj Pl : just shows how racist the ozzies are

Thronelessqween : The dark skin girl is more good looking

lisa simpson : i dont understand this black twin white twin thing............They're biracial twins

Colette Hylan : What's amazing is that her statement didn't alarm anyone there. Not even the twins! Yikes!

Leeanne B : I think one is a sor tof half albino ?

Ariella Lefkovits : Wtf!? Really? That's super demented, she did it twice! this the norm for Aussies?

Tiff Sky : Why didn't they speak up I would have given the hosts a spanking! Lol

Choo Choo TV : Tbh the darker twin is better looking imo

Lisa Smith : Oh the horror!

79leeka : Nothing in that comment. People are just so sensitive. FS wake up people.

Vic rocks : The white one is cuter anyway


Matthew Cioffi : The woman was complementing her physical features, not congratulating her for being Caucasian. These radical anti-racism views are ridiculously blowing things out of proportion.

Derpy Cupcake : This is my opinion but, I think that what she said was awful. They are both beautiful women, no matter what they look like. Our skin shouldn't matter in us being judged by who we are. We are all human and we shouldn't care about the color of everyone's skin. A racist comment isn't a good one.

Tammy J : That was horrible. It made BOTH girls uncomfortable. Humans are sick.

JTL : Why does everyone seem to think it's okay to bag on the whiter twin? Because she's white it's okay to be awful toward her? Jesus...

kudos7777 : She's snobbish & brainless, the very definition of a dumb blond.

witch, please : Imagine this Non-white presenter: "Welcome, to the both of you. Congratulations to the non-white guest for not being born melanin deficient" Is this still okay? Does the "It's not that bad, not racist, you're too PC" crowd still think this disgusting behaviour is fine?

Jonathan Jones : I like how many people in the comment section are saying how the black twin is better looking than the white twin lol What does that have to do with anything?

John S : She also likes to wear her jeans high and tight. Good on her!

NaomiYah Virge : White Supremacy in your face, Live and in color. Yet they claim that it's just a figment of the Black imagination... That's how delusional racists can be. Explains A LOT!

Dave Milton : If you live in Australia you'll know this woman Samantha Armatage is an embarrassment.

Jordan Blea : Thanks for the visual mommies!

Josh Poole : Good morning Julia

Christina H : Why tf would she think what would be ok to say

Taresh Patel : its more of a faux pas, since she's white herself and saying welcome to the team, maybe probably, who knows. The guys face makes me laugh every time though looool