New emotional footage shows boys being saved from Thai cave

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Bob Jones : The Thai diver who lost is life should always be remembered. Every person who went into that water and risked their life for those kids is a hero, plain and simple. We need less movies about Superman and Batman, more movies about REAL heroes like these men

K Dalessandro : Just looking at that rope leading under the water made me feel anxious. They did an amazing job.

Savi You : It's amazing to see how everyone came together to help these young boys. Imagine how much money and resources it took. If only we could spread some of this selflessness to the US. We're too busy arguing over who gets to own guns.

Dario Alvarez : Rip to the man who risked and ultimately gave his life in an effort to save these kids his soul will be at peace it wasnt in vain

Bob Smith : Is very heartwarming to see people from around the world come together to successfully save these children.

Nita Cruise : Thank God for the UK diver who came to look and found the boy!!

sandipan sen : Thanks to those INDIAN companies for giving tools equipment and expertise to pump out the water which was so very difficult and maintain the water on second dip below 18 meters from initial of 30 meters. Final two phases were made easy just because of that, divers got not so whacky like the very first day.

daphne sian : Im crying ,,thank you so much to everyone who help rescue these kids...and thank you too to the diver who dies you may rest in peace ...

Eli Gabb : Not all super heroes wear cape, some of them wear SCUBA gear. God bless this people and their families.

Bansi Bishnoi : Great hero of whole world I love u I salute ......

Carmen Cotto : Why is everyone here arguing who saved these children, the main goal was to rescue the children, they are alive, plain and simple. You know who saved these boys, the whole world, first the one who gave his life, risking his life to save them R.I.P. then the divers, and the dedicated people who helped in those caves, the doctors and nurses who are with them right now, ensuring that they go home healthy, and the world for prayers, it doesn't matter if your religious or not, people still prayed in their own ways!! So quit with the "my country is better than yours" "my country did this, what did your country do??" Cut the crap already, they are alive, and that's all that matters!!! Peace....

Baby Boo : Blessings t to the UK diver who found them and to the DIVERS who went in and brought them out. What a dangerous and scary dive. To dive in total dark and in such tight and small spaces I don't think there are very many people who could do that.

Hunter KC : So so happy for these boys and their coach. What amazing strength and courage they endured. A great job by all the rescuers too. Prayers are with the family of the hero that died helping. Thank God for an overall happy ending.

S Niyut : OMG ! this is a real rescue mission, not a Hollywood movie.

tweety bird : they had worked tirelessly to rescue these boys! An extraordinary ppl! Thank you All!

Ain Lee : O god. These are god-sent rescuers. Only very extraordinary people with strong mind can endure this crazy cave for this mission. Thank god for this rescue. I learnt a lot from this saga i.e. work as a team to succeed.

Robert Yeung : The UK should not be disappointed for not entering the World Cup finals - their divers saved 13 lives in Thailand, this is national pride on a much higher level.

Sunny Girl : The rescuers were so smart to move the boys along in a pod style stretcher. It made everything so much simpler for the boys. Looks like everything was superbly thought through! Heroes at their best!!

Laurie Sorenson : An experience I am sure that any involved will never forget. Prayers for a speedy recovery to all involved. And lots of love sent to the family of Thai seal diver, Saman Kunan, for their loss. God bless.

jessica narayanan : I really don't have word to explain what wonderful job these ppl are doing and how the world came to gather to lend a hand to save these childrens. May every blessings been showered to complete this task. My salutations to you all . My heart is there with you all. Thank you.

Lorry Mckiernan : The success of this mission was the answer to many prayers

Christy : Poor baby! he looks so exhausted. You have been so strong! Thank you to everyone who helped the 13 wild boars.

John Sumner : Those are some brave ass kids and rescue divers. Just thinking about all that rock squeezing you under water. Great job guys and my condolences to the family of the diver that lost his life. He is a true hero. To the coach that kept his boys alive by sacrificing his health and almost his life, get well and the world needs more people like you that don't always think about themselves.

Gary Thornbury : thank you dear god for answering our prayers

Peaking Mantis : Forget England winning the World Cup. This is something to really celebrate for.

Denise Lancaster : Very emotional. Fantastic well planned and executed team rescue. Everyone, from the least to the greatest deserve recognition, those on the front line & those behind the scenes. We remember the Navy Seal who sadly died, and for him our hearts feel heavy & sad. As we rejoice with those young people rescued, let us not forgot this dear man who has died, especially his family, colleagues and friends.

overtcovert : Praise the LORD🙏❤️✝️. Israel provided the communication and tracking technology🙏

mm gel : Incredible footage . many thanks

Rebecca Stout : The boys survived and were brave. They may have reacted heroically, but please can we stop tossing around with word like it means nothing? Heroes are those that sacrificed and put themselves at risk .... the rescuers.

Sky High Pizza : Just putting on all the dive equipment takes strength, taking it off, securing the boys, then putting it on again over and over sounds so incredibly tiring. They really put all their effort into this

mat zimbo banzaiii : Praise to God Almighty...Awesome... job well done.. thanks to all..

Teresa : Thank God for ALL of the Countries who went to Help!! The Boys & Coach probably would Not have gotten out if it weren't for the help from Literally the World!! Amazing Job!!!

BAPIN TOIJAM : Many many thanks to the rescuer

Carol Thomas : Thank you to all the people who worked endlessly to save the lives of the 12 boys and their coach. What a wonderful success.

Aviation Nut : Wow look at all the countries involved in the rescue. I am so glad everything worked out, it's just sad that one person lost their life. RIP to the Thai Navy seal who lost his life.

Robert CROSS : It is worth remembering that Caving as a sport is undertaken purely for pleasure. Yes, there is a scientific side to the pursuit and it has opened up the whole science of hydrology and karst geology, but essentially cave divers do it for pleasure and personal satisfaction. Cave Rescue organisations exist purely as voluntary organisations and in the Uk, are directed and overseen by the police, as are mountain and moorland rescue organisations. This particular rescue is somewhat unique in that the subjects were not really cavers and had entered the cave really as curious young lads. The situation would rarely if ever pertain in the UK where caving is quite structured and groups are generally well equipped with basic helmet, over suits, lights and boots.Most caving here in the UK is done by club groups, often from field hostels where details of caves entered with trip objectives and an estimated time out is recorded in the event of overdue returns. Practice rescues involving willing volunteers put into drag sheets and rigid stretchers and man handled through passages very much like in the video are common. Caves in the Northern Pennines often involve vertical shafts with rope hauling being a necessity.I must emphasise the uniqueness of the Thai rescue and I sincerely hope there will be a thorough de briefing session so that the techniques used can be disseminated internationally for the benefit of cave explorers worldwide. The decision to dive out was remarkable and the use of full face equipment and sedatives was a bold and daring move.

Nedime Huseyin : Naw we see haw hard the rescue was waw amazing god bless all involved

Sepp Dietrich : I felt claustrophobic just watching this..

Jack Rocky : Hats off to the british team and thai team. for great work .and never take again anyone to such dangerous places

ภัทธิรา อวยพร : More than word to say but you guys, all the professional divers are the heros in my heart.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Alem Pongen : This is Humanity ❤. People coming together as one to save the children.

Moto GP : This video is so refreshing to see people of all colors, nationalities working in unison to help people that desperately needed help. With all the bad news everyday makes me feel there’s hope and there are awesome people in this world still. 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻 GREAT JOB TO ALL THE RESCUERS!!!!!!!

Ali Ash : Wow, God Bless all who came together and worked so hard to help these children and Coach. Rest in Peace to the one man who died. If Our World can come together like this for such a cause, Our World CAN and SHOULD come together as human beings to uplift encourage strengthen each other all the time not just in crisis.

Tom Morrissey : Touring a south Dakota cave once the tour guide flipped off the lights to show us what real darkness is. You can't really explain that kind of dark. There is no light reaching through your eyelids. It's a different kind of dark. I can't imagine what they endured for weeks.

Fleurs Sv : Absolute bloody legends

Poonpol Chitra-dhara : Salute. Thank you all involved. You all are our heroes. Rest In Peace, Mr. Saman Kunan. Your mission was completed. The world will never forget you. May Buddha bless you and your families, always.😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤💙💚💛💖💟

Tammy P : These people are TRULY heroes!! The were up against some of the WORST conditions imaginable and they risked their own lives to save others............Just amazing........

Abuga A : Nice team work

Putin The Great : The boys were sedated and anesthyised which was the best option

War ra : salute for the rescuers team!